What does a perfect world look like?

Something in the making while insomnia disables me from sleep; painting empties the mind of

worries that plague me …. #artTHERAPY

You can be pretty or handsome with flowing paint by a brush stroke.

Nobody needs to like it.

Just as nobody needs to like you.

As long as you do is all that matters?

Or does others approval or attention rock your boat?

As in generating a feeling of warmth when you can be yourself and allow yourself be the best version possible.

Wisdom dictates being realistic.

But do we want to take a critical look at ourselves?

Are we so caught up with visions of greatness we can’t see our own selves?

Or, are we too caught up with wanting more of everything that we’re unable to sit back and enjoy what we already have?

Hyper critical of ourselves led from disappointment that we didn’t turn out as fantastic as we envisioned we’d be?

Taking inventory of life constantly doesn’t allow us to enjoy moments that fade into memory as we are always reaching for something. Never quite settled on what that is.

Stop and smell the roses? Is that no longer an objective? Are we too consumed with being beneath roses, buried in the ground?

At least there is painting or music or poetry or literature to escape to.

To quiet the mind from its rolling thoughts … bumpy memories that become unsettled wishes.

You don’t know what you know until others ask for your advice

Your knowledge doesn’t always stem from technical mumbo jumbo or education or occupation.

Like I say on my Facebook profile: PhD of LIFE experience — serves as a reminder to update my Quora profile details.

I gain a lot of credibility by sticking my neck out and answering questions. I ensure I share my answers on here because I recognize that if it’s important to ask, it is likely of interest for others to learn from.

It tests my responses based on UPVOTES from my answers. I’ve met a distinguished crew online from answers and then connects onto other social media platforms.

Not everyone will agree. Yet it is respectful and professional.

I am shown numbers from Quora, who even assigns distinction of “top business development answerer” on QUORA, how many views my answers have this month, who my UPVOTErs are in case I would like to follow them. Aka proactively networking.

As you develop your reputation, Quora asks you to answer specific questions that evolves as your reputation spreads, whereby other members|users can make direct requests to you.

I’ve asked about travel and attractions or activities advice for myself.

I’ve answered about Canadians. Most recently, lots on Instagram or relationships.

Don’t be shy: ask your question … or dive in and give your perspective.

p.s. Quora monitors their APP to ensure proper etiquette, spelling or grammar are applied.


As in most sites who offer social media networking ~ only your followers can see what you write or your profile details, background, etc. because THEIR reputation is built on trust. Trust that they are protecting you.

Share what you know, seek and you can find: QUORA

You don’t always know what you know.

Get on Quora to share your knowledge, test your know-how, satisfy your curiosity or do your homework. You gain the benefit of dusting off the cobwebs or reinforcing your personal experience.


If it says “permanently deleted” I interpret that to meaning: nixed, natta, never(again), no more as in FOREVER gone, no longer available. I’d try the following few options, in no particular order:

  1. Try to SIGN UP as the same user name for an identical identity. CON: it could be gone or taken by someone else- you’d have to long on under a different account, follow your original name, and only if they follow you back will you be able to do your investigation i.e. hacked, assigned to a unique email (someone else).

  2. Create a new identity that is identifiable with your former ID/name i.e. PamelaLee2 or PamelaLee46 or PamelaCITY (TIP: never use your personalized|unique numbers from birthdays, SIN, etc. from your identity because you would be sharing critical identifiers that expose your risk to being hacked). CON: it’s a necessary hassle to build your following|followers from scratch

  3. Reach out to something that’s sounds like “Technical Support” on the home page of your APP or GOOGLE Instagram’s Corporate website then search accordingly. Then you ask for troubleshooting assistance, if they think it’s possible (TIP: anything technical or having an online footprint that has been created, even with customization, can undo what has been done. Don’t let a lazy person blow you off, make sure you have the time to work against the current by going each notch higher, until your concern is addressed.

Exes and Ohs

NEVER share your password with anyone! It can backfire if you break up or the other partner is disgruntled or suspicious enough to go looking…. IF you want to show them behind the scenes messages or friendships exchanged or otherwise, just log on and show em, with guard against exposing password.

