You have an opinion? Comment at will

The purest form of “engagement” is when you respond to someone online personally.

You have an “engagement” online where there is an exchange between two entities online. It doesn’t matter if it is brand-to-brand or person-to-person.

Yes, there are “BOTS” and “AI” behind the keyboard.

You will stand out when you start to comment.

If people diplomatically agree together that they like your answer, the switch will go up.

By commenting or engaging with others, there is a distinct reaction by humans that is uniquely different in BOTS and AI, they do have opinions. Whereas, BOTS and AI is projected to respond within certain parameters which is based on algorithms.

Algorithm dictates averages. What would the average 50-something or 20-something react to certain situations, styles, taste in music?

The data that is accumulated in the cloud, funnels down into demographically skewed silos. Based on age, income, marital status, education, nationality, locale, career, security evolves into demographic movements as people or kids age.

Psychographics predicts the most likely narrows those demographic silos by certain actions, sentiments, wants, needs, likelihood to succeed, likelihood to build wealth.

You want to start early in that engagement. That’s why you need to differentiate yourself from a BOT or AI mechanism now.

Be authentic and true to yourself. Lend your opinion or offer your wisdom — it matters not which.

You are stamping your digital footprint firmly in the wireless universe that you are a credible person who tries to add value for others in whatever unique way.

Sit back, read, click, swipe, or minimize to your hearts content.

Better yet, start with saying thank you if anyone “hearts” or “likes” your post. Make it a habit to reply in the comments section.

As you get more confident or comfortable, you will start to enhance it with your unique personality to leave a lasting impression.


Curiosity is an emotion that BOTS or AI can’t have. The best they can do is acknowledge and respond to the technology to try to make it seem human.

If someone directly likes something, shares something, or is brave enough to comment intelligently, without any ranting, others that are human, not BOTS or AI, become CURIOUS.

When you create CURIOSITY online, it means you create clicks.

Influence is dissolved, meaningless and worthless because it has been overused and abused. Anyone who writes that they are an INFLUENCEr is lying.

Limericks and linguistics would say that to influence means you cause others to act upon your recommendations or demands.

It’s in the numbers.

It is not in the amount of followers.

It is whether others are inspired to comment, click or reply …. sharing the ultimate goal to create a viral sensation.

Viral sensations are a fluke. Many try to trick or do magic to ignite a explosive response.

The basics are what I was taught: you reap what you sow.

If you only rant, spam or otherwise be disengaged, the quality of the attention may deteriorate. More often a blip in the scheme of things, nothing enduring that is for sure.

If you comment with the right people for YOU, a sign will be that feeling of belonging, part of a tribe. From others you can learn from and respect the wisdom that they show.

By commenting casually, you begin to transmit your vibe to the universe, affectionately referred to as the “Twitterverse” on Twitter.

My favourite corner of the universe.
The HH is on the couch to the left of me, with the TV straight ahead. I flit from paying full attention to painting or blogging.
I’ve discovered the more I paint, the less I write or post.
I seem to have a melt down. Something triggers it. In my case it was going to my personal Facebook to see if my 84 year old mother made it safely to Edmonton. Mom loves to drive. But she’s always drive with a crew, back in the day it was her kids, my siblings and I. To her last dash to Arizona for the winter. [I’ve always thought of the irony of the mild wet Vancouver winters to the very dry sometimes harsh tundra weather.]. She admitted to be nervous about driving alone. The reality that her dog probably would never let her nod off or daydream eyes off of the road. Tia probably saved her life many years with my father as well, copilots.

“like back” ? (comment on my blog)

Is that instruction or guidance?

What would it mean or do?

Or, are you part of a great tribe of HIPSTERS comprised by YUPPYDOM or Millennialdom or both?

Comments are valued

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