Creativity changes everything

There is no better way to chillax, chill out, escape than being creative.  For me, it is a way to forget about life’s challenges and do something creative:  writing, painting, drawing.  Rarely is it intended for anyone else, yet I do write on a blog and share some of my own creations.

Sometimes I will write in a journal about things that are really bothering me or rehash events that didn’t go according to plan.  

There is a difference to me between writing here and in my journal.  I blog to help others.  I think that perhaps if someone can relate to what I am sharing, I am helping them in some small way.  I don’t think of writing online as a means of letting the world get on a bandwagon or cause.  

I’m not selling anything either.  For someone who has spent the better part of my career in sales, that is quite the step from the norm.  

Of course, there is a dream that someone will like what I write and ask to pay for a spot on my blog.  It is more likely going to happen on my optioneerJM where the advice peddled could be valued by businesses.

I’ve been fiddling and farting around with a website.  I’ve purchased a couple of domains for a year and set out to create something.  Then the anxiety and frustration sets in when the creating is a lot more work and doesn’t flow the way I want to see it.  So I resort back to my friend, my blog.

A blog is a great way to experiment with messaging:  what do you want to write about.  Yet it goes a bit beyond that.  If you want it to have a high readership and eventually generate income, you have to pay attention to what people are reading.  It can be pleasantly surprising when you step outside your comfort zone and gravitate to a passion or interest.  It is rewarding when you discover that others share a similar interest.

When I started meanderingsABOUT it was because fashion, beauty and creating the right looks that are in sync with being someone older than the normal fashionista bloggers seemed to be more unusual.  While most fashion designers and boutiques are geared towards 20-somethings in size 2 they are not for 50-somethings in a size 12.

I’ve toyed with becoming an image creator for others wanting to go beyond the mundane, frumpy creations that department stores seem to think that anyone over 30 would like.  They get it wrong for the young-at-heart who not only take care of their bodies, but have an edge that can be explored with creating fashion looks that are not trying to disguise one’s age or embarrassingly trying to look 25 years younger.

I believe that it is possible to blend the two:  embrace age with a savvy fashion sense.

I will continue to explore this avenue.  For the time being, I will continue to write with hopes that there are folks that can relate to what I am:  a fashionista fighting her 50s.

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Welcome to Yuppy ~ville

As I publish content either written to myself or provided to me to confidentially post, it is imperative if you are of the Millennial persuasion, you may not quite understand some of the slang prevalent during the time which shadows your’s now:  the 1980s.  Are things all that different?  That is a GREAT question to pursue.  Are many things parallel to one and another almost synchronized in familiarity, yet vastly so differently.

If you’ve read this far, it must mean I haven’t a huge typo or butchered to help +Gramarly (I think it is available via Chrome – An Alphabet Company, previously identified with Google).

Thank you.
You have earned the right to understand some monumental movements of the 1980s when you consider what many can and have identified with being a Yuppy.  It is a unique persona in the folds of history.  When we start to identify with the persona stereotype of its decade.

Hello, my name is Jeannette
and I’m a non-recovered Yuppy.  I haven’t, honestly, even pursued any help-groups to allow me to go beyond my youth, to merge gently and gracefully with my age.

A Yuppy
A Yuppy is an ATT-a-TUDE one has.  The odd Millennial, under cover, has tried to invade our inner circle, to only fail and be banished back to their genealogical age, saddened by failure, heartened by at least trying.  Thinking maybe if they adopt the EARLY exceptional-achievers philosophy disguised behind the frivolous name, as a decoy, to be called “a Yuppie” banished into the known unified understanding stamped by the universe.  Not unlike Rock Star, Nerd (long before “computer” was added), Drama Queen, Baby, Diva, already firmly inked.

To start to immerse you into the world of YUPP-(me)-dom, let me introduce you to two of the biggest sayings of the Yuppy ~hood:

With the assistance of Google, I will minimize this screen, just prior to performing a Google search for “Career Limiting Move” but only after writing my own.  To keep the experiment simple and fact-checking ~LY honest.

Wait, better yet.
I have a great example to show you.  It is something I posted a little while ago on @Twitter :: ….. see if you can find it and #RT it for experiments sake.

Most career coaches, managers, think tanks, educators would agree that you don’t tell your company anything.  There is nothing that you have ever done to remove you from that tiny cubicle, in Dilber ~esque fashion, to the top of the heap at your company to this point.  Do not think that any form of grandstanding or headstanding (look at me ~ look at me) behavior is going to do anything.

Unless you are a Yuppy.  At career intervals you have tried doing things differently, persevering, tenaciously, focused with the backside of a turtle that allows knives to bounce from otherwise becoming implanted into your back.

They can take a leap a faith of the extraordinary kind.  It isn’t anything that you have underestimated, sweat over, tossed and turned over, pondered, thought about for quite some time.

The Definition
The end of the experiment defines the example:  did you get fired for posting such a blatant post?  Did you believe in what you said, were you easily identified as the person stating the comment?

If you get fired
Did you at least have an update to the social media, communications, security profiles, proficiency,  training hub, EMAIL ALL, Chairman’s Blog to churn conversation about what can and cannot be said about you or you about your company on social channels.

