A CEO must be THE best version of themselves

The updated version of today’s CEO … writing more on #CalgaryBlogger at http://www.optioneerjm.com on WordPress < doing Facebook from my iPad sucks! It doesn’t automatically link when you type with www . com > THAT @Microsoft is impressively intuitively improving its force quietly. I’m not surprised Bill Gates is becoming even more legendary successful dominance in technology. Constantly being of the social UNIVERSE: giving back and paying it forward. Leading by example that it is POSSIBLE to be the BEST version of himself AND help the world be a better place. 1000% control of his personal brand, for example what he’s reading…I’ve followed on Linked In for 12 years now…

Here is my opinion on what your CEO is doing:

A CEO is the frontman of every great band.

…. to be continued …..

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