Lead with your heart in your hands

I wrote the following Tweet, InstaGram, Facebook posts:

A lazy day in #Calgary eh? Please say hello & #RT to see a kinder side to @Twitter :: Mr. Mayor ⁦@nenshi⁩ )( O ) & friend Nattallia ⁦@Ladyw_IronRing⁩ #GoodVibesOnly < Letz help restore our unified confidence via his tweets !! )- he puts his heart into whatever he does, giving 1000%

Whether the headline is a nod to the Mayor, whom I’d heard on the radio, was getting into political hostility with anyone on social media: this is sage advice.

maybe I’m more unique than I thought?

I would attribute that quality skill to my sister, who shows it in how she is with people.

If she can calm the upward swings of my mom better than anyone else. Except for my dad: cept Stormin Norman kept her under wraps.

It’s not like I picked it up from my father, sprinkled with my mom’s thirst for knowledge, getting to know people, at their best. Then emulate them with your own zesty character!

….. to be continued

Smarter than the average bear: YUPPIES

If you really identify with being a Yuppy

You’ll grasp most of what I say, relate to, at the very least: the era in which we were born [ my own identification, 1960 to 1965. I also refer to “The INbetweeners: neither Baby Boomer, nor Generation X” ]

As previously noted,

I am not a medical professional,

nor a practitioner of any kind. Nor do I profess to be an expert on anything,

except ME MOI self and I.

1000% accountable for what I write.

EXCEPT I’m also 1000 percent plus PLUS+

unique as my DNA, entitled to opinions.

NOT WRONG simply because I may not be informed, properly. Praise God, I love to learn. When we make mistakes, we learn.

In other words, I have opinions ::

Depending on the topic, deeply rooted by my own beliefs, experienced by my surroundings & upbringing, personal to me, misunderstood more than anyone really who could say “I get YOU”, imperfections as many may be there!

@optioneerJM )- creator Jeannette Marshall
Customized personal studio sign made by the writer | blogger > Jeannette Marshall > Social Media Goddess :] in my own mind ,

There things that make me persnickety now that I’m in my fifties, not quite sailing into any sunsets…. which was a dream I had a very long time ago, as a young Yuppy’ automatic requisite goal setting exercise: “where do you see yourself in a year, 5 years, and 10 years?”

Self portrait )-
*How I saw myself in 2014

I recall that I did do that self exercise in the early-to-mid 1980s. Write down your goals, present them to peers and watch them be realized.

> I’d love to dig it out rummaging thru the pile of boxes, now in our newly carpeted, freshly repainted basement.

One opinion I do have deep rooted concepts that are difficult to budge ….

Just this past couple of months,

I’ve sounded like a broken down record

to my youngest daughter, the older one an iron strong post grad, woman underscored.

I’ve tried imparting the wisdom to do that for herself, as a favour to herself,

Write down those very three things, then answer as honestly as you can:

1) Where do you see yourself this time next year?

A general state or what steps may have to happen, before you get there. Not general, specific as to love, relationships, beliefs, occupation or career, financial, health & wellbeing — how often do you go to the dentist? How good are you with self care?

2) Where would you like to be in 5 years?

As in what would you be doing, with whom, and where?

3) how would your life look in 10 years, when will you retire, do you think now, it will likely be sooner; then list those things that will have to happen before that can be realized–

Certainly, I’ve lost sight on a lot of that. I only recall the one consistent vision:

Being retired meant being on this very big deck, high upon stilts, with the waves from the ocean below crashing against the sturdy home. I was painting or writing.

The vision always said it would be the very west coast of Vancouver Island, which I’ve never been, to this day.

I know, being an artist is learning to reign in overdoing it while trying to reign my world. Hanging on, still in the middle of a twister with my husband, Rob, who had a brain aneurysm a year ago, February 20, 2018 and suffering seizures a month ago.

I have poor self image when I’m feeling vulnerable or fearful. I get release from creating these illustrations from my own imagination. Many are self portraits or family members. I haven’t done one of Rob yet, but I have ideas brewing.