Opinion owned
Who is the owner of your opinion?  If you include some sort of “opinion my own” on your profiles and bios, does it remove you from culpable restricted behavior?

CLM ::… a career limiting move
If something that you do, equally responsible and visionary, exile you to the basement, far past the file department, renamed to the INFORMATION department which evolved from “information technology” area …. falling several rungs on the ladder towards career success, recognition, compensation which you aspired to, only to stumble and fall bouncing all the way to the bottom of the food chain at your organization.

The Career Limiting Move is something anyone is empowered to do at any time during their working lives to test the theory::… is there any way to turn this from a CYA situation?

CYA:  Cover Your Ass
You can only have been a Yuppy if you easily identify with this term.  After all, as you were graduating from college and well into your mid-years at University, the economy fell, jobs shrunk, graduate job offers disappeared, evaporating into the only mist being from the tears of the fallen Yuppy.

The Yuppy ~hood founders were crushed by the weight of the world faced upon graduating from High School, jumping straight into College or University, to make your parents proud, while so much of what you grew up thinking meant the world was made up of crumbled down:  from the threat of a world nuclear war (defined as “THE Cold War”).  We were just getting out of grade school and had to know what an Alarm sounded like from doing exercises and dry runs of a nuclear missile heading our way, what we were expected to do.  Any wonder why so many Yuppy were driven, high achievers?

When the stakes are high
What do people do when the stakes are high?  What if they climb and climb and climb with people ever-stretching to reach it before it retracts some more?  Sure sounds a lot like a Yuppy to me.  How about you?

So, if you are a survivor and you have to gamble or reach the highest stake, what do you do?  Well, yes.  You cover your ass.  You work harder.  You work smarter.  You don’t complain.  You “get-er-done”.  Early, latest on time.

< INSERT google search here >

< click to ENLARGE >

What did I post in a Career-Limiting-Move ??  I’ll show you.  Stay tuned.  I may be blogging more if I’m fired.  At least we’ll learn together whether an idea tweeted at a company and its executive a CLM or one with which to get you fired:
created by @optioneerJM Jeannette Marshall with ZIP ext from MicroSoft

A leap of faith

Born in 1958, Kevin Bacon, qualifies to speak to Millennials as an influence to their parents who were in their 20s in the 80s

This video is catching on virally and resonating with people who lived during the 80s in Kevin Bacon’s message to Millennials on Kevin Bacon explains the 80s to Millennials.


Kevin Bacon starred in 1984 film Footloose 

I thought I’d add my commentary, as I’ve written before on how the 80s really was for those born in 1960-65 — the ones graduating from high school, the unsettled world around us (Cold War threat), corruption, but a strong sense of optimism.


No, we didn’t even have “GOOGLE” to check out a person we were considering to date, a company to work for, or an employee for hire… we had to take our chances yet we were eternally optimistic.

Millennial Children

Many of us are caught in between in more than one way:  not just the year we were born, but also as cheerleaders for our Millennial children.  We want them to learn from us, pave the way to success and financial freedom and a keep them safe.

We were born when we could set out at dawn and know we had to be home by the time the sun was down.  There wasn’t any text messages with excuses on why we were late, not home, missing curfew.  We just knew that was the expectation.  We knew the repercussions if we failed.  We would be grounded, cut off from our outside world of friends, bike riding, and so on.  The most we can do for our kids to send a message is suspend their phones, cut off their connections.




A culture of work ethic and optimism

Any smart employer or start up would be smart to consider an Inbetweener (1960-65) for hire.  Just take a look at what The New York Times said dispelling the myth that older workers are less productive and generally are weighing down the economy.

I agree with their observation.  Why?  Simply because I’m an older worker and I was hatched when there was a lot going on.  In fact, the first cold war, economic downturn not experienced since the 1920s depression.  There is a strong likelihood that my parents were children of the Great Depression, and raised me to be able to cope with such an event.

Think about it, the next recession to hit occurred just as I was graduating from high school, completed college, ready to get started with optimism and a strong work ethic bestowed by my parents.

Employers are missing the key element that brings the younguns the right example and proper expectations to reality.  We were born to be responsible, accountable and soldiers of work.



This same group that is debated also worked through the optimism that emerged in the late 1980s.  Some of the greatest discoveries and technological wonders impacted the world just as we were getting started.  There were no fancy training courses or charts to reference, we simply had to have a “can do” attitude to survive.  If we survived the prolific foreclosures of that era, unscathed, it was likely because we capitalized on others’ misfortune and scraped our pennies together to buy our first house.  Our aging parents were perplexed as to why were were putting home ownership before having children.

Not really surprising, looking back.  Almost anyone could have a child, but mostly everyone was uncertain whether the economy and opportunities were going to get any worse.  So we had to seize the moment and dive in.




We were fueled by the fear of not wanting to have to face what our parents’ childhood did, nor did we want to be victim of what was circulating around us:  doom and gloom.  Not just economically either.  There was a cold war going on.

