Should I stay? Or should I go?

Downsize, rightsize or otherwise?

It must be a struggle for anyone who hits 50, as long as the kids have all moved out without a chance of returning except to visit, of course.

It also depends upon your economic station or cultural traditions. In Canada, you’ve started university, gotta job and paid your folks nominal rent, a token of small responsibilities. Or, blazed trails exploring the world.

I centralize this blog surrounding YUPPIES: typically born in the early 60s and graduated from college or university in the 80s.

That would mean YUPPIES are retiring behind their Baby Boomer siblings around about now in 2019.

When reality hits it can be very smooth or like a slap in the face.

Ironically, the way life has its funny twists, both our cheating spouses are doing very well financially.

Our kids spend more time with the cheating spouse more than us.

Divorce can wipe out nest eggs and financially stability.

What Rob and I are most thankful for is they were saved from a rougher path simply because of our goal: to bring a family together. That’s probably what is our greatest success.

So, is it time to step away from our home that suits us and fits us perfectly: location, quiet neighbourhood, yard for the dogs and for me to piddle around with a garden. The house itself is bigger than we probably need. That is, until we watch “Escape to the Country” with sprawling gardens and countryside, and HUGE family kitchen.

When I speak to friends who have made the move, they promote no more shovelling snow or mowing the lawn, as if it’s a great thing.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying shovelling the snow, crazy as it sounds. It’s that bright blue sky and sunshine I’m sure. Although I recognize the exercise I’m getting.

Then our neighbours kids are our age, who retired pre-60 years old and purchased a home in Mexico. While my sister and I were there last winter, we stayed at a condo complex comprised mostly of Canadians who live there 6 months of the year: aka”Snowbirds”.

My 83 year old mother is returning from Arizona, where she is trying to sell her park trailer that she’s enjoyed about 15 years, half with my father when he was alive. My mom says the Canadian real estate market has dried up, because “so many Canadians don’t trust Trump.”

The decision to move to other shores is a giant one. What, with the Millennial children, settling down, there’s a grandchild now. It’s really hard to insert that much distance. It can’t be that dreadful with so many doing it. Especially, BabyBoomers or older.

The Yuppy is on the doorstep of decisions. Should they downsize and move to a condo, rightsize by getting rid of extra clutter. Lucky ones will winter in the tropics, with the fortunate able to do all, including safaris and European tours.

My preference is to right size. That’s being realistic. The dream of tropical shores is disappearing on the horizon.

Hans Bischoffshausen* (Lot 0301), 126th auction – im Kinsky auction house

estimate € 20,000 – 30,000: Hans Bischoffshausen*, “Komprimierter Raum”. signed in the lower center in front: Bischoffshausen inscribed, signed and dated on the reverse: “Komprimierter
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What makes you tick? Sales Stardom Motivations

What I was reading, then sharing, and writing as a post on @LinkedIn ::

See credit on image

I’m always more productive on snow days … my best ideas get written down or typed. I’ve written some winning proposals as well. There’s something about the incentive to escape to tropical climates.

To move forward, you sometimes have to stretch to be the best version of yourself. Flipping rewind to what you thought were good moments, to reinforce why success was inevitable.

A reminder of sorts to your roots where you made a difference. Certainly, we all remember who they were. You can blog about those whose words came back to serve as a pat on your own back when you heeded said advice.

created by @optioneerjm


Created by @optioneerjm

I liked to find out what my team goals are … what makes them tick and how’d they see themselves as successful. I remember Gord being my most receptive pupil. He wanted to know how I ticked because I was consistently kicking ass on the score board. It was a WIN WIN exchange.

I remember him saying success meant his wife could retire to take care of the family, with a baby on the way, some guys buckle down and others buck a lot -> as in reliving their college or sports glory days. It struck me because, here I was trying to be SUPER WOMAN


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” …. and those things can kill ya.”

~ my fathers voice still echoes.

I agree: smoking displays and conveys poor self confidence or bending to peer pressure.

That’s what it was for me: being part of the gang:

a measurement of self-worth by those she spends time with or time on.

COME ONNNN…. you say

Its not like you wake up one moment and say:

“I think I’ll take up smoking today”

~ said I to myself NEVER

So don’t even get started. It’s not cool or hip or sweet or nothing.

Perhaps one of your parents, or both smoke? Does that mean you will automatically become a smoker?


so you may as well do what ?. …


The visuals are what sets the tone of your vibe

Where you set the bar even higher than them YUPPY selves: deflecting to your offspring to know their own sweet spot, with humility while confident was showboating by her own mother.

Do what makes YOU HAPPY

difference between YUPPY parents&their MILLENNIAL kids is #SO profound

It’s not always obvious when the YUPPY parent(s) realize their daughter is the best versions of themselves. An unrecognized pedigree of talent.

The Millennial Offspring TODAY

The Yuppy’s prime was in the 80s while in her 20s her offspring daughters gave her a run for her money.

Saturday night

As the Apple of our YUPPY inner child

A #Millennial offspring

A gift for my brother

 I set up a blog for my younger brother.

On WordPress



Before I forget, I should setup a new email address and service since GOOGLE is eliminating Google Plus G+ by April 2019

Keeping tabs with your MILLENNIAL kids needs data mobility

My daughter sent me this by text “it” “this thing” came up beside her window and screamed at her …. she doesn’t even know it’s a raccoon (we aged #YUPPYdom grew up with Walt Disney Animal Kingdom every week ….