Tell us how you made out

If any option worked, or you did something differently, come back and let us know. That way, we all learn together and can share with others.


the text:

please don’t respond to this TEXT directly :: READ: https://optioneerjm.com/2019/06/03/do-a-favour-to-yourself/

I had the biopsy, it stung like getting a dental needle going in then the clack the clamps make during a papsmere (sp?) .. so I’m hoping and praying for the best, while mentally preparing for the worst.

I’ve come to terms with losing both breasts — deciding they’re starting to sag.

I hope you go for all the regular exams, even if there are more at my age. I’m lucky that I just asked my doctor about my suspicions when I did.

Living with Hypochondria most of my life, in my family, I lean towards downplaying my own health.

Rob needs me: he’s scheduled to go back in for surgery to swap out the coil in his brain, because the one there is bent or warped. Neurosurgeon said he’d be sent home the next day.

A painting fool

Art therapy rocks

I started with colouring books, about 3 years ago. In fact, I wrote about how colouring was the next big thing on http://www.blogspot.optioneerjm.com and within 6 months, they were everywhere!

It has been my salvation and then evolved into a whimsical pursuit.

Noses trip me up the most and I fuss over the eyes.

A fashionista in the painting

Creation through painting allows me to explore my inner fashionista. There are surprises along the way. Especially when I recognize someone I know appearing–symbolic renderings of people I’ve known.

I see Noelle here. A member of my Toastmasters group where I spent many Monday noon luncheons honing my public speaking skills with a team of talented folks.

Noelle went on to professional sales training: her speaking finessed in our tribe of supporters, cheerleaders supporting her adventures about to unfold.

I see a bit of Craig in Millennial Mark. Craig became a member of our group, took a turn as Treasurer when I was club President. He’s now tearing up the world speaking as a networking guru.

I don’t know who will appear when I paint. I suppose there’s a little bit of everyone lingering on the top of the brushes, waiting to emerge.

Pinterest is my virtual filing cabinet.

What started as a form of stress relief has evolved into a relaxing respite from all the things crowding my restless mind.

Spring is hopeful as blooms bud and grass needs to be cut

Remember these? Just reading the instructions served as a reminder that it’s the tiny thousands of thing we CAN DO that can impact climate change!

READ MORE: http://www.optioneerjm.com > @Wordpress >> say hello if YOU DO subscribe > sharing life as a caregiver to a brain injured man from a wife and partner. There are still many bright spots we share. Now that it’s spring, being outdoors is something we do together: a strong sign we’re not as muscled as we were before. It’s a two-man job. Just a saying and no bias intended on gender or who you love.


As we grow older, gardening becomes a 2-person affair. Otherwise, with speed and execution your aging 50-plus parents and loved ones start to slow down.

Take this bag for example.

An emblem to how my city, Calgary, is trying to lead the way. Our mayor is unique ( as first Muslim mayor in North America > need to fact check?)

I don’t even remember when we got these bags, as the purging and cleaning diva I’ve transformed into. When your kids comment on how clean your place is, you know it’s coming along.

They were in our pantry. Our green bin for composting full from clearing the flower beds and pruning lilac tree branches back ferociously to hack it back to a more reasonable shape (or not poke an eye out).

Now that we’re on our own, we don’t have our youngest hosting her entourage of friends. The need to bother with those thoughts since everyone’s left home has evaporated.

Our dog is our security system

As his need to defend and protect has escalated after Oscar found a new home with a little girl who’s six. Buddy has added responsibly since it’s back down to one pooch, less alarms of barking set off bouncing between them. That plus I’m known to give him a command to “take care of Papa” when I run to the store.

Getting out of the house means being UBERalways on 24×7 command. Rob was quieter and thought deeply before he spoke, has become his ulter ego: ME!

He’s so bossy now, his favourite repertoire is “I’ll kick some ass ….. or I’ll kick your ass if he sniffs any disagreement.