I watch CNN’s series on the 80s and it sometimes makes me wonder if I was asleep during this period?  However, the biggest news stories of the day did register on my radar.  Yet I was simply too busy buckling down and working to keep from drowning from economic disaster.



One could take a look at that period and extrapolate a culture of survivorship, strong work ethic and ingenuity that came along with that era.   We weren’t afraid to start at the bottom and work our way up from the bottom.  So different from the sense of entitlement expounding today.

So, if I happen to be surrounded by Millennials, they should be so lucky.  Anyone in their 50s, born of the 80s careers, has an element of work ethic and the right attitude that an employer should want to sprinkle into their workforce.



Today’s employers think they’re pretty nifty to use technology to prove who is producing and who should be perished to the unemployment line.  Metrics have displaced instinct and doing what is right for their business and their customers.  Why, because they have strengths that are likely not acknowledged, never mind recognized:

  1. They know how to get it done right the first time – slower does not mean stupid.
  2. Speed and agility is aligned with accuracy – what happens when it’s done wrong?
  3. They have pride in their work and are often overlooked because employers want to fast track the younger workers to ensure that they are cultivated to perform.
  4. Beauty is often disassociated with age.  When there are so many beautiful people that are aging and setting strong examples for the youth.
  5. They avoid sitting around feeling sorry for themselves because they were not brought up to think that way.
  6. They were taught that if things aren’t going your way, it means you have to work harder.

Can you think of other attributes that the aging workforce contributes?  I certainly can think of at least a dozen more.  But I’m more excited to write this commentary and send it out into the universe to capture others that agree and stop the downward spiral of misinterpreting value that should be embraced, not shuffled off into obscurity.



Then again, there are some of us that write a Blog to expel our wisdom to the masses.  To head off mistakes that surely are happening from this mistaken philosophy.  There are simply so many of us that began our careers at the worst time in decades, until recently, that can be learned from, not banished.  We’re survivors, we’re really smart, and we have the “can do” attitude that no metric or test can uncover.




Motherhood: The juggling act of an octopus

MOTHERS: teach your daughters



As I approach Mother’s Day I reflect upon the very meaning.  Maybe it occurred to me earlier and not realized until now, how a leader where I work and I were talking and it ended up being about being a mother and having kids.  (It is a universal language that only the club members can really understand).

I had asked her what she was doing for Mother’s Day?  (I got a tip from a 20 something near to me whether their culture observed such a day and she said wholehearted yes!!) The conversation took a little turn to find out that she is not only a career woman, she also is an attentive, highly active mother.

Perhaps there is a little Super Woman syndrome there.  That is what happens to a lot of we mothers who hit their 50s :: at some point, and it varies, we exude a breath of relief that our child-rearing days are over and the real fun begins!!

I don’t really think as a tween or teen I would daydream of being a mother one day.  I don’t think I gave it much thought at all.  Most likely it was because my mom was a solid oak tree :: beautiful, graceful, brutally honest, avid reader, and Manners coach.

Interestingly, I had this subtitle and the following excerpt from Mashable that I had saved.  I really do have what my stepdaughter calls “sometimers”.  I remember some very important details and facts, then can’t remember where I last had my smart phone, fearing that the battery isn’t drained when I try calling it so I can locate it.  Thankfully, I’ve always been able to recover the missing life raft.

It makes me wonder:: how did we InBetweeners Moms set such a high example for us to live by.  Yes, that is a statement or an opinion.  It is also a realization :: Our moms didn’t have smartphones or email bulletins to lead covert operations on a massive balancing act.  We kids brought home notes, if we were attentive and not forgetful. That is how she would hear about the roundup of volunteers for a school or figure skating event.  My mom always volunteered to drive.  40 years later, that shouldn’t be a surprise looking back.

Among 4 kids of varying interests, we always got to where we should be even if she was late picking us up practically when the doors were locked and the lights were off, because there wasn’t the eminent danger of strangers lurking to snap us up. We were given a childhood that basically meant safety.   We were taught manners, respect for elders (always always Mr, Mrs or Sir), that friends could drop by for impromptu visits that only meant putting a fresh cup of coffee on.

These women, we look up to as mothers set us up for tremendous climbs. They were cheerleaders to their friends or coworkers, but task masters at home.  Teaching us that we should do it right the first time.

These moms created wonder women!  It came to a climax in the early 80s, rising to a crescendo that has  very likely been the last for a number of decades, not since the post war optimism of the late 40s to late 50s, where the children of that era we call Baby Boomers were handed so much on a golden platter.  It wasn’t quite entitlement but it certainly wasn’t scraping like our Millennial children of today face.

Our moms really taught us how to sew, cook, entertain, dress, groom, manners all while trying to be the best in our chosen extra-curricular, whether it was ice skating like me, or otherwise.  We didn’t have any excuses because they just were not in acceptable during our time.  We had immense opportunity, but at a price.  You could venture into new passions, as long as you were dedicated and strove to excel, you continued on and taught to never give up :: all while never neglecting our school or home work or practice with our watchful mothers playing point guard, goalie, bus driver, baker or sewer.

