Music is good for the soul

I discovered a bunch of old music that I’d gotten off of iTunes and spent hour making playlists.

Call it melancholy, I think of it as gratitude.

I played my “GrowingUP” playlist, and this song was in there!

So reminiscent of growing up as a kid in the 60s …. talk about romanticism in the 60s.

O-M-G [social media speak for “Oh my gosh”]!

Talk about Petulia Clarke – how come we never hear her music on the radio any more?

Petulia Clark is to me what the young kids heard their parents listening to Patsy Cline or Chubby Checker’s “Let’s do the twist”

I felt like Tweeting to Simon Cowell that he should create a new avenue of his known brand: picking talent in music.

How about: “America’s GOT Music” Simon Cowell?

I think up of so many ideas when I’m suppose to be shutting my brain down.

I will go to the moon and back to watch Simon’s opinions. Why? Because basically he’s spot on 85% of the time. Would have to analyze or fact check on this < praying for Layla.

I think I should reach out to another gal to snap up as a graphic designer in training.

She’s multi talented too.

I can’t promise a full time paid salary gig, but I’m open to sweat equity: slicing up a piece of the pie. Get the engines rev’ing for a new zine. Why not under the brand I started with when I ventured outside LinkedIn in 2010. Somewhere in the same year I began @optioneerjm on Twitter, soon to follow by Facebook, Pinterest all in a ball, then a blog on Blogspot by the big engine of mothership GOOGLE.

When I was a high performing sales whiz (I do have the stats aka numbers to prove it), I sat in a monthly sales call with colleagues across the United States, I may have been the only Canadian on the call.

There I go into brag mode. Typical female, imposter syndrome woman.

We have to continually feel the driving need to prove that we’re as smart as we think we are.

So bury myself with warm and fuzzy memories that shine brightly from my past.

I struggle to be optimistic but at the same time and filled with gratitude.

For the chance and ability to keep up writing. And creating whimsical characters to sprinkle amidst the words, appearing out of sketches then livened with paint.

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