The break I get is an hour or so after I drop him off, usually early, Starbucks’ Empress Mist ….

Add a health affliction or recovery mode, decreases by at least 50 percent minimum. The surviving partner is catapulted into “Caregiver” status.

Dream big enough

Who’s to say what is right for you, other than you.

That has become more apparent as I grapple with my changed husband. One who suffered brain injury from a brain aneurysm that had ruptured, seizures as recently as just January of this year.

Every part of me celebrates that he is still here. Peculiarities and all.

In many ways, he’s the same man.

He was absent minded before, now

he’s outright forgetful.

You can be fearless when quality is your guide

Before we had a flood in our basement, I had set up a quirky studio. In the background, is my daughter’s who graduate ceremony from The University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Top of her Class, multiple Dean’s list winner. I’m a proud mother.

As long as you are committed to quality in your life

you have a natural instinct and wisdom to help navigate

social media and life online.

~ Jeannette Marshall

Stop dilly dallying and making excuses as to why you aren’t online.


Taking you back to that first day of Kindergarten, embarking on solitude

in its finest form. Innocent. No expectations.

Only fears.

Of the unknown.

Have an idea or purpose of what you want to gain by going online — I’m not talking about scrolling through your smartphone or tablet, I’m talking about sitting in front of your computer, pointing your mouse and clicking it – telling it what to do and where to go.

The worst that can happen is your travels are being recorded somehow and somewhere.

If you use a general email mail box like Hotmail (MicroSoft) or GMail (Google), etc. you’ve already agreed to let them capture your details (aka data) for no other purpose, without malicious intent, to get familiar with your likes and dislikes, where you wander most or what you do online – read, play games, read friends’ posts on a social network?

While there’s a reason to be alarmed, we have to be realistically forewarned: not relying on the media to get this sort of news — its usually too late by then.

There are malicious email attacks, corporate networks attacks, network crashes, security breaches, just at your work site alone. Many company IT grips in a way that disallows you from even being on Facebook or Twitter and the more vigilant won’t even allow you to check your personal email. If you send yourself something from this offsite email – it will be flagged, likely, and more concerned with anything going out.

When you’re surfing online, your service provider is at your mercy. As a consumer, you DO have a lot of CLOUT! Just like out on the streets, the topic of popular, positive reputations flourish and those that are lost to afflictions of destructive kinds are less known. So is your journey online.

GI GO (pronounced G.I. Joe)

Garbage in

Garbage out

The best life principle to have.

~Jeannette Marshall

I wrote the other day: to be a raving fan. Be known for your positive support as a starting point. People will remember you even better, even if they’re on your mutual followers’ lists, if you comment on something they post, or tweet, or share.

It is an elementary step in your learning.

Connect and engage: you’ve heard it I imagine quite a number of times. What that means is – reply, re-share with a comment before you re-share. It can go a long way in allowing people to remember you.

Don’t become frustrated if people you don’t follow you back.

Rate the importance of your follow: would they provide quality: learn something from, become more aware, enjoyment — then don’t worry if they don’t follow you back.

If you share something with a comment, it will likely come into their sphere. An online savvy person knows who’s buttering their bread, if they’re as smart as they portray to be, they read their stats, understand the data that all the sites give away for free. i.e. where your followers are from, whether they’re educated, own their own home, household income, even some tell you their buying habits.

Start out with a site like I’ve said before: Linked In because it is by far the least spookiest out there. Connecting with colleagues, former colleagues or classmates is the primary goal (or what else would it be). As your following increases, your name can float out who else is connected with you that mutually follows you both. That says a lot about you based on who they may be.

For those ready to panic. Don’t freak out. Unless someone is approved by you as a follower, nobody can access your information. Under settings, you can determine what public information you want to appear.

Remember this important advice: do not share your contacts list with anyone other than yourself – guard it like it were the greatest TREASURE.

You won’t be able to be recognized for quality unless you are protective of your followers because it essentially means they trust you with telling you who they are.

Don’t send a mass email with all your contacts in it.