Bon appetite comfort food

Another way of jumping on board with social media and blogging, is by starting taking photographs of dinner, with recipe:: unleash your


Whenever you start posting pictures of your food, take it a step forward with a description or a recipe. You’ll likely discover your inner foodie — a term used online with the hashtag #Foodie will signal specifically to others of similar interest: making good food.

I can’t say for sure whether real chefs use the hashtag, because they’re even less likely to share the ingredients. Often, the tools of their trade: how they made it.

The following was posted across all the platforms as @optioneerJM including my “YUPPYdom” board on Pinterest:

Comfort Food 101: MAC&CHEESE CASSEROLE: slightly undercooked Kraft dinner (cook per instructions) + grated cheddar cheese + finely chopped onion + coarse black pepper …. stir all ingredients except enough cheese for topping place in nonstick pan sprayed — place in preheated 375 F oven for 12 minutes — serve with pickled red beets on the side BON APPETITE!

A LESSON ON PUTTING ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET This whole Google debacle is going to create a lot of headaches, not just for me


This whole Google debacle is going to create a lot of headaches, not just for me

Now that I’ve started to sort out my email world, what a daunting task it is.

I have google accounts for my blogging, one I share with my husband and one for professional use.

I went to Apple iTunes and looked up an email service for IOS held at the top of their list. APPLEs way of endorsing without accountability.

Sure, you can consolidate all your contacts across several platforms intertwined with LinkedIn and so forth (because at some point it seemed convenient and part of their service) among the other systems.

Sure, you can send out a text message to your personal ones like family and close friends.

Sure, my brother was very responsive because his company, like so many others, including governments use GoogleHangouts as their default video communications service.

HELLO? Anyone home or awake at the media networks?

Is it getting expensive for anyone to blow the whistle when there is a security breach?

BUT WHY? Why is Google skulking off as it sunsets it’s Google Plus G+ service

Every time anyone logs on to its gmail service, a notice is hilited in YELLOW for caution, informing the user that the service will not longer be available after April 2 2019 (I think it says).

GOODWILL or community service

advisement is all fine and well, but why isn’t anyone asking the questions:


I heard a while ago, or watched more likely, the various networks and news outlets profess and pledge to share the truth and sound the alarm bells.

I’m semi retired, not by choice, with a lot of access to radio news locally as I drive Rob twice daily to therapists, specialists and medical professionals. I often wait, to save money on gas. I like the spunky Danielle Smith on QR77 from Calgary: love to see her branch out more on other topics, however, with looming Federal and Provincial elections, it really is her sweet spot.

Our evenings, at the mercy of Robs trigger happy clicking of the remote, do land on any of the major Canadian networks news shows …. adore Chantelle’s perspectives on the Canadian front, clearly a Québécois with a succinct Canadian perspective.

So, between CBC, CTV & GLOBAL we watch usually noon, evening and night news (if Rob hasn’t fallen asleep with the remote tucked in, waking a dragon harder than sneaking or trying to slide it out, with marathon @HGTV (he onHolmes and me preferring @LoveItOrListItVancouver or @BBC (Escape to the Country) or @HISTORY (American Pickers)or @PBS ( @AntiquesRoadshow ) .

And we pick up a newspaper, more from its mobile app than buying printed paper.

As I surf around, I share what I find, via Twitter and Facebook mostly.

I’m certain I’d remember if I had heard anything. Not until now, when I post on Linked IN and on my blog here.

You recognize this character as your corporate cheerleader
A WIP work in progress (acrylics)

Ive started to email every contact I have personally and privately from my new email provider, whom I’ve already discovered limits how many i.d.s I can send BCC: emails to ( SMART RULE: never share other contacts and mesh them together, that is the cardinal sin of email — worse than automatically starting an email storm when one or more hit REPLY ALL ).

I’m showing this example to people I’m connected with professionally, former colleagues or clients whom I’ve remained in touch.

NOTE: I’ve asked for a reply with a phone number to signify permission for me to email non-spam as exchanges.

New EMAIL address because +GOOGLE has compromised over 52 million users and is shutting down G+ effective April 2 2019 and mum’s been the word: nothing, notta, nuttin….
My 2nd husband of going lucky 13 years suffered an often fatal brain aneurysm that ruptured and was hemorrhaging until after one day of 9 hours surgery and failing that, the second day with a coil inserted.  After surfing a coma also, which was touch and go because of vasilspasms, he was not discharged until 6 months, after learning to talk and walk again!  Yes, he’s very inspirational am also offering posting service [like advertising but more like advertorial paid + extra if I write $1/word ] for posting on your site – royalty fee $500 per month to access to my content as a subscription service.
Links to your website from mine: .
If you would like to write a blog on sales: I will give you first post spot for free because we’ve connected.  …like I did for Jay Dannenman, our number two guy at IKON with over $10 million a year in sales entitled: “Nice Guys don’t always finish last” on >> in the process of moving everything to my new website with WordPress branded as YUPPYdom.
Love to hear how you’re doing and what’s new?  I don’t imagine you’ve slowed down.
Jeannette << new email 
PLEASE REPLY TO CONFIRM I HAVE YOUR BEST EMAIL & phone number so that I may add to my contacts.

Jeannette Marshall 
@optioneerJM on Instagram + Twitter + Facebook + Pinterest 
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Social Media Enthusiast * Sales * Social Media * YUPPYdom BRAND owner

Sent from myMail for iOS

P.S. I treasure privacy and have never shown others your contact details.  

Note: >> This service was recommended on the APP STORE on Apple

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