If you are a Millennial, you MUST have a post-secondary education, ideally, a degree

The advice gained from wisdom is priceless:

To get an education was wisdom giving me a nudge back in the late 1970s.

I didn’t have any counselling of any kind while in High School. It was sink or swim.

Go with what you think you want to do, pursue it and don’t look back.

The only regret I personally have is not getting a Masters post graduate degree.

Even if it was in History, it would be magical.

Why don’t I start thinking about going to University and getting a degree?

After all, as I battle cancer, getting a degree seems far easier path to follow.

Regardless of age.

Jump back on into knowledge.

Earn an education in an accredited post secondary institution, college or university.

It is never too late.

There is always time.

When you set your priorities to focus on what your goal is.

Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Think of where you are now.

BUT believe that you have it in you to go way, way beyond.

Earn the credit for your academic knowledge.

You’ll likely get paid MORE for having that accredited knowledge.

You will actually get paid for your ideas.

As though the mighty piece of paper, degree, diploma evidences dispels the fictitious fable

that you will automatically become a leader.

Figure out soon, that a leader must have followers.

It is not anything that can magically appear, as in a bejewelled crown.

Declaring that you should be taken seriously, that your ideas are superior and your opinion extraordinarily important.

After all, you’ve earned the right to be opinionated.

That educational degree qualifies you to be so.

Treasure your credit as though it is gold.

That’s what I would impart to Millennials today, in 2019.

If you are just graduating, congratulations if you found a job that is in your field — i.e. what your education was for not an “inbetween gig.”

More likely, you are at an “inbetween gig”.

Even if you’re reckless in other aspects of your life, i.e. promiscuity or daredevil behavior or substance abuse or WHATEVER right now. Now is not the time to start being foolish with your credit.

It’s like candy, if you have a sweet tooth. It gave you a rush and you felt really really good about yourself with that smart suit or sweet watch or earrings.

Using a brand new credit card will be the biggest pulls you will ever encounter.

That feeling of: you know you shouldn’t, but it is your prerogative to go against your good judgement and go for the thrill of the risk. That giant learning curve.

Looking back now to almost 40 years ago, I had graduated from getting my BA in Calgary. The reason I moved here, in fact.

There was this heady feeling when you got the feel of smoothness of a credit card.

It is so grown up feeling.

I’ve heard of parents being able to, or using their own credit limits, giving their child a credit card. Which, as the amazing Yuppy parent you are AND because you have been able to sustain that same high level of status it pronounces success, you give your child a copy of your credit card.

I’ve had to instead pay outrageous telephone cellular bills thanks to my offspring. They didn’t need a credit card. The amount a credit card would have been would have been far cheaper than the gobble of data or long distance, as was in the 1990s to early 2000s. The amount of credit available changed drastically when I went through my divorce. From having oodles of it to being maxed out credit card wise. I even had a line of credit.

That was based on my working history for umpteen years.

Get a formal education, regardless of the sacrifice.

The benefits far outweigh any inconveniences or scaled back spending.

If you are a Millennial, you have to have an education.

The advice I got from my grandmother was have a good lawyer.

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