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It doesn’t matter ….

if you’re sketching an outline that is a snapshot of the direction of what you’re beginning, think multiple ideas, art, home business, service, consultancy or whatever entrepreneurialism you’re about to embark on, you should be on Linked In by now, which many of my followers are from, they acquired an innovative hatchling called @Slideshare which is iOS-PC-compatible — free to download unto your smartphone or iPad or Tablet, with access|signup for PC users:




Great example of how @Wordpress is flexing its muscles.

Were now way beyond just social networking, the platform is moving to connect incredible tribe of talented writers, disguised as bloggers.

Mad if being a blogger is admitting to be inferior until recognized or educated writer or journalist or reporter.

I do love to champion others doing remarkable things.

BEFORE” at the beginning stage of this character appears.

Queen of my Domain

Acrylics on foam core - please do not share without credit and Tweet @optioneerJM for reposting permission- subscriber of YUPPYdom as
Jeannette Marshall Original Art
It’s a great thing I don’t sleep with my phone! Apparently my two daughters, FaceTime-ing with their beaus, tried to reach me at what I’d consider “early morning” (any time before noon).
I look awful in the morning ~ I taught them both by imparting wisdom on the perspective of boys, of the word for young men: get a sense of what his gal will look like in 30 years: look at the Mom ~ how well has she held up and whether the years show. I’m so chatty you are both safe because none of u gals got that gene!

If u guys would watch the MARVELLOUS MRS MAZELLE ON PRIME — we can chat about it ~she’s winning all the awards! It’s all based on the years before I was born, leading up to the 60s. It would be a great conversation starter.

That text, is really emphasizing the best way to communicate with your Millennial adult children is by using technology —
My first tip on that would be sure you have an unlimited texting plan in your subscription with your wireless provider services, which will save you loads of cash over talking on the phone where we’re still under a cash grab of telecommunications service companies who are really just simply selling AIR!

Lots of parents of Millennial have caught on to the magic of @Apple FaceTime — where you communicate with your home internet, these days called WIFI connection which saves you heaps of your retirement– don’t make the mistake of answering a FaceTime call if it comes in while you’re at the grocery store!! Never EVER!! That’s because that built in APP on only Apple’s iPhone or iPad families.

Case in point, my 83-year-old mother lets my younger brother be her technical advisor (the one who calls me a techie). He gets her into a Samsung while all her children and grandchildren have iPhones! She loves it when my youngest daughter puts us in a 3way phone call. Imagine, if she could FaceTime with both my sister and I together or her grandchildren, specifically granddaughters.

I digressed, as I often do. It looks like I may have wisdom to impart to aging Yuppies!
I am loving the LOVE and receptivity this blog has been getting~the numbers are jumping and I’m virtual doing a happy dance.

To give back more, I’d like to launch an official SUNDAE SUNDAY chat hour open to all ages, genders and relationships dynamics : only rules be kind and respectful … I will moderate and capture conversation for posting on YUPPYdom – a @WordPress site as #BRANDED as #Yuppydom

Just set yourself up on Twitter and join in the conversation: once you’re logged on and follow the conversation by clicking on the hashtag #SundaeSunday at 7pm MST or 9pm EST or or 6pm PST. Also, invite your friends if you think they’d like to participate. Think of a Book Club except we’ll be talking in reference to a SERIES called THE MARVELLOUS MRS MAZEL (sp?) on +Amazon PRIME.

Patience is more Godly

Patience is more Godly. Grin and bare it.

…… have been drilled into so many of us. More likely from parents born in the war era of post 1930s until the Baby Boomers swallowed them up with a literal population boom from post 1945 to 1960.

I’ve read “Boom, Bust & Echo”

by ————- Peters < insert full

name and link at least twice.

My first real mentor was the Publisher of a group of magazines, distributed in Western Canada. Her name was Gail (I only use real names when I have permission). I had another job offer in the works with a very large publishing empire. I had rehearsed and prepped for the interview like a sales warrior that my husband helped me with. [We really were each other’s career coach, typically doing better than when apart because we actively prepared by role-playing for the interview.

That IS the main difference at Xerox: they rehearse. They’re renowned for their sales training.

