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The following of this one rule to adventure of the great unknown.

Thanks for all the #LOVE shown to my blog: #TuesdayThoughts #motivation for #50s age group whom I dub: fading Yuppies, parents of Millennial children

Stop fearing the


You’re more likely to be a retiring if not fading Yuppy in her, or his changing world evolving into elders, advisors and now, Bloggers as a navigator of an era eclipsed between the Baby Boomers and Mighty Millennial gihuge population as an afterthought.

Champion Mommie Cool Dadios with this distinction as the Yuppy parents of the #METoo generation catapulted by social media empires and personalities.

Keep hanging in, keeping in touch as we share this unchartered course of global terrorism culture that has cultivated their influence: the scandalized era for dubbing as per name with hashtag assigned as creator of the very first link, where and in the form you established your online brand.

Don’t be lazy. That’s a big cop out.

Remember that zest and spirit that emits from your glow, creating your unique brand.

I’d guess, without proof, that the best singular age group, demographics & shared psychographics appeals and attracts a great age and demographic.

How do I know? Quite simply I began my professional career by leveraging my college educated portfolio.

The creative side is a whole big kettle of fish

How to Swim with the Sharks

was my first business NonFiction book.

Yes, with proper etiquette, aesthetic value, keen eye, the Yuppy has the greatest opportunity to expound it’s own unique brand evolved by the new #HipsterGeneration otherwise known as the tremendous force by the population bubble.

I like and love to promote emotional intelligence which can be a tribe of intellectual & innovative leaders, formally recognized, or not.

I’m not crushed is what I found. I’m a survivor, of a group of survivors of those who were born into air raid practice alarms frequent and loud to practice response & drills.

A military father and screen beauty mom >>

The cool city boy and the anything but a meek country mouse girl.

My parents

Norman & Marie

Holding hands across the universe so that she can protect her children. A war era baby with memory of her brother returning after fighting and serving his country.

The secrets start to come out as a woman ages. Also a HUGE aversion to B.S. bullshit they’ve avoided brain wash by its elder Baby Boomer siblings.

Our moment to shine

is fleeting

The 80s were our learning ground where international might was the norm.

When Princess Diana showed grace and support in causes, bringing profound knowledge by her behaviour.

Princess Diana knew and cultivated her brand.

Leaving a legacy of a generation of Yuppies who admired her guts with grace persona, complimented by her actions that portrayed images that were iconic, not requiring words.

In the background of our older siblings dynamic aura left the Yuppy sputtering in their dust.

Do you go with the tried and true ( #Yuppy ) or do you go for the untested and youthful ( #Millennial ) ?

Much has been said that it is very difficult to get a job in your 50s

The same can be said about politics.

I’d like to build a case for the worker who is over 50, in particular the Yuppy.

Here are some myths about folks in their 50s:

  1. . They don’t have the energy the same as the younger crew: but they do have the work ethic of a super hero
    They aren’t very technical: says who when they learned computers by entering codes long before it was point and click, backspace, spell check.
    . They expect to get paid a lot more. This group of experience wants to work because their life savings is being used up keeping from defaulting on their mortgage, their kids need help funding their university education (while smart yuppies knew to save into a Child’s Education Fund the minute they were born.
    . They could develop health problems and miss work. Of this generation where aerobics stemmed from? They’re less likely to call in sick from a hangover or drag themselves into work tired from chatting with friends on Facebook, or a texting marathon with their love interest, or watching YouTube.
    . The youngsters are full of ideas: to the generation who lived during the largest innovation era of the 1980s that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs bloomed from.
    . You can train them the way you want emdoesn’t mesh with doing it right the first time, working however many hours until the job is done, the patience of a turtle (with the hard shell that avoids emotionally getting all worked up).
    They’ve weaponized intelligence by hacking subCulture of online dwellers. Not often safe when dedicated effort exudes strength. Taking ownership of your brand and navigator sorting out interests and development of the power of positive opinion. Most YUPPIES have figured it out.
    If you have to ask: why should I be there. Naively thinking protection of security and privacy is THE NOW thing.
    DATA is passé now. Replaced by the power of online brands, where words becomes currency developed by your interest and sharing facilitated to a free world (beyond your home wifi, business id comtuously hacked, with permission from the higher or highest power, supported by numbers of audience and relevancy to the majority.
    The fear of the unknown. We’ve been there at least a couple of times, and pull from that wisdom in a form of paying it forward in a sophisticated smooth words.

Avoid social media at your folly.

You have a lot to give and share knowledge with wisdom in a proactive manner.

Share opinions, comment on major media publications COMMENT SECTION to strengthen your brand and polish your shine.

Go to places like or LinkedIn or SLIDESHARE and test the waters. Observe, read, absorb. You have 110% ONE HUNDRED PERCENT control and can drive your brand.

You take baby steps after Linked In into the Twittersverse and between those two you elegantly slip in, watch before you bring out your secret weapon: your words.

How do you increase traffic to your website or brand?

Create a love affair with your content.

Think of social media as a dance. Then decide whether you want to do tango, cha cha, or waltz.

Think of social selling as orchestrating theD credibility of your brand.

