UR vibe attracts UR tribe

REALLY nice, light read on staying true to your brand: “Saying No to The Hall of Fame” by @kirkhsmith https://kirkhsmith.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/saying-no-to-the-hall-of-fame/ #sports #blog   I’m very thankful for the flourishing group of followers finding me here on Word Press, after so many years on blogspot (and still there), a BlogHER’s paradise is on Word Press.   […]

Sound your battle cry

Most people would say that they would rather have their eyeballs poked than to meet with a salesperson. Said nobody. Not unlikely most people can think of dozens of excuses they could come up with to avoid a meeting with a salesperson.  There is no statistical reference, but the message conveys strong logic. Bullying supreme. […]

Customer or Client? Mega greed or conspiracy theories?

Jason Bourne  is to blame.  Tonight, my handsome husband selected a movie for us to watch.  It is a treat he has for me and he seems to always pick the perfect time.  The perfect time?   Classic The most classic perfect time in Calgary would be braving the roads from our first real winter […]