The word of the year: E P A T HY #Empathy2019

I had a great talk with a call center representative whom a conversation evolved from “payment arrangements” about not sweating the small stuff where she shared her dad still 13 year survival from a brain aneurysm on the day of her brother’s, his son’s, wedding day.

I admit to being sometimes a trend setter in fashion during my career. I think some of my clients wanted to see what I was wearing and having a chat. They marvelled sometimes (compared with my family’s chagrin) at my ability to make things go from silly to outrageous.

Truly, I just wanted to be a bright spot on their day. Someone they’d associate with being refreshing. That word everyone is throwing around these days “empathy” (word of the year @Google or @Websters ?? Nominate please).

Like Dora today. She probably speaks to countless people in similar situations: sidelined unexpectedly by health affliction ~ having to call to negotiate payments, then following up after HH and mine’s visit to “Alberta Supports” …. talk about a humility lesson, and having forcibly put aside pride.

She was just amazingly human.

I opened up, with little encouragement (that falls under the outrageous equation that drives my family nuts: I can strike up a conversation with anybody, and I Hope made their day better for it.

That same empathy equation is what made raving fans, customers, friends. My clients become my friends because it’s defined by being able to relate to others on a personal level.


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