Train your inner curiosity to be expansive online

You could uncover untapped talent that you don’t recognize within yourself, where you’re drawn by curiosity towards adventure and discovery online.

If you want to authenticate someone, you can follow the lead by doing a search online and see what appears.

You’d think there would be few named “Jeannette Marshall” yet there are a number of them: academia significant in the UK for one.

Search for “optioneerJM” and there is only one.

Like you, I am unique and one of a kind. With me, the difference widens when I adopted social media 12 years ago.

Back then, social media had a poor reputation as risk intense, a time waster when employees should be working and being paid to work, and mostly used by bottom feeders > dark net tech.

The hidden advantage wasn’t known yet: no more borders or order to who or what was popular.

Going viral was invented by marketing gimmicks that spooled clicks like ticker tape machines counting more than half a century ago

Tricking people into thinking something is sweet when it was perfectly project managed and choreographed to draw heart strings which, in turns, making people want to share.

Imagine this scenario: a group of guys start to rumble and be creatively insightful while smoking weed:

You can separate fake news if you’re curious.

Check this link ^ out if you have dreams of working from a beach chair or cafe in Europe > worth trying. Definitely worth learning more.

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