That’s both really lazy and defeats the purpose of Linked In – TO CONNECT.

You’re not connecting if you sending group emails and have pat answers.

You’re not going to be memorable either – except in a very bad light.

Many people will automatically delete you without any forewarning if they find they are included in a group email — where the originator is disclosing your persona with others without your permission.

It’s a dumb move.

Try commenting on one of your contacts or whom you follow. It could open a door if you have an invitation to connect pending? A little blip that you are out there, ready to become memorable in the value you help others with. OR, you share a common goal: to be surrounded by talented people, joined virtually to add value to each other.


Superb insights – thank you Chris!  

Being “battle ready” indeed is an outlook one has to master, whether it be sales or looking for one’s next career step in fulfilling their dream.

I look at it as searching for my “purpose” on this earth.
Good on you that were able to blend your passion with pursuit in success combined.

There are a lot of new grads from University, my daughter for one.
The best gift I can give her is sending her this link so that she may follow you.

I had been thinking lately that there are a lot of very strong young women
coming out of the ranks.  15 years ago, I was reading how 60% of university 
enrollment were from girls — it was an article somewhere citing examples of how
under talented we Canadians are in the trades, that a carpenter or electrician can
make more than a lawyer starting out, with the ability to eventually own their own
business because the possibility exists.

I’ll have to write more, as I’m getting carried away — that’s enthusiasm for such a
talented example — a Calgarian NO LESS -> you should connect with @NaheedNenshi on all fronts (personal recommendation based on my own positive experience being connected on Linked In for quite a number of years).

READ MORE:  http://www.optioneerjm.com on @Wordpress


Jeannette has written on her blog:  Optioneerjm/blogspot.com on sales for over 10 years, has over 20,000+ valuable followers = quality over quantity evangelist

Music can heal the heart

Painting & listening to iTunes is THE BEST way to cope with anxiety.

⁦@Apple⁩ and ⁦@Google⁩ are fighting over my loyalty to then go head to head with ⁦@wordpressdotcom⁩ where I spend my time. Because my role flipped to caregiver after my husband experiences seizures in February, it froze the job search until after midnight, then I’d capitalize on my heightened creativity is in the wee hours.

I go through the motions… just very tense. Twice within the same year (2018 & 2019–Feb18-Jan19) hubby had fought for his life to survive.

I being the wise to call 9-1-1 when I felt something was seriously wrong when he sat up like The Walking Dead revisited ( I’ve not watched it at all, other than commercials).

Become a raving fan

There’s nothing between your mind and your computer keys except air.

Share your ideas

Share your likes

Share your raves

~ Jeannette Marshall



Think of it this way: your opinion only has value to yourself.

When people surf online, connected on the internet, they may be distracted on the web. They’re less likely or rarely going to their email first, unless a vague correspondence pattern puts you in anticipating mode.

People are still likely to go to a social network as the first destination after logging on. >> most in the 60+ age group have never reviewed their privacy settings since they felt the lotto after step by step with insecurity over tech-know-how.

Look, read with abandon

while you follow “the mom rule” aka would it past the mom test? As in, would you be embarrassed or ashamed or in trouble if your mom was sitting beside you and watching your monitor? If you say NO then refrain from exchanges or clicks that would meet with disproval. Moms have memory the same as an elephants with 2 years for an elephant to a mother with only 9 months to bring about your miraculous birth.

I appreciate Word Press more and more. I’m thrilled with the talented & unique creativity vibe.

I was reminding myself that support and raves are more meaningful to give and receive if you drift into each other’s sphere. That you can champion other’s talent without reprisal. I started to include links in the comment section ~ why not advertise you’re a fan? The worse that can happen is someone else following you because of that vibe.

What splendid #art ~ superb mood with aesthetically pleasing colours and tones > ESPECIALLY the mustard yellow warmth with the delicate black = #A+Mazing —if you’re on Pinterest reach out so I can follow you back and save your work to my ArtistShowcase board! BRAVO > I’m @optioneerJM > Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest > BLOGher: http://www.optioneerjm.com < @WordPress


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