Try an online Twitter chat and go for a ride

Paint with moi = color, illustrate or fashionista stamp of attitude & tune in with me every Thursday 15:00 | 3-5 pm drive home MST / 5-7 pm EST #Toronto #NewYork to chat or exchange tunes or give/need #mentalhealth support ADD ur ID w photo as ur stamp of authenticity or #color – tag me with it when you intro self while using #tuneINthursday you use to send out to a select crew who also click on that hashtag [ = # ] to try a live online chat on Twitter or Instagram… a great way to expand followers with same interests and values

You don’t have to type/say/communicate anything if you’re just clicking and scrolling along Twitter or Instagram, you can stay in the background and just read.

In fact, you can mute someone long before you have to block em. You’ll avoid an argument if your opinions don’t align.

Just try it.

Be curious.

See what all the fuss is about.

You can’t have an opinion unless you’re wholeheartedly giving it a chance.

How many people can you carry on communications conversations between mobile texting and talking with voice and audio? I’d say not well and more often rude: both routes require brain power.

When you communicate you need 100% commitment to listening to the other’s point of view. Everyone needs a safe haven to be themselves without fear of reprisals or scoffs at their opinion.

There is no right or wrong with opinions.

Everyone has facts and some more often don’t fact check.

If you’re lazy in life, you’re depressed, demotivated dissatisfied.

Only you can change you. In the meantime just start being the best version of yourself.

_______Jeannette Marshall


Why not jump on in?

I’m encouraging you to use an image, suggesting you color it: send out a Tweet or Instagram post tagging @optioneerjm so I’ll know.

Maybe someone will help a movement to extend good vibes, a community of enrichment for ourselves and others.

Art therapy saved me

Maybe it will help others.

You can print the image off a printer and color in with pencil crayons. Scan it and plop into your profile photo to communicate that you give/receive #mentalhealth support.

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