But what Xerox did really well:

  1. Make sure who they hired fit within a very small demographic (basically fell within a profile range). Brag time: I was purple and the facilitator said that was the range that most of their executives had.
  2. Not only expected its team the best trained because they put training first, universal no matter which side of the food chain you were on. You were trained. But it didn’t just stop after that. Along with the pride of knowing your corporation’s HISTORY, you rehearsed, rehearsed and then rehearsed again.
  3. Anne ———–, then CEO, tossed to the wolves of shareholders and more loudly: customers, for a once great brand name had faltered and let its customers down. An identified Chapter 11 risk at the very same time as IKON.
  4. What Anne did was cycle completely 360 degrees examination, and instinctively put all her vision and resources into: (do you even know? Likely not, because today’s attention by media is on the egotistical egotism of Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg. And the majority online crew are the Millennial, being influenced that to be defined greatness on the online vibe, without borders, great fluidity is Twitter, with Facebook already proven GUILTY of invading our trust. Then the hush of Google’s data breach is most likely a hit to their valuation of trust. From 1 to 5 being the greatest, they’d struggle to get midway past 1.5 out of 5.
  5. Xerox’s focus, vision, resources, and skill to build the most innovative innovations. Most Millennials wouldn’t know that it was Xerox who invented “the mouse” before Steve Jobs admitted to being guilty of stealing right from Xerox, under their noses after Jobs was invited to have a peak at their Research Centre in PalAlto, he did everything and successfully replicate the mouse for use in Apple’s environment, the graphic arts and advertising is where Steve Jobs went all in.
  6. Where Anne was from, she envisioned the need for a kinder impact on the environment. It was so cool to be a known champion of the earth, a visionary who could see we needed to make a better environment. I sold in the infancy of Xerox’s plant-based toner. No longer a toxic harm to the environment. This was 2008, when collapse and financial ruin was coming down around the financial markets.

“Taking the eye off the ball?

It’s forgetting who is THE customer.

I see that everywhere now.

However, I would say that IKON era was a good one, before it found itself collapsing and imploding upon itself from growing too fast and making fatal mistakes:

  1. Underestimating its customers power, and
  2. Fielding so many lawsuits and trimming so much fat, they took their eye off the ball, or were distracted so much they forgot how to prioritize their focus. The next generation after IKON’s CEO from the late 1990s to the new Millennia.

What was the ball that was dropped?

Sometimes life hands you so many lemons, without honey, you can’t make lemonade.

There’s no prerequisite to being a parent, yet you can’t be born without a male sperm and female egg to create the most amazing miracle, with two parents to take care of you, nurture you, champion growth.

At the most important time of her life, she’s uninvited me to her grad. My sidekick who danced along beside me and twirled around a buffalo at the museum where I was the sole sales person, business development, supposedly an advertising guru. My lifeline to mingle in advertising, allowed me to multitask. I was able to be a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, _in-law while still keeping my fingers stirring in advertising: where imagination and understanding what people, aka their customers want.

Our backyard Mayday tree

An eye off the ball is a symptom of not being self aware enough, or focussed too much on something that is meaningless, even if it is often more difficult to break away from.

The real visionaries like Steve and Anne, took chances, relying on their instincts for one to go whole hog to appealing to the Baby Boomers, and by default the generation thereafter 1960.

I think how much patience THEY would have to had.


The other was a mother within her generation foremost would be a strong signal of someone who wanted to truly make the world a better place.

Without pulling weeds, you can’t create a beautiful vision from your garden.

I’m only imagining now. Being in her spot, where I was a decade to 15 years junior, where it was my generation that produced the Millennial spirit of improving our world, with climate change coming too formidably close to catastrophic results.

Under her watch, we all at Xerox had to be able to make high level conversations with executives maintaining a polished approach, per usual.

BUT MOSTLY she was able to dig down to the roots of the company and decide you want to become better, by seeking knowledge, making a difference in how we viewed our world.

Anne of Green Xerox

I may change the blog title as it popped out, I’m getting better typing on my iPad.

Unfortunately…… truthfully, I came to vent about how drastic things have changed between us, still a very loving way, don’t worry.

I’ve had war of words with my sister.

Each using the other as punching bags.

Out of fear or disappointment

from Expectations and Bad Manners,

neither admitting defeat.

(A worthy new episode for the

next Game-of-Thrones worthy

plot. About two sisters sitting

on their thrones, thrown back

together every decade or so.)

Until now.

Facing off as friction and defensively

protecting their kingdom, with her

own protection on focus.

The eye off the ball

can mean, not taking care of

one’s health.

Or, in cases shown.

Returning to the roots.

Shining up THE vision.

Where its people become

the focal point.

Are they learning?

Are they learning from the best? They need strong examples.

Millennial Mark

May have escaped from me, because they’re the ones taking over the world.

They’re educated, entitled, economically sound our Millennial Marks.