Think of so many moms who become the inspiration for many and the reason others stay out of crime and dysfunction :: by the shear force and willpower of their mothers, sometimes grandmothers or aunts, next door neighbour, coach or teacher.

The supermoms of just a decade ago are riding into the sunset with Millennial children who are off to university, working their way up on a job, and find health and wellbeing a priority.  They recognize the difference between mental health and physical health.  These kids have been protected like any General’s army, emerging to expect and demand the best of anything :: some are even successful at having such high goals.  They tend to obey the same strict guidelines that their moms have forced them to adhere to with added stress of lurking danger, but gracefully rising outside the riff raff or the desperate, not unaware nor  escaping without a few bruises or near disasters.  They’re street smart with a zest for life and a strongly preserved right to their beliefs, their passions, their rights.  Our moms dropped us off, we are home cheerleader, bench mom, medic, taxi driver, successful career women who can juggle like an octopus.

I linger upon the younger mom’s tipping off each finger as to what activities are planned for the weekend, basically only a mere 48 hours.   Then smile now, at all the arsenal of tools these young people have to cultivate, coordinate and conquer challenging schedules and the juggling act of an Octopus.  We may have two fingered to start on email, but recognized the good grace of just having the tools to do so.

Then I digress for a moment and decide that is for another day and maybe more suited for my meanderings Blog :: the important yet barely recognized role of a stepMother.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and daughters :: don’t forget your mother!



RE-POST from The Zeit

Finding alternative uses for vegetables keeps your taste buds guessing, and boosts your nutrition! Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, which acts as an antioxidant and helps detox your system utilizing enzymes. Cruciferous vegetables are believed to lower risk of cancer due to these beneficial sulforaphanes. Ricing or mashing cauliflower allows you to mold the flavors you desire […]

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The 80s is our decade



As a child of the early 60s, one can’t help but reflect what has been going on for the past little while.  For some of us, we can sense our world coming unhinged and return to the earliest hidden formative memories we probably have stifled.  Imagine?  Think so?  I certainly do.

Now where does one start to make the greatest impact where the reader will be captured to read on?  Certainly, an eye-catching title that says it like it is, tell what it’s about, and may target and attract a very select group of influencers, disposable income earners, executives, go to?

Well, I wrote about it on my other blog (of about 4, one mostly in pause mode) :: scientists, psychologists, media outlets, all speculate about what is the most bestest trait or gene one person can have?

The thought was provoked while reading a transformative blog from an unlikely source (for me) on Linked In.  I usually hoover around Twitter, Facebook, then Google.  Usually Linked In is on weekends :: I habit I formed when I first entered social media via LI.


custom page

From Linked In, I was convinced to get on Twitter :: what an amazing world unfolded.  There were a lot of folk out there that I seemed to think were a lot like me, humbling so.  They were just plainly, simply smart.

Now social media skeptics are evangelists on the danger and murky waters of Twitter and Facebook.  Then there are a select few who were early adopters then invited to be early adopters under BETA initially for Google’s G+ long before KLOUT scores emerged or KRED established, Google was in a race to the finish line with our information and minds.  Google kind of identified some who were going to blast out into the stratosphere as multi-media socialpreneurs and innovators like Guy Kawasaki (one of these days Guy will acknowledge me as one of his first identifiers) with his historical superstardom meteoric rise that surpasses any movie or advertising budget or endorsement by anything but the shear number of followers, retweeters, likers, plussers.

A new form of currency emerges.  A #RT will cost a brand something, someone will create a PAYpal-for-social media-endorsers where your rate will be pre-determined by not only your KLOUT or KRED or following numbers, but captured by the greatest engine of imagineers:  Google who is leap years ahead with Google’s AdWorks.  (Which reminds me, I have to see if there is some sort of adoption of Google Alphabet?

blog page


I’m sorry to say Apple, MicroSoft, IBM and HP are lost in Google’s dust.  What makes me say this?  Simple.  The greatest segment of influence right now are @InBetweeners :: those born between 1960 and 1965.  Lost for decades overclouded by the Baby Boomers and trying to stay ahead of being swallowed up by the Millennials who have already plastered GenXers.  Don’t you think?

If you really want to investigate what is making the world tick, just watch CNN advertising for the most part.  Makes me wonder who is behind the logistics of intelligence of determining their target audience revenue stream identification system ::

The greatest number of influencers are not from the washed up retiring Baby Boomers like so many agencies were feeding their big advertisers’ budget to deplete their funds on a misguided mission of empty promises.

The InBetweeners (1960-65) are THE most connected, intelligent, educated, hardship tested, boom or busted husslers.  I dare ya to contradict me!!


Enter a caption

What has gained my attention to get me all riled up?  By golly, it is the hardships and tests enveloping our friends and kin in Alberta northernest city:  Fort McMurray (insiders affectionately call Fort Mac).  First those incredibly resilient group of citizens were plummeted to unemployment when the price of oil took a nose dive and an under educated movie stud named Leonardo DiCaprio declared our neck of the woods undergoing an alarming rate of global warming :: when, in fact, he was just experiencing a unique weather pattern in our hemisphere that causes our atmosphere and weather to wander from cold tundra winter weather to baseball playing spring-like conditions in the middle of January!!

