Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on 2 April 2019 – Google+ Help

Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on 2 April 2019 – Google+ Help — Read on This is the biggest non story in Canada:: I posted on LinkedIn to both teleco CEOs Darren Entwistle @Telus and Joe Nattalia @RogersCommunications on LinkedIN and across several platforms:: There is a BIG reason Google is […]

A Winters Eve Read The best part of the first part of winter, on the eve of fall back an hour, is putting on a fire for ambience more than warmth, curling up with a soft purr like blanket, candles lit and a warm cup of tea, escaped to book that envelopes you. I first read the second […]

Great idea!

Great idea! — Read on 🤴🏻 That looks splendidly heavenly … the years are starting to add up: when once upon a time a princess went to high school and became who she thought she should be, when now, my youngest had her first young adult love painful break up. 💪 The kids R […]

Donating fuels the soul while satisfies the need to give

I’ve donated at least 8 orange bags full of clothes and countless pairs of shoes or sandals to @ValuVillage and haven’t gone thru my boots closet yet …. its hard work downsizing my closet as a clothes/shoes/purses/accessories and I’m barely halfway >> the curse of a fashionista fighting erupts 50s > in the headspace of […]

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: influencer or fraudster?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: influencers or fraudsters? AUG 9, 2014. – FEB 1, 2015. Chrysler Museum of Art: Celebrating 70 Years of Smokey the Bear Rudy Wendelin and the Creation of an Icon [SOURCE]      The following question was asked of me to answer on Quora [ link ] with response shown here.  What is […]

know the NUMBERS …….. UR numbers examined lately?

Maybe I’ve found my sweet spot I’ve admitted to being a knowledge junkie, wearing it like a badge on most of my social media bios.   Giving a tip here and there  is something my readers ask for about social media, back in the day.  I was channeling sales speak and advice left and right, then […]

I was wandering around social media, as I often do.  Living a country song in real life:  married to a Hunkster Hubster, my faithful companion Buddy [my Border Collie]; a productive week of sorts [battle my demon of “anxiety” caused by the realization that BULLYING is alive and well in some toxic corporate cultures that […]

Game of Gnomes

 I happened to capture this Tweet a few weeks back … and I’m not even online 24×7, not even an honest day’s worth of 8 hrs [I have a REAL life full time job] ….  I have found that the latest feature that has crept up and captured my attention, for whatever that is worth […]

Salutations, congratulations and support nation on Linked In

SOURCE Now where can you brag about your career? Promote your favorite cheer, quote or motivational image where it is welcome? Where can some of your first followers, literally strangers, were drawn to connect with each other, to cheer em on hang out? I think you may have guessed by now, I’m talking about Linked […]

Follow the rules before you define them

Black & White Self-portrait wit glasses by Wix Photographer Juliette Jourdain “This above ALL:  to thine own self be true.” ~ William Shakespeare  (Hamlet) LOL, I have to chuckle.  I admit that I try a number of different online outlets or portals to connect and network.  As I continue to explore, I extrapolate a lot […]