Lord, it’s hard to be humble

especially on a career site or interview.

Environments PRO self-promotion

What an IMPRESSIVE background you have, Garret.

I’m honoured that you reached out to connect.I’m all over social media as @optioneerjm I- Facebook Instagram LinkedIn (3600 including business leaders from Canada, the US to abroad |- follow me and/or tag me if you’d like an acknowledgment publicly to my 21,000+ Twitter tribe.Very inspiring reading up on your background.Congrats on the new adventure – WOW! That’s outside I’d like to write a blog about you – you inspired me.I’ve done a few, namely, a Governor of Canada Award Recipient who was on my list of connections, but fell off the radar, until LinkedIn showed me her in the news.Which I almost 100% share and congratulate. For example, the recent appointee as CEO of the award-winning @CalgaryPublicLibrary I blog on http://www.optioneerjm.com and repost from my blogspot/optioneerJMIf you go to Twitter and enter “CalgaryBlogger” as a hashtag:: SEARCH BOX enter > #CalgaryBlogger < enter/return@optioneerjm should appear immediately at the top with that hashtag, lit up in blue, which means clickable.On http://www.optioneerjm.com I serve awareness on a number of relatable issues: breast cancer, brain aneurysm awareness. I relate well with Millennials, most likely because I have 4 adulted ones.I’d really appreciate it if you would subscribe to it. Don’t worry about setting up a WordPress to be able to set up a blog, you can sign up simply as an EReader customer.A comment would be fabulous.If I didn’t read numbers, I’d swear only a few readers visit based on the likes, yet the numbers tell me my audience is up to 2.5 million clicks or impressions a month.

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