In person is 1000 times better than anything

A text is 100 times more likely responded to.

Unless you’re my sister. She shuts out any communications, your best bet in person because she doesn’t respond to FaceTime for weeks, if ever. I texted her urgently Friday, and just moments ago responded saying she just saw it.

I thought it was unacceptable. Especially because she’s become my 84 y/o mother’s Caregiver.

I wrote Cathy in response to her text : Tweetie bird is flying in Tuesday for at least four months on assignment for her legal firm – one I know is THE BEST from legal being my sales territory at Xerox, back in the day.

My first attempt with click-bait.

I had my dream job flicker in front of me last Monday, the week before, three interviews and a few prescreens. I have another in person interview tomorrow or Tuesday. An indication of apathy.

Apathy is the opposite of empathy. Empathy attracts 1000s more clicks.

People want to feel.

They want to feel what is important.

My guess the algorithms pump out information: the types of jobs I should apply to based on my skills, then monitoring of clicks and from whom, where, when and the types of jobs they’re for.

Ziprecruiter is the most formidable.

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