You don’t know what you know until others ask for your advice

Your knowledge doesn’t always stem from technical mumbo jumbo or education or occupation. Like I say on my Facebook profile: PhD of LIFE experience — serves as a reminder to update my Quora profile details. I gain a lot of credibility by sticking my neck out and answering questions. I ensure I share my answers […]

A painting fool

Art therapy rocks I started with colouring books, about 3 years ago. In fact, I wrote about how colouring was the next big thing on and within 6 months, they were everywhere! It has been my salvation and then evolved into a whimsical pursuit. Noses trip me up the most and I fuss over […]

Dream big enough

Who’s to say what is right for you, other than you. That has become more apparent as I grapple with my changed husband. One who suffered brain injury from a brain aneurysm that had ruptured, seizures as recently as just January of this year. Every part of me celebrates that he is still here. Peculiarities […]

Music can heal the heart

Painting & listening to iTunes is THE BEST way to cope with anxiety. ⁦@Apple⁩ and ⁦@Google⁩ are fighting over my loyalty to then go head to head with ⁦@wordpressdotcom⁩ where I spend my time. Because my role flipped to caregiver after my husband experiences seizures in February, it froze the job search until after midnight, […]

Become a raving fan

There’s nothing between your mind and your computer keys except air. Share your ideas Share your likes Share your raves ~ Jeannette Marshall @optioneerjm ______________________________________________ Think of it this way: your opinion only has value to yourself. When people surf online, connected on the internet, they may be distracted on the web. They’re less likely […]

Slideshare is one of the greatest FREE online tools

It doesn’t matter …. if you’re sketching an outline that is a snapshot of the direction of what you’re beginning, think multiple ideas, art, home business, service, consultancy or whatever entrepreneurialism you’re about to embark on, you should be on Linked In by now, which many of my followers are from, they acquired an innovative […]