The struggle of a Yuppy couple downsizing

Overwhelmed at times … we’re having a garage sale this weekend : purses + shoes — what do you expect from a fashionista and former shopaholic

You can tell how dumb some women are when it comes to brand names.

A fashionista knows the value of much of the bags, clutches, evening bags costs.

A 1950s manual typewriter is a steal for $50.

A kind daughter and father got an antique clock for $100.

Tomorrow we’ll be more price conscious and folks more realistic if they don’t know antique pricing, don’t try to give “dumb ass offers”.

Fed up and ranting?


Exuding an opinionated atmosphere.

We’re voting in a month in Canada and I’ve yet to meet my MP officially nor any party leader.

Did you know that over 25% of our workforce is retiring yet instead of Caregiver benefits, we focus on immigration. I get that it’s a tax grab Justin, when you import workers, entrepreneurs, academics GOING FORWARD you are leaving 25% off the table and ignored. The parents and grandparents of the Millennial hipsters starting to get married, have children or committed relationship are falling ill, not even authentically seniors yet stuffed between the Baby Boomers and Millennial bazillions.

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