Walk the walk

Lead by example. Diversity is a growing concern in most corners of the world.   Volunteering is a way of giving … More

My pic of the day

images.app.goo.gl/e3fwedrQos4DxcJm9 Incredible Merely at my fingertips, swipes, clicks, mouse, keys can unfold tremendously talented people. In this case, the creator … More

All about me

… as you get my VIBE I’m listening to my smartphone. I don’t get paid to use it or share … More

Don’t be a yellow bird

A yellow bird? You know all the bad habits, it hasn’t been packaged before: into a neatly understandable form. You’re … More

a.co/8z4emMc What great anticipation! Behind the scenes, my data is being moved in a positive, forward momentum. What I mean, … More