It got me to realize that while I watched the victims interviewed starting just last night, how many were in my similar age group.  And I thought “Good GOD, these poor people whom I don’t know but can relate to so humanely”.  I probably had a sneaky suspicion that it was the brotherhood and sisterhood of InBetweeners (1960-65) banding together under tragedy and survival with the same calmness as they did when they entered this very world.



Now, most of us wouldn’t remember that when we were born in the beginning of the 60s, the world had never been as settled as it has become today.  Our Millennial youngsters are watching our braveness and taking their cue from our response.  Most of who have survived numerous times, can clearly identify kinship with.  In the 60s people started to live in bomb shelters, not just build them.  If you ever want the best way to sense the panic, it reminds me of an episode of “Saving Hope”  that caught my instinctive eye only a few years ago when the premise was the mom stockpiling food, rations, in preparation of the end of the world.

If that isn’t enough to convince skeptics what we were surrounded by, think about what was going on when we were graduating from high school  in 1979?  Well, for sure I could say the 1980 Olympics in Russia was the first sign of the cold war ::  doubters go read back.  This was long before they had a Russian power that was homophobic leadership, they were in a power struggle with the United States.

Look at both those countries now?  The mirror opposite is astounding:  the US is burdened with military blight, financial cusp of ruin, mad political maneuvering.  Those of us hitting our 20s in 1980, witnessed the most non-political event in the world and in history:  turn into a political lobby for power.



It is only now that I can see through the fog with a degree of intelligence because I churn through so much information, read such varying articles from humanity to politics to the world :: that we are in a very delicate time and period in history.

I am almost laughing to myself as I recognize the labeling of being a conspiracy theorist could be just a few steps away.  I hold back because that is not who I am.  I really want the world to be a better place for everyone and every living thing our planet inhabits.  I want to drown out the noise by those dimwits that use a power from when people are zoning out and escaping reality by watching TV or movies.  We are under the influence of FAME.  Not the psycodellic (I give up on the spelling for now) drugs of the 70s that made Jim Morrison and The Doors famous, revered by our elders emerging at the time:: Baby Boomers.  Nor the mind-escaping, dangerous drugs the Millennials are darting around right now.




What biggest drug in the world that hasn’t even been identified yet is FAME !!  Just ask yourself:  who wants to be at the top of Twitter trending on any given day for free?  You are a fame-monger for sure.  They are far more destructive than a fear-monger, warlord, radical movement or druglord those FAME acclaimers and wannabes.

I digress, because the real FAME is being discovered and recognized and promoted by Google, Twitter, Apple and Facebook.  They are preselecting our viewing enjoyment by getting to invasive that they know what we may be looking for long before we even do.

Talk about the cloud::  we are sharing pretty much everything about ourselves online with the most vulnerable being those who think they are safe.  The InBetweeners are a smart bunch.  They are navigating and controlling the personality they are online to be close to a personal and professional match beyond an HR test or scientific analysis.



You do know that Steve Jobbs identified us?  Perhaps he feared our power?  He certainly spoke to us personally and at the heart:  the pioneers, the visionaries, the survivors I affectionately identify as the InBetweeners (born 1960 to 1965).  Sure we lost a few lost souls to GenX but those people get lost no matter what, and no matter anywhere.

Look at the politics:  Hilary Clinton is talking to the Baby Boomers who are dwindling but by sure size still are a dominable size; Ernie Sanders resonates with the Millennials, yet it is Donald Trump who zero’d in on the influence of the InBetweeners !!

Inbetweeners by their sure intelligence and karma and charisma are showing the Boomers and Millennials the survival and inspirational way.  Out of the dark dangerous murky waters of what is before us:  radicalism threat, privacy invasion, political prowess, global warming warnings.



I haven’t even started on the victims who fall in the cracks in this explosive environment through unemployment, endangerment (floods, wildfires, mud slides, earthquake) catastrophes.  What I am saying is this:  mark my words :: it will be the InBetweeners who uplift, help, support and use their influence to make our world a better place will implode their following numbers :: leaving FAME to the narcissistic imposters who are quickly sifted out by the force of the InBetweeners who claim who and what really is the #bestofeverything .  Simply because, as leaders, they will latch on to that hashtag and recognize and adopt it as their uncommon voice to what we think, how we think, and why we think what we do :: WITHOUT the influence of the media, advertisers, scientists, engineers, based on information, ourselves, independently consolidated, dissect and reject.   Emerging as the purist thermometre on how to solve most of our world’s problems by just listening to each other and acting upon the #bestofeverything .  Where brands can still be members, just by using the hashtag, and without monetary influence are held to the test of who really is the best, as defined by the uncommon voice.

God bless all the victims, families, workers, emergency, responders, donators to the devastation happening in northern Alberta where oil price is at the bottom of their concern right now!!







The @INbetweeners #bestofeverything

Now that we’ve hit our fifties, the likelihood of having a hangout besides home, is pretty close to zilch.  The nice part of being a BlogHER or bloghim (duh) is that you can pretty much say what is buzzing in your brain.  Whether people read your blog is irrelevant.  Or just hashtag #revelence and you may snag a few stragglers.

