It’s going to get hectic online.

If you think you can avoid it, you are definitely heading towards a collision course that’s a crime. As in, that’s a shame.

Consider what you do and where you go and what you look at an identity snapshot.

You can try to avoid it.

That’s what turtles do. Go under their shell.

If you are post-graduate, a Millennial, you need to get in the habit of coming to Linked In and reading up on your network and think of them as MORE than just connections.

A connection is someone who you could send a question to, congratulate them personally on accomplishments, personalize your messages.

That jells your reputation online.

The world online has no speed limits.

You either jump on board, like I thought to go beyond the safety net of LinkedIn to big bold world of social media.

So many entities do not have their social media profiles manned/better if WOmanned 24/7.

You could be saving millions of dollars in customer support, technical support and provide better customer interaction where they consider it a favorable experience.

Consider the KARMA of the person in mission control:  managing your online reputation THE most important employee in the whole company!

Forget the razzle dazzle Millennial candidates can baffle you with.  Consider that annoying or disrespectful.

You are not stupid.

You know how to judge people.

Watch for personalities with personality online.  A stickiness.  They get the vibe and can appeal to a wide audience of demographics.


Online perception and reputation has arrived.

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