Are people that stupid?

Do you recall scrolling through any social media or Linked In home pages with so many “experts”floating across your screen? I think it’s becoming a lot more common.  So many people claiming to be an expert at some thing or another. That is, unless they’re a Doctor, Dr. PhD, Professor, CEO or Executive or media personality.

But who gets to say who they are?

Unfortunately, more often than not, the more complex the topic or the more innovative or one thing or another, people can be baffled easily.

I got passed up for a pretty minor role in a company that is going to become important in the coming months. So I reflect backwards sometimes. That’s just my prediction. That company is going to be headlining soon.

That’s what comes from interpreting the numbers.

Daniela Uglig Illustration

I’m starting to write more about those thoughts I think of and don’t write about or talk to someone about.

I’m an information glutton.
That’s why being on the hunt for good content to share is so satisfying.
It started 12 years ago ‘ish. When I started on the social media adventure in 2007. Really, at the encouragement of a mentor. Someone who could really kick you in the butt to get you moving.

That’s what I noticed initially back then: how anyone and everyone could claim whatever they wanted and bloat their brand in whatever fashion to as many gullible people. Those whom take what others say at face falue.

EXCEPT people aren’t that stupid. Or, aren’t they?

Well, yeah a lot are.

Because they don’t have the capacity of a mental sifter.

I think I have a good sifting system.
EXCEPT people who can’t, should look to the numbers.

Think about it.

We’ve graduated from the CLOUD noise – a conversation that was constantly abound on social media.

CLOUD being a universally accessible connection by sharing information — i.e. music, videos, photography …. which evolved into DATA as in where are we going to be able to host this data?

CLOUD services primarily started out as a digital way of sharing images, then chatting, then chat/sharing evolving into a larger platform that became known as social media.

YAHOO missed the boat back then.
They had a tribe of active online experimenters with communicating online.  If YAHOO had kept progressing, innovating, it would have realized the value of the membership. The gold in that tribe of early explorers on the big universal connection by web, groups gathering in clouds which represented tons of data – information.

Now, organizations under the guise of a social media platform are assembling bloated boatloads of information about its users, guests, whatever umbrella anyone thinks up.

INTERPRETING THE NUMBERS should be on your radar by now. Its the only way you will be able to get beyond the bullshit of boldface statements that are never backed up or supported.

That’s why you need to be able to interpret them, then silo’d into demographics sifted into sprinkles of psycho-graphics.

I’m working on a power point slide presentation that will share my stats. As shared by the stats of those that are investing in me, virtually able to attract a strong tribe, giving me the numbers to shed a spotlight on the tribe of followers.

Transparency in numbers.
No claims. No self-projection.

Just clean, pure, truthful digits~

digits about who is who, what is

what. Identifiable and quantifiable.

This would clean up things.

Claims could not be falsely spewed.

Not if they could easily be disproved.

So why would someone boast or self proclaim?

To boast themselves or boost their image?

Quite often, dragging down others.

Be thankful when you see the difference.

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