But those same Millennial Marks circle around socially or tribe, regardless of gender, or who they love.

The thermometer may have risen

in more ways in one during that

time. Going through menopause at

that time, not quite mad yet not always

as reasonable or seeing the other’s view.

Here I’m writing, as a form of mental therapy, writing, expressions, painting, capturing thoughts … all from my unique perspective of facing a biopsy after a lump was discovered after my annual medical exam, a mammogram and ultrasound ordered by my doctor. It was confirmed a lump the size of a chickpea, with a mass which was what I’d mistaken for muscle.

I try to be disciplined about going to the dentist and the doctor, but I just dread it.

When prioritizing, its best

to tackle the nastiest, biggest

mess first.

As an expert something after all:

A procrastinator. Not necessarily

a bad thing if your hire one: they

tend to be opposites between work

and personal life.

I try to have links to source or reference something.

I do all my own art most of the time.

I paint with acrylic because I find it


Taken with iP6 from several

angles of the same image.


I did ask around

Latest character—what should I name him? MILLENNIAL MARK maybe … saved to “PaintingFOOL” board on Pinterest

Is talking about Climate Change inconvenient?

10 years after “An Inconvenient Truth” it would have been 2016. did a follow up, stating

that “Al Gore may actually be winning.”


An Inconvenient Truth – Wikipedia

An Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 American concert film/documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim about former United States Vice President Al Gore‘s campaign to educate people about global warming.Production company‎: ‎Lawrence Bender Produ…Distributed by‎: ‎Paramount ClassicsBudget‎: ‎$1.5 millionBox office‎: ‎$49.8 million‎ An Inconvenient Truth (book) · ‎An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth …


Then in 2012, along comes a unique catastrophic perspective where we, as in all mankind, are doomed if we don’t change our habits and increase our dialogue about climate change:


Filmmaker Rob Stewart sheds light on important environmental topics and suggests ways that people can work to curtail damage that has been done already.

Synopsis | Revolution › The Movie

Revolution is a feature documentary about opening your eyes, changing the world and fighting for something. A true life adventure following director Rob Stewart in the follow up to his smash hit Sharkwater, Revolution is an epic adventure into the evolution of life on earth and the revolution to save us.Revolution (2012) – Plot Summary – IMDb


Summaries. Filmmaker Rob Stewart advances the theory that though humans depend on the natural world for subsistence, humans are nature’s greatest enemy. REVOLUTION is a film about changing the world, going for it, taking a stand, and fighting for something.Revolution (2012 film) – Wikipedia


Jump to Synopsis – Revolution is a Canadian 2012 documentary film by Rob Stewart. It follows the filmmaker as he follows up on his earlier film, Sharkwater, and examines both looming environmental collapse and what people, especially young people, are doing to avert it.

Yeah, it is probably inconvenient for many to talk about Climate Change. Our best examples are at odds at messaging: Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau.

Living in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, lends a unique point of view.

However, it wasn’t agreeable to me, as a reputed Canadian politeness imposes, that

Canada leads the world in pollutants into the atmosphere that causes CO2 omissions that ends up killing more in our planet that are suppose to help us survive.

The controversy over the Tar Sands is endless.

The debate is never a pleasant one.

Most likely, the theories are divided. Or are they? I must pursue this quest on knowledge, to build my own understanding.

We humans have to decide on NEED over WANT. We can’t have it both ways.

Jeannette Marshall @optioneerjm

I learned an interesting fact on “REVOLUTION” :
Lynx go through a 14 year cycle: they survive on rabbits, when they diminish rabbits, they die. The rabbits then can flourish, and then the Lynx repopulate and begin the cycle all over again.

I’m freaking fearful

Falling short of a panic attack

You know: when you’re maxed out by the crap seemingly piling up on you.

Not that any individual point is at critical mass. Unfortunately, I’ve been there with my husband three times. The first only a couple of years after we’d married when a heart attack resulted in stints being put in.

The story becomes convoluted when in mingles memories of my father’s heart disease episodes, my sisters battle with diabetes, first heart attack at 41, long before being diagnosed with Type II, which gradually attacked her kidneys.

Nows the time in our lives when every day holds a medical event: just last night I caved into joining Rob to watch NEW AMSTERDAM finale – FREAKY applies here!!


What else could you call when you’re so frustrated you text your ex about his care of your son?

Like going away for the 2 weeks off (our co-parenting agreement on the amicable care of our children about 15 years ago undergoing a “Collaborative Divorce”)–and when you come home, your plants are all withered and dying.