I thought I’d write about some cool things to watch, in case you miss it, since I don’t follow MUST WATCH tv reviews or media outlets.  I’m pretty much not dominated as to what to endorse, or express what I think would appeal to those in our age group just getting into our 50s born in the timeframe @1960-65 ::




You may wanna watch this:  it is almost like a cloud over our heads :: we know we’ve seen it at the surface :: through the psychedelic colors of the 70s :: we had our heads above water, born of the first few years of the NUCLEAR BOMB threat.  As babies,  we were too young to be able to decipher or understand the fear in the adults around us :: bomb shelters, elongating skirt lengths, Andy Warhol,  the first sniff of hip hop under the guise of FUNK.

imagesOur older siblings or older wore suffocating our own expressions.  Think of the cartoon ZIGGY dominating our perception of the world.  Those born in @1960-65 are hitting well into their 50s … are trying to deal with that.  The fun and gregarious ZIGGY being stifled.  That’s us.

You can watch the sophisticated TV show called:  “Vinyl” :: it is like experiencing that era as it happened while having our own take on it circling in a psychedelic cloud overhead.  Some liked the music while we lay dormant, waiting for the next music explosion.


The 70/80s were pretty complex times.  Our influences were barely coming to grips, and we were reaching forward for the next BIG THING :: disco!










Inspired writing

How I sometimes get inspired for a blog :: just the freedom of expression with a few caveats.
I’m starting to really let-em rip and no-holds-back expression. It’s quite fun actually. I guess I’ll see who reads this by their like :: I’m not gonna go check up to see who reads my posts :: especially when they’re my own propaganda promoting my blog :: but then again, if I haven’t annoyed yet, perhaps I can entertain you? I tried an experiment for FACEBOOK :: would any of my new audience BITE at the chance to chat with me :: since they’ve been shoveling my friend requests towards single, single and very impassionately driven to find their soul mate, above average intelligence, polished grooming (how smart is that?) Must remember, a few more of my dislikes so that I can exhume their toxic gasses of regret, bitterness, envy. A topic to be sure that should resonate with the newly 50 or very close to 55, even 57.
I just came up with this and loved it:  “Old enough to know better and young enough to know better the next time.”
Very negative review of @Yelp :: no respect for the privacy of paid advertisers
Too schticky without a heavy stick …. credibility is at a GRAVE RISK. The gal who wrote the letter to the CEO and YELP must be starting to examine YELP. Again :: massive CREDIBILITY defect
OK, I listened two minutes more :: how annoying this guy who is trying to mimic @JerrySeinfeld +JerrySeinfeld who should be outraged. GROSS revenue is hilarious but right. (you earned a couple of points back) :: you’d do better with an image consultant :: remember the Travel site guy? TRAVAGO (feel free to sponsor my blog by an advertising, dominating spot on
You can make a point without swearing.  You can make an impact without whining, poor imitation, f-bombs “SONNY”  :: good gosh :: INSANITY.

Go from the 80/20 to the 90/10 RULE


Smart smart SMART people at Apple ::  who has gained so much insights into me :: the books I read :: 90% of my reading is from iBooks music collection in iTunes and even a few Christmas carols I sent as gifts instead of a hand written, store bought cards and/or things people really don’t know. Apple was amazing in putting this collection together, whom I don’t have many songs in my musical collection, to show me who I am missing …… and fall immediately in love with the suggestions.

Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM musical #bestofeverything

Makes the lightbulb go off!  :: I should assemble all this music on my YouTube Channel.

If you need help on downloading music for free:  I stumbled upon this link via Google to YouTube ::: the brotherhood has formed.

How to Download Music for Free Directly on Your #APPLE iPhone! -2015


….. I think Google is kicking Apple’s ass in data which holds consumer and business purchase patterns, where they spend money online, where they look tempted (comparison shopping), knows your travel habits based on you book online because banks and airlines give you rewards for your loyalty, who you talk to, connect with, professionally, friendly or romantically.

Which this blog came to mind, to apply what I’m learning about #socialmedia and the media.  How can you leverage the massive audience of traditional media and channel it into SEO overdrive or socialmedia expedientially?   Here are few of my favorite secret discoveries:

A few years ago (six years to be exact) I jumped into social media.  What unfolded should have been predicted in all those HR quizzes and behavioral Q&A, psychological profile for an employer to hire based upon …….. like yeah, how many of the brilliant social media personalities can say they’ve been forced to look at oneself, with all the B.S. behind you, and often more in store.

An unsuspecting, honest intellect began to surface : :  It was like a magnet :: most of the most creative, artistic, musical talent, author, writer, (p.s. journalists seem to jump on your radar, you connect, you gush, then you go on being per normal and by some accidental research find out they’ve unfollowed you ages ago.)

The bold, best communicators are emerging in this force field fueled by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and HP who cast their net far and wide and help assemble an audience of epic proportions.

The fortunate cast in light are quite a few.  Surprisingly little.  Certainly there are brands (when I refer to brands, I mean personal brand and commercial brand).  Personal brand is you, your behavior, your habits, your favorite musical, entertainment, books, news sources, technically savviness without being able to be accused of as a nerd.