Decide what you want to be known for and then set out to be the best version.

A very bossy affair
original art by author, Jeannette Marshall


I keep opening my mouth and I can’t shut up!

Online, I get tap tapped tapped out.  Then I go under cover to regroup, take a deep breath, and then set on in out.

As all that hot air that I’d kept in, builds up to a momentum that makes you on the verge to IMPLODE.  Or EXPLODE.

However, like a balloon needs hot air, so do we all.

Not having a place to vent, or trusted confidantes of the olden days.  Long before my time.  Folks were actually called “Confidante”.  It signified trust.  

Unfortunately, today, we live in a bullish world where so many soldiers strive harder to raise above the increasing astronomical numbers.    They get clumsier and more aggressive.   Too much sizzle and not time to talk about how they’d like their steak:  those piranha infested waters  we dwell in online, we become too geared to 140 characters or less.

Global selling is a hard nut to crack, I would believe.  Without hard facts or knowledge yet.  Maybe I can find some information from my curiosity, would my approach really work in a global selling world.

Yes, I realize, I have watched BITCOIN and CRYPTO CURRENCY sail by, like sharks.  (SIDE NOTE:  watch “MEG” if you like movies that make JAWS look like minnows in the ocean. Great new movie out on digital streaming.)

This poor fella was being nice by asking me whether I would be interested in delivering course material for ITIL to a very large corporations’ employees.  I agreed, gave him my personal email to follow up on.

See who is doing the following up here?

If you want to create a global presence, you rely on your word.

“Words are the largest revenue generator online.  Bypassing streaming, brand messaging, or any other kind.  Don’t swing it like a sword.  Ignore it at your peril.”                                                               Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

I would need the course material to review and prepare to communicate in any course hosting.

You should start a bio page on your web page that showcases your partners with their link to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, minimum.

If you want to act like a credible global organization, you have to begin behaving like one.  

Local customs aside, you have to fit in to the surf curve in the social media hub vibe.  Glide in and elegantly fit in.

Bulldozing your way only hurts your credibility and potential for trustworthiness.  What you do, or do not do,  as you have promised, you will be taking a huge pay cut!

Trust is your only way in.

To opening a buyer’s mind.  Be aware that trading services is a practice that has been going on in the advertising world for decades, those folks call it contra.

You trade a bargain for a bargain of equal value in either goods or services at the agreed equal value at the onset, and it is tracked and assigned to a marketing expense in your entrepreneur or business accounting.

Selling services is like being a conductor of an orchestra:  you aren’t playing any instruments, and yet the tone, beat and vibe is matching your swaying movements, as leader of the vibe.


I really love sleeper hits!

Don’t you?

Yesterday was spent reviewing the finances with hubby. It tends to exhaust me. I’ve taken up a red book on the coffee table as I recognize the signs that it’s time to do so with him.

I’ve skated around what has been going on. I’m taking deep breaths before crossing that plexi glass that could break from really taking a hard look at what is going on.

We spent today going to a mall in Calgary as an excursion for our Friday. Being early spring in the foothills of the Rockies, ourselves and our kinfolk and neighbours set out for strolls and walking the dogs regularly as saying hello to others on the path, a smile or hello to one another is all we have to do.

Yesterday, I snapped out of my real, kinda tough world right now, by escaping by writing. Here. After a rude awakening by a reader who left brutally honest feedback set me back, analyze, evaluate and then spank myself mentally in where I may have gone wrong.

In writing, I expressively reveal clues as to where my head’s at.

Or, I don’t completely open up. Scattered without clear direction.

I was amazed tonight to learn, or reconfirm what I already about myself: I love discovering real worthy cinema or literature or visuals. So why not share that?

Lord knows, it has been a really tough month. See, I was about to write, yet the real story would likely be a GO FUND ME Campaign. I’ve never done that, yet have heard tragedy usually inspires amazing monetary contributions.

Are you still here?

What a delightful find on television tonight. Acting upon what I had shared yesterday, held me accountable.

Learn something new everyday

I believe that is what keeps us 50 something Yuppies who’s heydays were in the 1980s, young in spirit. You have a vitality uncovered during the 1980s this tribe of over achieving talented demographic group.

Yuppies were typically in their 20s & 30s in the 1980s.

YUPPIES set the tone on achievement based on the backbone of their war-era parents and Baby Boomer older siblings influence. Who faced challenges not faced for decades, a recession AND THE THREAT of nuclear war.

ONCE AGAIN, Yuppies are facing financial doom and faded outlook on life, while losing faith in the system.

So many debacles going around the world:

If Trump doesn’t hold you mesmerized, his name more likely gives you the shudder.

You could definitely be either:

  1. . A Yuppy
  2. . The offspring of a YUPPYx2 overload if both sides had those tendencies.

Are you still here?REVIEW by Jeannette Marshall on

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Don’t forget to watch

A five star ⭐️ ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ ⭐️


***** by Jeannette Marshall

~ O N ~

Are you still here.

Everyone is asleep at the wheel here. I’ve only become a movie buff since sharing more quiet evenings, escaping by watching the television.

