Today was a really good day

My faux pas this week?

I did a YELP review for the wrong company.

I came back to grab the verbiage to copy

and then paste on GOOGLE reviews,

the lovely lady thought that was the only

place that works, because, of course, she has

probably only had a few. And they were on

GOOGLE. So I can see her point.

EXCEPT it appears I’ve developed a following

on YELP because people say to me, that they

like my reviews.

I will fix this and admit my error to the

wonderful business owner.

She’s a lady with an amazing story.

Maybe she’ll let me tell it some day.

Feeling empowered or the master or mistress of your own destiny has a great vibe.

It’s all about making choices.

More importantly, when you make your own choices anxiety dissipates and disappears.

Once you decide that you are old enough, wise enough, experienced enough to make your own decisions, then you are 150% accountable for them.

If you ask someone’s opinion, it doesn’t mean you are asking for advice or being told what to do.

When you ask for advice, there is safety, trust, loyalty … you know that only your best interests are at heart.

We can sometimes get tripped up over the differences.

There are people whom we value their opinion. It isn’t personalized association, just an honest stance on a point of view.

There are people whom we want respect from. That casts a large net among family, loved ones, siblings, children, parents, relatives, bosses, coworkers, clients, customers, colleagues, leadership.

We need to stand out.

There are enough of those who will go with the status quo.

The tide of popular opinion sways the public perception, and so the story goes.

Most people, I can only imagine, are POLITIC’d and ELECTION’d to exhaustion, and tuned out.

The constant theatrics, dramas, corruption unfolds online it is no longer an escape, but a means to gain information, gather opinions, and test theories.

Leaving the hi-jinx acrobatics of the mainstream, traditional media.

Plugged in by the dog and pony show of the advertising agency universe.

In fact, once you look past the trimming and period nods, “MAD MEN” could be any day today.

The way things stay the same.

Women are the supporting role.

Men are the charming spell casters and story weavers, mesmerizing the clients with a waltz of the most romantic, classical kind.

There is no corruption, cheating, bullying, violence, threats or any kind of bad behavior. No stories of bad boy antics easily mocked away by “locker room boy banter”. No, only the most noble of noblemen are the leaders of today, tomorrow and what has been.

No sexual harassment allegation anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

The best among the best.

No intimidation tactics or fear tempering among the rank and file allowed.

Supervisors, managers, leadership or executive label ending with “O”.

Upheld to only the highest standards and harshest penalties to those who stray.

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