Whenever I am on Twitter, usually at least once a day for minimum 10 minutes to go check in on all my profiles – MAX.  I have figured out how to be intermittently dispersed about.  Never too much like some of those “consultant” that seem to have a lot of time to post pictures pooled from top photographic sources, that have read blogs like my earlier ones, that visuals was going to drive social media.  Misidentified as “visionary” … which is hardly the case because they have probably 3 hours a day dedicating to posting.

Who knows what they do for the remaining 21 hours.  Now before I get to far ahead, it should be known that my of my supporters and collaborators follow me, my page, @optioneerJM on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon.  Those are the best generator of thoughts, likes, personality, who or what you are associated by (art, imagery, photography), that MASHABLE is my favorite source of information.  I would say, Canada’s GLOBE&MAIL, would be close behind in 2nd.  Then my source for info-magazines:  Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes.

Google or Facebook probably know that I am a fitful sleeper:  insomniac of a creative thinker, who can fall asleep only to be jolted awake with this most fabulous idea.  Trying to fall asleep is lost, rewinding the idea to its beginning :: how did it formulate, what was the seed that was planted?  Then fast-forwarding to what your subconscious insists is your perfect Utopia.

We’ve seen a burst of energy and focus, but distracted by watching reality TV in the form of the United States’ unfolding reality docu-drama to hit the earth since probably, the first man walking on the moon.

There are some really talented people who can instinctively sense the next direction we’ll be forced to take.   Just imagine the panel of intellect behind the scenes, the image makers (I just noticed when I got home later than anticipated from work, to watch CNN to get a recap of the night’s events.  One of the authorities and experts somewhat startled me.   Title:  image maker.  How inspired is that?

There are certainly some very well knowns.  What-was-his-name who went up against Piers Morgan on CNN over gun control?  You know who I mean.  If not, you can probably find a constant reminder by Piers, who, in my opinion, was more worried about Twitter Followers than his guests on his honorary top spot upon the much-missed retired Larry King LIVE!  Piers was likely fired because he was offending the advertisers too much.  Having my first experiences in media via magazines in my 20s, I have a radar that acts like a cool-metal-detector.

Chuckle to myself.  Apple is showing how I can listen to Mettalica and Iron Maiden, whom most would take a double take as a music of my choice.  I’ve had this image since I was a wee child.   I have no idea if it was based on the fact that my father was in the military and we had to move entire homes and lives, every few to five years.

Most corporations today have a: PRODUCE or PERRISH mentality.  Grave mistake.  Restricted foresight.  Most likely, the ones that knew, the Baby Boomers are all retired and the INbetweeners absorbed all that learning, only to be passed over because some political junkie walzed in to ask for the dance just ahead of you.

You could almost call the Millennials the (PJs) political junkies.  They were brought up to believe that anything was possible, only to be outraged that the life they were promised is wrought with debt, ethical violations to humanity, steep mountain to climb for sure.

These PJs have pretty much run over the INbetweeners which for this purpose, could be the 30-55 year old.  Ironic to me.  When I was selling an upscale magazine in Western Canada, that was the then IDEAL demographic.  I forgot about this.  Huh.  Neato.

Getting back into the theme of collected intelligence.  You know how they made it into something groovy sounding?  I have no idea, but I’m going to find out:  who coined the phrase for the collection of data into the “CLOUD”?

The more time I spend online, the better I get to know myself.  I would have answered if someone asked me if I liked The Tragically Hip?  I wouldn’t have had to stretch for an answer :: it would be an immediate, resounding “NO!”

I came online because my husband was gaming :: yeah, I know, the Hunkster Hubster is over 50 years old and still actively talks to my 27-year-old son and same age fiancé to his daughter, all about X-BOX, trending games, especially “Call of Duty”.

So, I thought to myself :: you’ve got another 3 days off!  You’ve only used one day, what will you do differently?   Take care of me bubbled to the surface.  Go back to Apple and listen to the selection they’ve assembled for me.  Dusting off the headphones, disconnecting from the Marshall blue tooth speakers, I listened to music that I realized our INbetweeners learned best to listen to.  We didn’t have the fortunate ME generation that was so explosive and implosive loud and protesting habits.  Nor did we quite predict the “what about ME generation? The last 30-35 years had produced.


The irony is that we created the term “YUPPY”  that our kids have replaced with “Sweet” :: “Nice” :: and wear badges for standing up for one cause or another.  Which is startling to a parent who faded into the background, not because they themselves were shy, but to escape the noice those Baby Boomers were making.

The next big competition going on that only the PLAYERS know about is about gathering intelligence about us, to sell to the highest bidder or BETA test with a select audience.

MY GOSH, I haven’t even gone back to read this and even as a mental outsider, a quick flash back, this sounds very much like a  rebellious blog.   There are a lot of MEs around:  take US President Obama, return to the 80s in fashion.

It is ironic also that many that we gave birth to in the mid-80s to mid-90s fell in love with the 80s.  My girls, their cousins, couldn’t get enough of “Grease” starring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.  Quite amazing, registering mentally at the time.  There are a few like me out there, besides just two.