That’s the sense I got.


I’m constantly on alert should anything happen again to hubby who suffers with brain trauma after an aneurysm Feb 2018 and seizures Feb 2019.

I don’t have to

conjure images

of me sobbing to

9-1-1 to please

hurry, my husbands

dying from a stroke

from my eyes’ perspective.

He’s subsequently been

for an MRI followed by

an angioplasty where his

neurosurgeon informed

him either one of his stints

was bent, or the coil in his

brain was warped, that they

may go back in, remove his

skull cap ( NOT the wearable-

-fashion kind either).


The reason I wasn’t in the room where hubby visited the brilliant doctor [He’d told me he’d asked where I was].

In his recent no-holds characteristic he’s developed more strongly and loudly as a result of the brain trauma (not an expert or medical professional, strictly a wife’s opinion); Rob told him that I was driving around the medical centre:: much larger than a mere hospital::because we couldn’t afford to park with the measly pittance we get paid on his long term disability benefits.

That was nothing compared to the inability to breath I had while shopping with hubby on Mother’s Day.

Another habit he’s developed is wanting to go down every single aisle at the grocery store.

This prolonged my discomfort stemming from fear from thoughts asking whether our next step would have to be the food bank.


Yeah, there’s more. And it’s only Wednesday-one day!

I wrote a follow up email to a potential employer to see whether he’d come to a decision to hire me? (During the interview he’d said they’d come to a decision today).

The fact that I give people face value: believing what they tell me. However, I’m Ms Accountable to what is said (does this mean that they don’t commit to their words?)


The suspicion developed and came to pass when I was in Vancouver in March after my baby brother had passed away in the hospital where he was under their care.

That is horrible.


Not lucky is what keeps replaying over and over in my head. It HAS sucked the last year or more ago … if you only look at it one way.

I wouldn’t trade this chance to still be with Rob.

I am lucky because he survived.

I’m just going to keep in breathing regularly and dig down deep for optimism.

I had an ultrasound and mammogram today. It was confirmed there is a lump.

I immediately got booked in for a biopsy June 3 to find out whether the lump is cancerous.

AND THATS FREAY I to X combined!!


Hope you’re having a nice holiday – don’t want to spoil it HOWEVER I want to reach out to you directly about Kyle – he needs rehab desperately. I’m guessing he’s drinking a 15 pack a day, in fact, yesterday I got a sense of dead drunk walking as he’d stopped somewhere and drank getting wasted before he got home by six … I’m tempted to take him to emergency it’s that bad.

Yeah … well he got here last Thur-not even a week. Sunday I directed him to take a shower and he lied he had : I addressed it with him last night asking how he feels about lying. Was it easier to lie than a hassle when he’s honest- he said yeah

Do you love garden ZING?

Green Thumb

Okay, so you don’t consider your self a foodie: I wouldn’t of thought that of myself either.

I recall about 8 years, a fellow who was on my sphere as an early adopter of social media, all of sudden seemed to be posting half eaten plates of sandwiches.

Note to self

up his name.

I would recognize

him as being the

first “Foodie”. The

original Foodmaster.

Or maestro of good eats.

It was @MayhemStudios.

I do remember being a little grossed out. Now it occurs-to me: when he traveled selling his wares ( from Port Knowledge) about what we call the accepted term nowadays as wise and enterprising. A risk taker or visionary like Sean Knight ( still travels the globe as an Ambassador of social media.

But because of Mayhem* I signed up for Instagram. Fast forward 10 years, I’m turning into a “Foodie”.

Is Foodie always

capitalized like a

Professor or a

Doctor Someone?

Or is it finally a noun

in the dictionary?

Will write more ….

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day – work in progress

Gardening: a zest for life

Gardening with our faithful sidekick Buddy >> note the guard dog warning >>

A dog: the best alarm system and security combined. Buddy, the Border Collie, also came and got me when Rob had his aneurysm.

Of late, when I go upstairs to shower I have him lay on the floor beside Rob, who sleeps a lot, and command Buddy to protect “Papa Bear” canine code name for THE master. His bark is deep enough as warning to any potential threat, many a delivery person looked terrified when the door finally opened and they could picture snarling teeth (if the warning in the window is a heads up) as they listened to the exchange by me and our protector, told to go to his kennel: my way of saying: time out, I don’t like how you’re behaving or misbehaving. He gets a signal of approval by my scratch deep in fluffy fur to let him know I understand he’s just doing his job.

Not being a dog, I have to interpret his posture what mode he’s in.

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