Get to the epicentre of social media: TRUST

I can tell when I haven’t been online for a while. A symptom of withdrawal, certainly.

I can be reflective and trying to gain wisdom by surpassing knowledge.

Besides what my CV says, I’ve been dabbling with social media for 12+ years, learning constantly, applying hunches, and circulating around early adopters of social media, evolving my reputation: of trust with leaders from affiliations online.

A respect and trust that is earned. An advisor, navigator of social media nuances and shared by writing a blog on WordPress for other Yuppy women facing their career demise.

I try to give more than I get by sharing on Twitter and Facebook as @optioneerjm

An idea jumped out at me. The knowledge I’ve gained may help others.

Making the formidable permit-able. Taking steps to manage one’s online reputation shouldn’t be forbidden to protect a view to disprove narcissistic behaviour by categorically stereotyping something that you don’t know. Be certain. A pro.

The least you can have is an opinion.

What are you an advocate of?

What is your secret mission?

To help others. Feed the poor. Bring education forward. Claim something. Solve a puzzle or ……

If you want to be known for your wisdom, gain knowledge first.

If you want to be known to be trustworthy, you to personally take responsibility for your online reputation.

Borders blur and evaporate. There are none on social media.

The web you cast are your likes, thumbs up, loves, comments, clicks, follow thru clicks then funneled down into demographic silos of age, education, economics, knowledge or reputation.


Acknowledge, thank, comment when others tag you, especially (and dare say only when) someone quotes you, tags you, heck, your company even. Thank you is easy.

Saying thank you is easy.

Being able to be trustworthy,

a miracle.

Jeannette Marshall @optineerjm

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