There’s only one family that matters on an #UNmothersDay

Welcome to my home …. whew, downsizing is really tough, by two collectors joined in matrimony, with genuine love radiating we two.


@optioneerjm INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

OPTIONEERJM as a brand for Jeannette Marshall

CAREGIVER for my brain injured husband {from a major event: a brain aneurysm in Feb 2018} that was 20 months ago today > Sept 28 * 2019

I like to create little corners of my universe that are conduits for the imagination. It is the little things that matter most. In this case, I got the clock radio from the master bedroom to here so I could listen to classic music of the 70s and 80s when I was in my teens and twenties on a station here in Calgary, I think it is FM 103.

That serves as a reminder to get it via iHeart Radio on my smartphone and tablet (I would reveal if compensated for it).

I keep moving things around in my house. Driving HH crazy with the scraping and bump sounds.

Now, those folks who think I’m teetering on flipping the lid. I’m harmless. Really.

When I’m afflicted by anxiety, which is symptomatically linked by a melt down. Ranting by writing.

Well, I’m more ironic. Seeing the irony in so many things.

Perhaps organizing and purging my home of 25 years of memories. Like the story is unfinished between us, the flooring was started before the medical affliction.

Why isn’t there an organization to help folks go through. My mom’s much smarter. I don’t think she’s been in her a condo a week and she’s already had a trip to the hospital and my brother-in-law is handed requests (it isn’t enough he has to satisfy his wife, my sister, and her daughter). Karma is a bitch when you don’t practice the golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated yourself > everyone needs a shake at some point.

There’s a lot of sentimental treasures in this photo. As I’ve been moving things to sell off, sometimes I discover a way of showcasing creatively, saving the sell off or charitable donation.

This is where I usually drink my morning coffee. The TV is astride me so HH and I can have a chat. He forgets everything mostly, so I can usually suggest we’ve agreed to what we’re going to do. I guess there is a payoff for being the Caregiver.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish this horse. I fixed the ears with tape (I could disclose brand after compensation and insert into blog content). I glued the belly to a metal candle stand that is by far more balanced than before I saved it from HH throwing it out.

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