You can’t blow a spark plug out

I kept a file on my computer to store some of the creations I came up with using photos that I grabbed by doing a Google Search – if they were copyrighted, I didn’t (usually the photographer has an ugly copyright shadow.

Sometimes you lose sight of who you are. It happens to the best of us to the most of us in one shape, size or another.

Lately, I’ve been using this blog to communicate my frustrations subliminally or outrageous, depending on perception and point of view.

Without the audience knowing, I was sending a message, digging for a reaction.

Hmmmm, I wonder which daughter of mine reads my blog religiously, faithfully. It is probably the same one, whom I had asked a question on, which is forever an unfortunate legacy: “How do you get your Millennial 20 y/o stepdaughter to move out?” –. same gal viewed and read the question and the responses, not likely knowing that I had some knowledge on who’d viewed it. I don’t even remember much else. Except horror.

Imagine, being the living proof of the Evil Stepmother in person!

Wait, I’m going to Quora right now (11.19.19) to see if I can find it….

MEANWHILE …. anyways ……….

I snipped this when I had updated my TWITTER profile feed @optioneerjm
It may have been 2018 >> I tend to write more, the more angst I may be coping with. And paint. It started with the coloring books rage I predicted back a year before it was in Canada’s largest retail bookstore > formerly my beloved Chapters got gobbled up by > I took and posted a picture to see it with the prediction about 10 months later _ on my blogspot/ blog

This is my most favorite cat image of all time! I go all ape sometimes I guess?

In a positive way – being a spark plug conjures something that incites action. A car can’t move forward or able to turn on without a spark plug (unless I’m mistaken and you’d like to correct me in comments — BIG THANKS).

Jeannette Marshall

@optioneerjm Brand Owner + Social Enthusiast
Social Media early adopter follower & Tribe Member
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I’m the sort of person that creates a reaction …..

Unfortunately, not always positive.

This is soooooo me~in fact, I should be Marilyn Monroe again for Halloween this year!

“Either you love me or you despise me, good grief, if you hate me!”

Indifference doesn’t work with me.

That’s probably what made me a spark plug.

Working hard to get people to like me.

Sometimes it worked tremendously, as in I have had lifelong friends, one whom started College with me at SAIT in 1979. That was 40 years ago. Yes, you can do the math. I went to her hometown to share Thanksgiving with her family while we were pursuing our dreams. Maybe, a little differently. Doing the dance. Switching paths: from girlhood to education mode to career highs .. and lows bouncing to motherhood, then almost sainthood with successfully balancing a successful career, while being a wife and a mother and a friend. She exemplifies empathy and she shows it with grace. 40 years ago, I rebuffed her. It was not intentionally. I moved from sitting beside her to the front of the class, closest to the door -> which, to this day, that is usually where I’m stationed during training or conventioning or meetings !! What a spark plug?

I can see it now. How it looked. In her eyes.

To have been given the honor to retain a loyal friendship for the past 40 years.

During highs and lows, lots of boosts and hey ho! Forward …. march!

If you think of Napoleon or Hitler as the same type cast: below average in height, heads high as if to compensate, somewhat crazy, violent yes, but hell no to me ~ my first husband called me “Bobcat” when we first started dating. Maybe if he’d remember’d that instead of fooling around with someone from work.

Okay, explosive?

Perhaps a spark plug in the non verbal, blog kind.

In any and all cases I was an instigator, or what I would like to delicately put it, a SPARK PLUG.

I would say that I got along really well with all of my bosses.

Mostly men, and mostly executives.

Depending upon the personality of that executive, you could predict the reaction.

The chemical reaction being out the door.

I would take 10 unscrupulous cranksters gangsters to one female boss any time of the day, any of the years. Except Virginia. Then again, she was an executive. She was an advocate. It was the highpoint of my career thus far.

I don’t manage women well.

Well, I have been known to motivate a few and retain ever-lasting loyalty.

Women managers or supervisors are hopeless barracuda who eat their young. (REF: “Barracuda” by HEART > one of my favorite go-to songs in the late 1970s, when I was a teenager living in paradise.

Another earlier image and caption I created to post on Twitter as @optioneerjm after I created a second blog called “MEANDERINGSabout” – which I had thought at the time that I would have been able to embed a link to my blog in the image – that was 2010 – social media was still outer space and anyone on there, aliens; where, having a goal to being able to work from home, blog, so I wouldn’t have to have a “real job”. Creating was my passion, which ignited the spark plug.

Creating something lovely, with a quip or a quote with my Twitter handle became my standard.

Writing a blog, is sometimes an event.

You are exhuming thought and toxic behavior.

Analyzing yourself, then putting others to higher standards.

Yes, MOM. To answer her question she asked me over a week ago:

Where has your confidence gone?

What are you doing?

She’s laid off the: Why aren’t you going to Al Anon?

The same reason my one daughter isn’t communicating with me.

