Put social media on your “to do” list to consolidate ALL your communications under one umbrella

Dear lady with the stylish fashionista vibe: on my “to do” for tomorrow 1) Find mate to this gorgeous boot > who attended our garage sale this past weekend, stopping by to visit her daughter who’d just moved in two houses east of us

United again update.

After a sticky note on the door Tuesday that I’d found the mate for her mother who I knew REALLY wanted the pair.

I walked up again, rang the doorbell again. Hearing voices, unimagined, audibly, I knew I was being ignored.

Went back again specifically at 6:30 pm.

The witching hour for old bitches.

You wouldn’t want to confront them by two hours later. Because she’s probably couch-locked and stoned, seldom one without the other.

Speaking of bitches or witches,

October is just around the corner,

speaking of which is filled with pumpkins

and all about Thanksgiving.

The Fall is upon us, in rich soil

and colourful surrender to

the chill in winter.

Among the splendour,

we flee indoors,

cocooning with our significant other.

The one soul mate you’ll share silence

and cohabitation in companionship bliss.

Where trust trumps loyalty,

by a hair’s breath.

Settling in compatible and love filled atmosphere.

The best version of ourselves God has allowed us to be.

yeah, we’ve had struggles but we’re rich in love and true equal mates.

THE FALL with the brilliant portrayal by @GillianAnderson

I highly recommend you choose this British series.

Available on Netflix.


WHERE Fifty Shades a Hundred Times MORE reign

The chilling detective thriller

Distinctively sophisticated

There is a nod to the audience raves by the intellectual audience it attracted … so I’m guessing, they were given more money from Netflix to launch another episode!

Finally and thankfully.

It’s giving us warm compatibility reminders

For better or worse, sick time in health

That’s why you get married and find bliss

You just practice the golden rule

As in treat others as you would wish the same

without prejudice or bias.

Be a WO~man of worth

Be WHO you say you are

Be known for your knowledge:

Knowledge sharing defines your self worth.

Being known for your word or your words,

Make people curious about you

Understanding how fleeting anything can be.

Hope that you could inspire one who needs it most.

Therein lies any reward.

There’s mutual respect and admiration.

Sharing a positive vibe celebrating support.

We’ve got to part with treasures to downsize

and our 1964-65 Ford Ranchero – the nostalgic car – that most people relate to, regardless of age.

It got more views than my bucket of purses.

Which basically is all what we sold.

Hallelujah to shopaholic purse ogre

we raised over $300 with less barter and better negotiating

Lots of support among the membership at Kijiji… a very cool discovery: a gem where people give tips

We’ve followed up with an ad on @KijijjiCanada just today.

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