Another outwardly sign is very expressive opinions.

You, my dear, are:

  1. . Self expressing exhaustively:: letting’er’rip stripping’er’down with no holding back? Raging hormones from any side of the fence
  2. . Prenatal: anywhere from the teens to until “the change in life” ( the formal and polite way of saying menopausal)
  3. . Yuppies is generally accepted to be a population bloom, which I opine for my group and tribe to be born between 1960 to now 1969 (the last year of our tribe to end this decade).
  4. . A wannaBE because you’ve been in the EXPLOSION of the self entitled generation, clogging the Yuppies against the plexi glass in order to break.

That’s just me opining or givin’r

Wondering why nobody has ever tried and nailed the ultimate UPTOWN GIRL * DANCING QUEEN of the 1980s to be?

Once again, attempting to rebound from to much self reflection to the hormonal surge before it putters out, not unlike a few backfires when the engines have been turned off, and the will be clear for sailing into the sunset.

Why wouldn’t we think that would be our turn, because we expected that good fortune would continue.

Life has a way of lightening things up, to just chill and watch a movie. Living to share the discovery of a diamond waiting to be found.

That’s ’nuff said until you’ve watched the movie, and ultimately comment and share this blog in the environment of a real domain website partnered and paid to host and own.

Go ahead and watch it. I dare you. I PROMISE YOU it will be as delighted and appreciative of the writing, the atmosphere by unaltered direction so superb. Lastly + enthusiastically!! *****/***** Recommend to your friends by sharing your like or posting as a favoured site, I’m confident that WordPress will be tested then accept the challenge to maintain integrity by maintaining trustful and supportive endorsements that celebrate others’ talents.

Like my baby brother, Cary, liked to say:

(applying to E V E R Y T H I N G !)

” Shit.

n get over it.”



Real cool brother and character.

Coasting? Hardly! Vow to Learn Something New Everyday

As we hit our 50s, some things certainly have changed.

We seem to coast in so many other ways.

Why is that?

I don’t think I have changed all that much, in my own made up mind, from when I was in my 30s or 40s.

If I was perfectly honest. That would not be true.

One thing that hit the breaks for many is learning. Join with me. I’ve decided to learn something new every day. That’s pretty easy if your curiosity rules your outlook.

Ever notice, we stray away from things that make us uncomfortable. Or, issues that get us all worked up.

Coasting? Hardly.

It is a conscious behavioural change or heightened awareness when we challenge ourselves to do something different, or in this case, more often.

Being a creative thinker allows one superb flexibility, the ability to switch direction quickly, most often sparked by curiosity, driven by a strong desire to gain knowledge.

Fortunately, my kids are Millennials which translates to a major entitlement culture. Where we older folks commonly label that translation meaning entitlement is linked to the imbalance between want and need.

When we, or our partner, is slowed down considerably from health ailments, one is forced to sort between the want and the need.

Well, we all want to be rich …. except the rich and famous perhaps who live in discontent — masking fears or insecurities with other concerns like alcohol, drugs or risky behaviour.

Moms matter when Millennials have their moments

The wild side

A mother Racoon with her 2 babies have moved onto my daughter’s deck in #Vancouver (she’s calling #animal services) … sticking tongue out at her “Nanana Nahhhh”


She’s sticking her tongue out at you: talk about a “sign” about a good call to move eh?

It REALLY is a dog’s life when you retire, forced to retire due to health, your finances take a nose dive

It makes me laugh at the 80s antics: #TheGoldbergs @TheGoldbergs

A day doesn’t go by that Junior (what Rob calls him) ... he makes us laugh

Oscar is not always a willing participant

I’ve been wondering where my crowning 80s sweater is. I bought a shadow box last spring, actually two — one I gave to my neighbour. (I hope Stewart didn’t give it to the dealer who came to pick up his vast arrowhead collection inherited by the original, his grandfather who was a parks warden across Alberta and Saskatchewan. I even emailed a curator at The Glenbow Museum (largest curator of western Canadian native indigenous artifacts and purveyors of history).

IF, I can find it, that’s what I’ll do. That sure doesn’t sound like “rightsizing” does it?

A good friend of mine who recently downsized from a huge home backing on to a golf course said straight out, we have to get rid of our collectibles. I decided to start with the heaviest and bulky Stereo Cabinet from the 1940s that was Rob’s.

I’m pretty sentimental. I was angry with my mother after she gave away my sister and mine Barbies, along with an almost life-size doll (the ones without real hair, but coloured rubber doll material.

The sunset of life

beautiful beaches with stunning sunsets is where I’d like to be.

I’ve always had a dream that I would retire somewhere on a beach beside an ocean, it would have connectivity, and I’d work from my laptop.

I could safely say that a year ago, I had just started collecting Unemployment Insurance from the Canadian Government, a fund carved as a benefit when it really is our money.

I was preoccupied with finding a job that complimented my career and background, nowhere near retail, hospitality, or food industry.

I had been working for a reputable Canadian corporation who allowed bullying and sexual harassment because a whistle blower became expendable, very quickly.

Timing is everything

#MeToo exploded three months after. Crap timing for sure.

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