CREDIBILITY online is important more than ever

As Canada pounces into an election today, those with established online chatter are going to be ahead of the game.

About four years ago I was helping out on a campaign.

I became so frustrated because my appeal was written off as bogus.

I was attempting to make formidably informed autocrats from Ottawa aware how important it was to have an online campaign synced with foot door knocking.

I talked to an impregnable brick wall. They thought I was mad or erratic. Both.

How times have changed. I saw a “canned” video on a Twitter profile.

I would have done backflips if I’d been asked.

Backflips being the opposite of cartwheels.

You get my drift?

If this politician wanted to build an online relationship, they would have done so long ago.

It would have been smart to be a REAL person, sharing who you are online.

Then, when it is time to ask for votes you wouldn’t have your campaign dress you up and plaster on makeup with a carelessly placed flag depicting a joke. As in don’t take this person seriously because there isn’t anything authentic to it, completely disbanding and muting the potency of the words.

If that profile and identity had taken any guidance even 2 years ago, there would be an established identity.

For gosh sake, if a constituent asks you a question directly online, answer it PERSONALLY (you’re not a puppet… or are you?)

If you meet someone today who tells you a story that makes you FEEL something, show that you’re a real person — share it.

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