Linked In is a must to create an online identity

LinkedIn provides value for those willing to leverage its machines, algorithms and intelligence. WOW 43 birthday wishes from my LinkedIn tribe! Thank YOU! Linked In is certainly leveraging its technology and gathering intelligence with its active members—providing value and making it easier to use. I think it is wise to do the dance with LI’s […]

Building trust

5 weeks after Cary, my baby brother’s passing, his orphan best friend — SOLO — is still working on trust. My oldest brother, wife Leanne, and “cat whisperer niece, Danielle, adopted Solo during our sorting and emptying his home, a rental unite with a busy street east at the T-Intersection of a unique corner of […]

One message at a time on Linked In

Most people will forage into social media or social networking with a lead in with Linked In, and Ill tell you why that’s a good thing: You sign up with your professional, primary account. That translate to being behind your company or organization or government or educational or institutional infrastructure– that means safety, security, firewalls […]

A brave new world, 2019 style

images 720×1,080 pixels — Read on This film came out in 1982 when I’d graduated from college BA and was about to be married for the first time … strange since the first time I’m watching is 2019: the year that movie was based on, right now. Stranger even more with what’s going on […]

The story behind the iconic image of the Sudanese woman

Videos and photos of a striking woman leading a group of protesters in Sudan has gone viral on social media. But what is it about this image that makes it so powerful and symbolic? — Read on Sharing stories that move you shows your empathetic person. Women show and share empathy automatically and readily. […]