I’m an ole relic

I’m an old relic.

To anyone twentyfold or less.

Born in the 60s, with madness being recycled again.

Before we finished elementary or primary school, we had continuous drills with clanging bells with a safety message speaker from the Principal’s office.

I can’t say whether teachers even knew when it would be or whether there’d be one that day, never mind anything posted on a Bulletin Board.

Teachers were suspicious of anything out of sync with one of their pupils.

There were school Counsellors who were permanently assigned to a school every single day. Belonging to the home team: the school and children and parents.

I don’t ever remember having a School Nurse at any school I went to.

My Mom was Herre Docteur, clinician and Chief child welfare.

I could go to college, it was more of a matter what would I do rather than whether I could. If I had aspirations I just had to communicate my choice.

My 84 young mom says to this day: why she didn’t encourage me to go to law school?

It was more a statement of the day: girls went to school to be an excellent secretary, a teacher or nurse. Not the lawyer or doctor or psychologist. Those were what academic men would be guided to pursue. Sales was an honourable occupation as were clergy, pastors or priests.

What’s wrong with these descriptions? It isn’t what school means today.

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