What are you obsessed with?

I love photography

Imagine my surprise when I came across this photo — in the wee hours battling insomnia — I decided to clean up my stored photos on my smartphone device.

If you notice, with every new device version launched, there is a blurb about the increased potency of the camera capabilities.

They are trying to make you think you need the newer phone in order to take better photos.

I took this image with an iP6s — old by today’s standards.

Millennials ARE obsessed with smartphones.

They were born during the rapid evolution of computers when every home had at least one computer, thanks to Microsoft and Apple being fierce competitors.

Today’s devices are portable, fit into a hand (would have sounded bogus in the 80s) carrying everything from their text messages, contact lists, photo album to music library to video channels.

If a Millennial were to lose their device, you’d think they’d panic like a Yuppy might.

No, all their stuff is backed up in the cloud, that puff of data floating out there, retrievable instantaneously.

Millennials are comfortably OBSESSED with the best of everything. Leaping light years ahead of their YUPPY parents, teachers, coaches.

Millennials are OBSESSED with YouTube more than they care about traditional media’s news, movie channels or MTV.

When Yuppies were of the same age they are now, it was the 1980s and one of the BIGGEST obsession in that decade was MTV.

What YouTube does for digital music today, MTV did for bringing music forward by a TV remote in the 1980s — those 20-somethings either at College or starting their career in 2019 as we were in the 1980s.

The Yuppy of the 1980s were OBSESSED with status symbols — from the tip of the toes (brand quality of shoes) to the minuet strand of hair (mullet or high bangs symbolic of fashion era). To the car drove or home lived in.

Like the photo symbolizes:

*The newest does not always mean the best.

*What may be considered old can still produce beauty.

*Sustainability does not necessarily mean NEW stuff.

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