Know your audience and speak to the numbers

The good life eh Buddy?

My iPad is not as writer-friendly as my desktop PC

My iPad is more image friendly than my PC

Microsoft is another hijacker these days. They’re handcuffing me and locking me out now that I can’t afford to renew any license fees.

Interestingly, back in the day, a few years when KLOUT was still around, they recognized the number of followers, tweets that became clicks became more powerful.

A measuring stick for not only establishing expertise, but also identifying influencers by specific algorithms.

I miss those numbers.

They’d make more sense with the ploletheratfion of data floating out there in the cloud.

Some are evolving as interpretations gravitate towards numbers, telling stories.

I’ve no idea, but I’d hazard a guess that Behavioural Science is more about how to influence numbers funnel into silos of generality or stereotype.

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