Do you go with the tried and true ( #Yuppy ) or do you go for the untested and youthful ( #Millennial ) ?

Much has been said that it is very difficult to get a job in your 50s The same can be said about politics. I’d like to build a case for the worker who is over 50, in particular the Yuppy. Here are some myths about folks in their 50s: . They don’t have the energy […]

It makes me laugh at the 80s antics: #TheGoldbergs @TheGoldbergs

Oscar is not always a willing participant I’ve been wondering where my crowning 80s sweater is. I bought a shadow box last spring, actually two — one I gave to my neighbour. (I hope Stewart didn’t give it to the dealer who came to pick up his vast arrowhead collection inherited by the original, his […]

What makes you tick? Sales Stardom Motivations

What I was reading, then sharing, and writing as a post on @LinkedIn :: See credit on image I’m always more productive on snow days … my best ideas get written down or typed. I’ve written some winning proposals as well. There’s something about the incentive to escape to tropical climates. To move forward, […]

” …. and those things can kill ya.” ~ my fathers voice still echoes. I agree: smoking displays and conveys poor self confidence or bending to peer pressure. That’s what it was for me: being part of the gang: a measurement of self-worth by those she spends time with or time on. COME ONNNN…. you […]