What is “clickbait” ?

In the world of digital disruption, this is a term you should familiarize yourself with:

CLICKBAIT is what it all means: influence, clickable, shareable STUFF!

“get ahead of the trends by watching the numbers flow; what emerges is a splendor of the algorithms speaking to you personally: telling you where to go, what you may like to read, based on what you say on any social media, wherever, by words or image. — Those fun drunk or stoned parties in front of the fireplace were hip for Millennials back in high school — Now, they’re a reminder that what you post can be your legacy. Foolish youth or not.

However disciplined you are in real life: your alter ego can pop out like Satan and tempt you to get wrapped up in or go places that would be considered sinful or bad by the majority of people.

Be even more DISCIPLINED online.

It is your future, which may be derailed by your past.

The past should be handwritten, forgiven, folded up and tucked away.

On social media: by post, by comment, by article, by image, by who likes it or who clicks on it :: REAL INFLUENCE is “clickbait”

CLICKBAIT is where whatever you post, people trust it, want to read it, want to look at it, or see something more AND THEN click on it.

YOUR immediate value is determined by the numbers.
Algorithms take the assembled data in all its forms and translates it into usable data that can predict outcomes.

Whoever can entirely encapsulate that entire life-cycle into information that can influence the target audience or demographic in order to get the desired outcome. A revenue bite.

Getting the best results with the least amount of effort
translates into even more profit.

Sprinkle in Artificial Intelligence, which I also call Automated Internet: those pesky bots that have just started to erupt under the cloud of controversy.

That AI could be making millions upon ga-zillions of dollars if influencers (those with click bait power) who support the numbers as to having the best tribe, communicated by what is clicked, who is clicking it, and what do they do? Get sidetracked to read a new article? Scroll through to see what comments say, who is saying it and then being sidetracked by when their Linked In profile appears.

You cannot be on my Linked In list if you try to sell me something.
That is called “SPAM”.

Clickbait pros know that you avoid anything that sounds or looks promotional or self-promotional.

Symptoms of clickbait potential is empathy.

If you just scroll and pass on by, you are missing opportunity.
If you are afraid of clicking on something or going somewhere, you won’t be able to satisfy your curiousity.

The curious become the most powerful.

They are never associated with “Fake News” because they are immaculate with fact-checking while simultaneously accountable for any mistakes, while holding others up to the same standards.

If someone crosses the line to porn or erotica, they will be shimmied off my friends list.

UN-CLUBBED is the disaster of our day!
Where one’s reputation falls so rapidly there is no time for damage control.

DE-spite is the action of the day!
Those who spew radical or rants from their point of view.
Spiteful in causing hurt to anyone or anything who disagrees.
Who communicate that only their opinion is what counts.
Intimidation by communicating power from either fabricating an idea before it has taken place, predicting outcomes that they can influence.
The are the spoils of CLICK-BAIT.
People click on controversy, crime, communications in all its forms – from social media to books, to videos, to music.
The algorithms are churning.
The sites amassing the volumes of data expounded from algorithms.
Imagine the struggle to prioritize the most likely for success.
Success meaning the fulfilling of dreams.

Send me a Tweet or tag moi in an Instagram post so I can share it and sprinkle some fun in the socialverse. Use anyone of the images shared when you do. A testament to my aesthetic task and eye. A way to try merging with creative appeal and great reaction, clickbait on your own, or just trying it. Check the numbers and do a screen-captured snippet. This will track your numbers before you start out. Then review them weekly, monthly and you’ll start clicking on the world of information at your disposal.

Imagine these words embedded onto a startling image?

How much further they would go.

An example of transforming into CLICKBAIT.

Have no idea where I got this from – before I started saving images, art or photography named as the artist in my files so I can always remember to give credit, reach out to gain permission, Ive never had anyone decline likely because I took the time to ask for permission. It usually resulted in following each other on social media because of the positive, professional exchange. Turning into advocates and cheerleaders for each other. Loyally who share their information as a nod to the association. The case in point, however, is that the image will attract attention. I like to use the image that underscores and highlights the quote to be embedded, creating a mood.

Sharing or clicking really are the same.

The number hops into the data bin.

The algorithms, churn out usable information from the data sorted into silos.

In order to make money. Some of the platforms try to sell the data.

Remember FACEBOOK shame for profiting off of their users data?

It broke a lot of trust.

I joined others in disconnecting from Facebook personal profiles and remain with my transparent social media one.

HONESTY is your most valuable asset online.

Tricked you into thinking that I’d use the first quote in the image?

You see the point?

The subliminal message I want to convey: that behind every honest person are many piranhas.

What others may think: if they don’t watch out, there are piranhas swimming around online: honesty being the only protection they have.

Then again, you can change the perception simply by changing the background.

What Algorithms do is decide who the first one would appeal to, encourage to click and share? Then, they seek out who those folks are.

Alternatively, if they notice one of their members getting an extraordinary number of clicks, decide maybe the second one would appeal to them, so you create, tag and post (click+enter).

Or, maybe a member has a great number of talented crew.

They may perform acrobatics showing them which story, image to show.

A guiding light of sorts.

CLICK BAIT: know it.

Share if you agree and tag me @optioneerjm

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