You don’t know real fear until faced with illness by the love of your life. it has been surreal. Facing reality that could be a big dip. Life goes in peaks and valleys. The deeper the pit of despair evolves into achieving your peak. God’s Plan.
God’s Plans

The other day, my brother in law felt it was necessary to install faith or remind me to build trust in the higher power, as my parents often said :: that preaches doing what you say.

I start to think of those goals 40 years ago:

in love with life, thinking my hard work was going to boast my goals to zoom past them, with my 1980s zest of spirit and determination that can cause mini sparks around her.

Reality is a far stretch right now, perhaps not insurmountable, to imagine being able to afford that dream, the reality a stark contrast to even being healthy and well enough to appreciate and enjoy it.

If anyone was in my life, it didn’t show.
This vision of the future, day dreaming.
Who knows?
Like a scrap of paper, those long ago dreams, became scrunched from balling in a frustrated grip. Frayed paper, delicate now from being opened and closed.
Dropped into the trash can when giving up became your reality, you dig back into the trash can, weeding through carrot peals, and old coffee pods (unnamed as I am not compensated by divulging sources).
Yeah, we who live in YUPPYdom, may feel some despair, but the battle cry of a lone
YUPPY … brings out its brethren to prop up each other and restore some of that vigorous that was once the norm.

Please NOTE: All the artwork posted on YUPPYdom is mostly all my own. With exception of, as noted below.

Note image CREDIT: @karenxreyes

Note to Jonathan Reyes: it appears as though your talent lies in graphic design.

Don’t ACCEPT mediocrity or sub par anything

I apologize if image is gross.

While my intentions are honourable, it is to emphasize the power at your finger tips.

Whether creatively, or expressively, you can decide to dive into interview, review, or rant mode. Let your picture say more than your words.

Face it, social media is simply a humongous popularity contest, even at other times complicated.

Don’t waste your brain cells being hung up on whether you’re techie enough to go on to social media sites.

If you know how to turn on a computer, you could be a techie.

It depends on when you were born.

The Millennial of today is very techie and mobile savvy.

I wonder if Steve was innovative

by applying the widespread knowledge that the biggest bubble of age group with spending money, would be his own: the Baby Boomers [those born during post World War Baby Boom 1945 to 1960]

These days, it’s the Millennial voice we hear a lot from — this is a good thing because they likely became adept with a computer mouse and they were with a spoon.

Flashback: I read a lot back then, when I first became a mother. With the gusto of a Yuppy, my son had been born with chromosomal abnormalities that were 50000:1 other births in the world had a chance of sharing.

As a mother, you want to be the best possible. I learnt that from my mom. Flash forward >> I annoy my kids and allow others to snicker.

There’s where the internet and social media can go hand in hand.

One can be the best version of themselves: the explosion of passion colliding, then cascading like fireworks, with creativity.

You can learn anything by watching videos — and freely — on YouTube. So many stars-in-the-making vying to be the next Justin Beiber: the best Millennial example of too explosive of fame, to dwindling popularity because, as my own Millennial daughter taught me: he’s just acting out like any other guy his age, except it gets more attention because he is who he is.

All the art and photographs were created by the writer, blogger and creative writing head of YUPPYdom as http://www.optioneerjm.com [ a WordPress engine site ].

#METOO is the people’s voice and #LetsTalk a contrived movement

I own my opinions

And so can you.

As promised on my previous blogpost, I will do my best to guide those who want to blend into the freedom of expression and creativity it allows. No longer lonely with billions of others who dance to a positive vibe.

If people stop clicking

on the evil and corrupt

They would be silenced.

With nobody listening

an empty voice it becomes.

Their own air would evaporate

no longer followed or allowed to instigate

The positive people will have spoken

in a much greater VOICE !!

I am not compensated
Something I own

#YUPPYdom :: the common voice of social media goodwill #Ambassadors

Gundry MD – Is There A Solution For Leaky Gut?
— Read on thegutrehab.com/190122A.php

Read the print at the bottom: white print with blue background. It states that the above article is an ADVERTISEMENT!!

I was about to share the above on all my social media platforms with my online identity brand @optioneerjm . Thankfully, I didn’t. I read to the bottom. It sent an alert!

This is a great lesson for others to learn from, as have I.

