Many inventors or innovators have the same mentality:: Build it and they will come is today’s dilemma. In my opinion, the best are the ones that build it with the end user in mind, who have done their homework, strove painstakingly to deliver on a vision that very few could see at the start. Grit, […]

Living a nightmare or going through ELLEN withdrawal?

A Tweet asking: Where’s the ⁦@TheEllenShow⁩ ?? READ: #OscarThePug can’t calm until she’s [Ellen ] in the TV but my brain injured husband is flipping thru ALL the channels!! Please help me Ellen !! *^*jm @EllenShowVideo⁩ When you realize you are paralleled at the same point as your mother was, different story, different circumstances that […]

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to enhance your own tribe.

The following was my response to a comment on YUPPYdom as with @WordPress What a great rush! > YUPPYspeak from the 1980s If you want to know more about your YUPPY boss, employee, parent, whatever! You would be smart to binge watch the following: SUBTEXT: >When we were teenagers, 15-18 age group, the year […]

Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on 2 April 2019 – Google+ Help

Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on 2 April 2019 – Google+ Help — Read on This is the biggest non story in Canada:: I posted on LinkedIn to both teleco CEOs Darren Entwistle @Telus and Joe Nattalia @RogersCommunications on LinkedIN and across several platforms:: There is a BIG reason Google is […]

The Optioneer JM

The Optioneer JM — Read on What will happen to my Blogspot blogs @optioneerJM meanderingsABOUT and a few smaller blogs all under the arm of my Google profile on optioneerJM+ ALPHABET is the largest corporation in the world, which GOOGLE follows under. I’ve published also, the Idemnify clause where they are attempting to disclose […]

Be a good citizen online, whistle blower or reporter Another example of why you may take baby steps into the online social media. The quest for knowledge is limitless as are the number of those who fall into a trap Do you believe everything you read? Or, do you consider the source, the relevance, with crystal clear vision?