Maybe being a spark plug

becomes harder for other to bare.

You place your own high standards on others,

while not always being so.

A hypocrite of sorts?

That’s an heard of, if not rarely heard word: Hypocrite

Jeannette Marshall
@optioneerjm Brand Owner + Social Enthusiast
Social Media early adopter follower & Tribe Member
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An example of how Quora is distinguishing itself.

They’ve been waltzing with its membership since I started back in 2010, I believe. Between jobs, looking on the computer for jobs, as the new way to go. Just before I started working for HP.

Most people that know me, or think they do, may recognize the emerging habit of people sharing articles and sprinkling with a narrative which seems to be the way people can be swayed.

Anecdotal opinions is how it all gets started.

That is, for most people I’ve networked with online.

We all know who each other are, there’s this huge amount of space involved online, where there are few that are simply brand names or known early adopters of social media.

Twitter had tried to do the dance with some.

I’m not sure if it was ineffective Project Management or uncooperativeness to protect knowledge it doesn’t interact well within their oiled technological machines.

Probably both.

Twitter fueled my audience early on.

I met and interacted with strong connections met from a global standpoint on LinkedIN which, thoughtfully or as COpetitors connected with respected folks back then.

All it began with were an ID, which I decided to do, instead of my name.

A spark plug of sorts.

Predictive of the importance of reading, watching and absorbing numbers.

Like rocket fuel.

Released into the stratosphere with some knowledge from those seeking wisdom.

Wisdom is Godliness.

Did anyone say that?

Feel free to comment below. If you know. Or whatever.

After skipping more than 40 days on Quora, at least, these were the NOTIFICATIONS sitting in my screen’s view. Ignite spark plug: do what you know what to do. People are more receptive, using Quora enables establishing credibility. ONLY YOU should answer the questions. Share your knowledge, for free. Giving back, paying forward or just standing in reflection, appreciate the wisdom you have earned, with lots of sweat and tears, sharing it for others to learn from.

To succeed online, you have to have the ability to appeal. To a variety of people.

Fickle, moody, insincere.

Nervous, lonely, bored.

Wanting to bury memories

that TV or VIDEOS or BOOKS

could ignore.

That’s your tribe.


Some may have fast whit – react with words or image or GIF on the fly.

That’s the energy you need online.

It has nothing to do with age or intellect or financial station.

Famous or unknown.

Struggling or successful.

Hidden or transforming.

Into opinions, dabbling with expression

cognitive of corporate responsibility:

include “opinions OWN/OWN opinions”.

Be fearful of saying anything bad about a boss or employer.

Never admit that you were left with uneasiness after a male supervised you sexually harrassed you, using you as a the brunt of a sexual innuendo referencing HH in distasteful manner. Setting the example to very impressionable staffmembers or sharing chuckles with colleagues, it should be expected to be protected.

A spark plug could be your worst nightmare:

Keeping within the theme of the impending Hallow’s Even in about 10 days.

Or, having to vote.

This is the first time in years that I am demotivated to vote.

The HH has our voter cards sitting on the kitchen table and got all excited that the polls open at 7:30 a.m. > another symptom of being primary caregiver for my brain injured spouse, he looks for reasons every day to get me out of bed early.

I’m in rebellion mode or what?

Or, am I just another pissed off senior woman (gosh, already at 58?)?

Or, what the M-generation = Millennial era offspring call “Grandma/pa”

Just vent when I’m ready to blow.

Instead, I blog it here.

Trying to take the wind out of my sails. Per se.

An open book

a kookoo

a kiniseology (SP: ? _ please comment if you know the spelling!) form

A den mother who’s cubs are all on their own, forming their own lives.

Bear cubs don’t visit their mothers in the wild, why would anyone expect anything differently?

That’s when someone scrolls to comment that I need help.

I am getting help. Writing is part of the therapy, as so is the art.

I’m not beaten up.

Just disappointed I didn’t get the dream job a couple of weeks ago.

Taking to heart, that something better would be around the corner.

The spark sputtering and flash slowing.

The plug is not ignited.

That never lasts long.

I don’t get mad, I embarrass.

I’ve been perfecting that for years.

So the spunk can return….

to ignite the spark plug.

You have the control to be known for owning your opinions. And then circulate where those opinions matter. Create philophical thought by asking an inciteful question that attracts an intellectual audience on QUORA is the way I recommend it. It has no gender, age, color, religion, education STAMP – unless what you put in your profile represents you. Who is your brand? I went all in with @optioneerjm 12 years ago. All because there were already a number of Jeannette Marshalls out there already. Just Jeannette was a porn site.
I tried setting up a website with GODADDY for but notoriously procrastinated. I am proactively motivated in my career while disastrously delayed in my personal life.
I’d make a perfect Executive Assistant: I am polished and professional. You would guide me as to how I would express opinions. I understand tact and embrace grammar.

Comments are valued

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