Advice against accepting INBETWEEN gigs

All about moi? or @optioneerJM anywhere

Own it.

Whatever you do, you have to own it.

No excuses.

No tales of woes.

Enter: no more empathy

Robotic Millennial soldiers.

Yes sir, ya’mam

You have no time outside of work time.

Don’t chat and get to know your neighbour, the office next door or the cubicle big enough to fit dual monitors and a telephone, keyboard and headset.

If you bring anything to adorn your desk or workstation, be aware, anything can be stolen that isn’t under lock and key. Like an office.

Oh, that’s right, the powers that once were heard that open air offices were a hive of creativity, creative nourishment, comradely among colleagues, harmonious atmosphere-resulting in more efficient, happy workers.

Don’t minimize your education and take the “inbetween gig.”


The job you take to pay the bills while your dream job is pushed to the back behind responsibilities.


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