If you are about to jump on-board or test the social media waters, allow me to help guide you throughout on calm waters. Allow me to silence your fears. I want to encourage those feeling lonely, down or just feeling of giving up. You are not alone. I will go back and insert a link if I find one on statistics of who is the largest group on the internet, who rules the universe? Would it be Baby Boomers or rumble of charging Millennials? I will be posting the question and trying to attempt to tie in everywhere with the hashtag: #YUPPYdom to create a conversation, where everyone’s opinion is valid.

The hidden bonus of going online,

for Yuppies in particular, is phenomenal because you are not restricting your creative streak: your secret power. For me, it became about creating a positive vibe, forming a tribe of assembled everyone who can relate to the YUPPYdom vibe. You’re not washed up but awash, free from responsibility dream, that reality ended up a nightmare: unprepared for the 50s years either financially or wellness, from the bravado of the YUPPYdom code of invincibility and if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish ANYTHING, our motto.

My messaging seems to really appeal to the YUPPY crowd, whom I preach to and speak of this dynamic demographic crowd.

Make it very well know, because it needs to be said, I am not a medical doctor, PHdDoctorate, physician, psychologist, physiatrist, certified, degree’d, nor expert on any topic.

HOWEVER, I’m distinguished as specialized in the empire of ME.

Therefore, I am merely expressing my own personal opinion in its smallest atom and slightest whiff of hot air. I am 1000% accountable for what I say, what perception it gives.

I would so love to create a conversation universally through a hashtag of #YUPPYdom attracts a positive vibe of being kind, helpful, as AMBASSADORS within the social media worlds.

#YUPPYdom is the beat of vibrant music (I share my music selection, archived as it appeals to me < less than 2). I’d like to be involved with deciding what is trending, by SOCIAL opinion under one umbrella.

I tried creating a hashtag on Twitter as #bestofeverything only to discover it was popular a vast Aussie tribe. We’ve shared it ever since. Unfortunately, my version hasn’t caught on ….. yet.

Drawing deep down in my belly for some strength to trigger the passion waiting for release, being suppressed for so long, for some it could implode. The response to succumbing to anxiety or depression.

I’d love a rejuvenation of my REAL self who has been hidden, more as a defence mechanism after hurt, mental health abuse #METOO first hand, unbelievably beginning when I turned 50, not when some would expect, in my teens or twenties. Remember, me being of the YUPPYdom crew, my very fit, petite body squeezed into all five feet of me …. no wonder “dynamo” has been used to describe me by older female mentors, of which I’ve been lucky to have some guide me throw my seasons of life:

Thank you glorious ladies

Who knew me through and threw

… good times and celebrations

A gentle nudge seldom, while a kick in the ass aplenty.

Never permitting self pity or whining

A cheerleader, a champion, a promoter

of my best qualities

Thank you.


I’m definitely under the “thrill of the hunt category beginning back to bellyaching about having to trudge three teenage girls to ValuVillage or Goodwill with their slim budgets on clothing.



Words and memories are all I will have

What’s suppose to be … and reality are worlds apart. Freedom 55 isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, if you are to believe what we Yuppies were led to expect. With our parents staying with the same organization you went to after school and college or university.

We’re expecting the retirement bon voyage when we hit 65, along with the gold watch. The RV is gassed up, parked waiting, packed to the rafters, hooked up to the monster truck of a fifth wheel ready for adventures without a set destination or any schedule allowed.

Life or God has a way of punching you in the gut whether you have a vice free life or spiritual lifestyle.

You’re to appreciate discipline and financial responsibilities and you are automatically guaranteed to be able to retire long before 60: stow a healthy nest egg, no mortgage, and the kids all in their adulthood.

The biggest challenge is downsizing a humongous closet of clothes, collectibles, treasures and junk sorted diligently. Bravo to anyone who can give away or sell stuff, allowing the memories to float off into the sunset.

The kids don’t want any of your “hand-me-down junk” no matter some are centuries old family heirlooms passed down through generations, encapsulating a family tree.

Today, Millennials are satisfied with ancestry.ca to tell them all that without dust collecting artifacts, glassware, China, furniture or whatnot.

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