Know who matters : defined by uniquely your point of view or voice

I say po-TA-toe

you say poh-TAT-owe

I sent you birthday wishes and thought of you lots lately …

Hope you have a nice time celebrating Gerard’s birthday … I’m sure Mom enjoyed having your family around and training Tia II

FYI we’re having a garage sale … some awesome purses still left. Haven’t started on my jewelry yet…. please spread it around if you will ….

Michael Korrs light golden hue for GLAM Halloween costume (I’ll sell a size 12-14 longish lower calf short sleeve glitz dress to match+do your makeup and pick your wig

would you consider bringing Mom down for a Thanksgiving Pot Luck like we’ve had while Rob was in the family and between Christmas and New Year’s 2019 … please extend invitation to your kids and their families … once we have RSP and know numbers, will send out menu options to volunteer to bring (precooked if warm dish)

Also posted on Kijiji

Note: Kijiji has the most POLITE and GOOD FAITH BUYERS and SELLERS.

That’s a fact.

In fact, I should have screen-captured the catty bullies from Facebook Marketplace: mocking a posting and posting sarcastic comments.

There’s an irony because my Facebook friends and optioneerJM Page host my most engaged readers.

Those generic clicks to my blog.

Blogspot has the most kick ass graphic layout for your blogs identity.

Parent Google gives great insights and stats, even as far as whether robots can find you.

I still seem to keep my chips in on Google.

I think they’ve set their sights on being the technology of this era for progressing search results, ahead of the curve.

If Google had bought Instagram to carry over its memberships with a picturesque layout complimentary to stunning graphics.

Imagine how much bigger they’d be

How much better positioned they’d be in.

To stave off Amazon

who’s staying marginally

ahead of whoever’s next.

That’s okay, they missed the boat.


  1. I read a couple of these posts and I am worried for your mental health. these sound like the ramblings of someone who is not well.
    im not sure what your obsession with millenials and yuppys but every blog i have read is extremely confusing and majority of them do not make sense.
    consider taking some time off of your computer or phone

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