Do YOU know what “INTEGRITY” means?

Before I look up a link with definitions on integrity, I want to give my take on it. Why? Because as I was forwarding my references after they were requested for a new career as a marketing manager for the art and design world– right up my alley!

Before I pressed “SEND” I gave the references a heads up. That is a courtesy one should uphold. In other words, don’t sideswipe your declarer of your skills, suitability for the job at hand and attest to your character.

I noticed INTEGRITY used more than a couple of times when others described me.

You can’t package or sell integrity.

Either you have it

or you don’t.

Often an attribute learned from

friends, siblings, mentors, parents, grandparents, bosses, employers or colleagues, even kids.

What does INTEGRITY really mean?

To me, it means: you are true to your word.

What does being true to your word mean?

You follow through on your commitments: you don’t promise what you won’t keep.

What would you promise and ignore?

You confirm plans, you are not vague.

If you cannot make it for any unforeseen reason, you honestly convey the reason, not an excuse.

Excuses are for fools.

Usually spur of the moment, and forgotten the moment uttered.

Lies are hard to keep track of.

Reasons and examples that are honest convey authenticity, truthfulness, experience with wisdom gained from learning from mistakes.

What is the definition of insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over

expecting different results.

Who said that?

Please comment if you know.

Or Layla will email me with the answer and a link as fact checking.

Comments are valued

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