Harry Styles made Justin Bieber WHO – who?

Now Bonicio (spelling?) on America’s Got Talent has all the right touch points for the generation after The Millennials, who are preocuppied with post-adulting pursuits like YOGA, support groups, sports teams, academia or hobbies are becoming ho-hum, like Harry Styles and don’t admit if they ever admired or had a crush on Justin, the new bad boy, tossing Lindsey Lohan on her butt!

It all goes in cycles.

When you follow the numbers, match them up with the trends, you can predict what the interests might be.

Give or take.

EVERYONE needs an empathetic friend.

The world is going to become the empathetic Millennial’s oyster.

I’ve written and forewarned that it is imprerative that you do not turn off your empathy meter. Or recognize that you empathy meter wasn’t very solid to begin with. Or never was.

This is a response to an email from someone just asking me how the HH (Hunkster Hubster who suffered a brain aneurysm 18 months ago and had “minor” brain surgery a week ago.

Naw he’s not doing so swell.
Like my son-in-law put it to me bluntly JUST TONIGHT ~ you gotta realize its not personal, it has nothing to do with you, he’s just not the same man he was, and accept it as it is.
He had surgery last week on his brain – they inserted a coil through his groin up to his brain to insert a stint where the coil that was placed to save him while his aneurysm was rupture was showing as being bent, so they decided to go in there.  
Anyhow, he was only watched for 24 hours and then sent home to me to be his caregiver.
So my priorities have shifted a little.
Take care of my heart (him and my health)
beats stronger than making money …

p.s.  What I really need help with is just being a reader of my blog, and then let me know if you find a typo or recommend something that would appeal to you, as a Millennial – to balance my YUPPY parent perspective.  You’re dear to me like a daughter, although much nicer … ah well.  You could join WordPress and then just share your jokes, quotes and photos … and then comment on my blog as to whether you would agree.  You have the background in HR.  That’s what’s got to be our driving force among Millennials -> reality check:  needs versus wants, just things.
Then, if you read and you are inquisitive and you see that I made note of a fact check requirement.
I only write from the heart, and from what I’ve learned, with opinions.  To build my credibility, I want to be able to supply links to support a quote or opinion basis.  So, if you saw a spot that made you curious, you check it out, come back with the best link that relates to the opinion or quote.
You have spontaneous life:  you like to laugh and you like to make others’ day all that much brighter.
I saw it first hand.
We’d share a nondisclosure:  so you can’t steal my ideas, or make a profit there from which you learned while being mentored by me.
Then, we’d share in the rewards.
I am not stating specific hours or anything formal, just what I explained I needed help with. Based 90% on my identity optioneerjm of the past 12 year history, I would give up 10% toyou.  For doing those things to make it just a bit better.
Long range:  the domain becomes the repository for wellness with emphasis on mental well being.

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