Why GRATITUDE is your most important skill:

There a lot of qualities and qualifications must haves

in order to get ahead in this world that we seem to prioritize as youngsters then forget about as we get older.

We need to focus on wisdom.

Wisdom bears the scars both physical and mental.

When you can extrapolate acknowledged harm healed from your knowledge and survival experiences, you may find wisdom.

If you preach and nobody is listening, you aren’t a preacher, even less imparting wisdom .

If a qualification is your priority, with your education along with life experience you are setting the foundation or planting the roots for your lifelong dreams that can become realities. You are beginning the journey of gaining wisdom. Don’t TELL OTHERS about it. They won’t listen, especially if they consider the source. In particular, the mother. Formerly: Mom, Momma, Mommy or simply “Hey” from our Millennial hipster kids.

Yes, who you hung around with in your late tweens until you got married and had kids, was critical to Yuppies in the late 70s to 80s. As in cool factor. Which evolved to being hip now. It’s important to Millennial except it is reflected by who is followed, commented on, or shared. The need to expel selfies weans away once finding a mate or having the need for reinforcement of any kind evaporates.

You’d think Millennial kids were deprived.

Less likely than any previous generation: their wishes were done on command by their parents, the parenting Yuppies competitiveness narrowed and focussed upon their offspring…. learning recognition from achievement is the best kind.

Learning to express gratitude, teaches empathy and humility. The best leaders or teachers are always singing praise in someone who believed in them when their were few. The subject didn’t learn to express appreciation and show gratitude.

That inability to think with thankfulness evolves into entitlement.

Baby Boomers were the most entitled generation, by far. Leaps and bounds. Yet entitlement tag gets planted on Millennials. Not fair.

It may stem from their strong attitude.

Sticking by your beliefs and moral compass is key.

Except they may be missing the gratitude skill.

In order to develop and avoid AI job replacement, the pressure to be authentic and unique is more and more gaining in importance.

Giving thanks almost always comes from the heart. Beliefs or notions are dismissed and can’t cloud the words that form from feelings.

AI can’t be empathetic. It can be programmed to say or respond with “thank you” and even as a proactive response, but they can’t find the authentically appreciative feeling or response.

If you develop your thankfulness you can embrace humility. There’s a lot of examples everywhere about Jesus, Buda, Ghandi or Mother Theresa –it’s the greatest teaching to consider.

Being thankful does not limit your capabilities or can predict your success climb. Often people make significant gratitude discovery at the bottom of the pit after they’ve fallen.

Being thankful can lift you up.

You are more prone to feeling more positive after you take the time show appreciation. It can be a cancellation impact on mental wellness. The focus is away from bitterness and regret. A positive force can be more strong than a negative one.

Back in the day, when Oprah came across my sphere ( 95% likely from my mom teaching me what she learnt from that program). She imparted wisdom of creating a Gratitude Journal, where you write to your heart’s content about all the good things you are thankful for.

Gratitude can massage expectations.

With a gladly heart, you soften expectations.

Harshness dissipates as a more forgiving nature emerges.

If you spoke to my older brother, he’s concluded that I hung around with the best crowd. I guess I finally agree. They weren’t dreamers, they were doers.

They liked being involved. Getting involved with a school newspaper or yearbook, now reflected backwards to represent our time growing up.

I am very thankful for so much I’ve been able to do. Live in Europe and travelling extensively was better than any social studies, history and geography grades classes combined could teach better.

Granted, that makes the US a bit more of a challenge, while I’ve traveled a fair bit there on vacation or business training for my job.

I’m glad both my parents set the example that whatever you did, you should do well. Never the minimum, more often exceeding 100%.

I left home when I was 18 and 4.5 months old. I never looked back. I had goals. Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Who said that? Now, Layla could go take a look so we can adapt link and fact check.

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