The rebellious, vocal, demonstrative, period skipped over like us like a skipping stone, only to land firmly on our children :: the “what about ME” generation, attitude, culture.

So, my dear friends.  I hope that the very few online that are not looking for romance, can never get enough information into their brains, visual promotion abounds :: insult by having porn waved in their face with a huge aversion and need to avoid :: that believed there are happy endings, not by a GOD (whatever the religion or beliefs), but by sure determination, hard work and maintaining their morals.

Pretty hard to do?  I’d say YES for about 90% of the population.  The 10% is at the top, destroying the 80/20 rule to the massive proportion of the new 90/10 rule.   Like a diver into the ocean, who scrambles to the surface, with more need than just to breathe.

I can’t definitively say that these 10% fall solely in the INbetweeners age group.  More like a common attitude and language.  A beacon sends out a light to this community who truly want to constantly improve, bring value to those surrounding them, and disperse it to a much larger scale than would have been possible even five years ago.

I went from working for the top technology companies in the world, if always, with Apple in its dust :: to the telecommunications industry, recognizing the pop pop POP of smartphones everywhere.

ANOTHER DETOUR:  This just rose to the top in my most avid dislikes:

1)     Smart phone earbuds :: I waste my breath talking to you!!  I dislike having to first check for full attention and no wires hanging out of ears.  It brings back a valuable lesson ::  Don’t hire friends or family to work for you :: I had to fire someone who looked up to me as an older sister, when I first arrived in Calgary (fill in the blank ___ number of years ago).  I was creating my own team, and when you hire someone who thinks because they think they know you better than you know yourself and tests your limit, it can end up where you have to fire them.   A sense of entitlement yet faced with by me.  I remember having to tell her she had to take her iPOD earbuds out because she works in a manufacturing facility, however small, and safety won’t allow drowning out warning noise of any catastrophic event.  (Remember, I’m one of the few who was born in that very tense period of 1960-63, where fear prevailed, shelters, practice emergency alerts, alarms, were background noise to them drowned out even to their cries of birth.

2)    Chewing gum :: Just ask my daughters and stepdaughter.  If anyone noticed, I never accept gum.  I’m anti-GUM!!  I missed my calling to start an anti-GUM-revolution.

3)    Poor manners :: I came from the final generation where manners, gloves, napkins, hats were born from:  the very first year of the baby boomers 1944.  A period of exuberance after a horrific war that had so many victims besides soldiers, in the history of mankind.   There really is a formula.  What I can’t figure out where the precise recipe went awry.  My kids were taught all the same manners, often a source of pride on being hosted on soccer tournaments.  They were often made examples of by parents of their friends who wished that they had not forgotten the lost importance of etiquette and manners.   My kids and sometimes even my stepdaughter, forget that important parenting ingredient called respect.

4)   Being disrespected :: I emerged in the corporate world, one of only a few at the top at the time :: and I had to work harder to prove to my mostly male colleagues, that I had earned the right to be there at the same time, and equally as them.  I was of an era, and attitude that only in sales are you able to be paid for what you produce, regardless of gender.  Unfortunately, we swept over a great number of candidates of female pioneers.  Not the speckle few like Emelia Arhardt, but the victorious who floated up, peacefully, naturally :: to take prominence in a much more male-gender-geared occupation:  sales.

5)    Chewing with your mouth open :: GROSS!  Enough if you agree that this falls under both manners and being respectful.  When a guy really likes a girl, he can transform from belching and scratching places, to perfect gentlemen, who cut their meat with such elegance and precision.   Sadly, if you marry them, they can alter at an alarming rate, making you wonder what you first saw in them to begin with :: chewing with mouth open?  Why, I never ….. yes, I got over it and can still see the greatness I saw in the Hunkster Hubster, even if he doesn’t always recognize it.  Don’t confuse this writing as feminist rant.  It isn’t, someone has to talk with maturity and advice to this brilliant group of girls coming up in the world.  They need to mentor the very very VERY few who even want to pay attention to anyone older, they already have the answers :: you got it :: the what about ME generation.

Whoever is going to rise to the top of the TOP, is going to be because they dominate information.  They have the data readily available to create commerce from.  Fueled by social media, online profiles, of very well-adjusted, successful people.

Everyone is going to be one of them, or be like one of them.  Are you going to be a leader or follower?  I guess I found my own answer by writing this didn’t I?

I’m seeing some very interesting factors on my own knowledge base gathered from jumping in and participating in social media.  A natural, outgoing, positive, gregarious gal I have often been described as.  Heck, even APPLE gets me!  I’m the dutiful one who hit 50 and realized that I held on, restrained myself, self-disciplined self, and wanted to break free :: a rebel not by actions, but gathering knowledge that lifts us up, inspires us, and in turn, trickles to the audience (backspaced over “down”).

Pure motivation and wisdom is shared.  To keep it reserved, try to forget about it, or not share it is a grave injustice.   Let the hard times be far behind, with optimism scaling a very ominous wall of terror, fear, security loss :: evaporate.  POOF! :: gone.

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