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The Publisher: who I am

September 07, 2016

Jeannette Marshall
It is no coincidence my dear reader, that the name may be familiar because this is not my first kick at the cat.  I blog under my various personalities or many sides to one personality.  I would imagine the experts on Mental Health would have a label for it:

What an interesting, big, complicated word.  Was that done on purpose so that the average person with above average intelligence would struggle to spell it right?  Well, our dear friends of Google with its Disciples or synonymous with:  Alphabet, Android, Google Play, Google Chrome and just being really good at predicting what I may be looking for.  In this case, how to spell a certain word.  Heck, they probably know how few times I’ve needed their help with spelling and when I do, it’s a doozy of one.  


What a cool word.  Now where did that come from in my barely perceptive sphere of consciousness.  I’ve liked to say Coolio for things that I find interesting with a great vibe.

Is something that I would have to start being more specific.  I would say that there really aren’t too many coolio companies out there.  Because on the outside, 90% of the population believes everything their PR machine feeds them, there are only a few at the top as outstanding companies on so many levels.    

Not unlike our morbid Canadian curiosity being magnetically drawn to the south.   What a bloodbath going on.  And that is not just touching on #blacklivesmatter anthem beating across the land.  I’m talking about who is outdoing who …. from one minute to the next, who is leading who or tied?   It’s like a television show that did poorly in its first show is going to be re-aired, hoping viewers don’t remember or think they heard the plotline before.  

What a community of rubberneckers we are.  That I tribute to the fact that the more violent, gruesome or shocking seems to set the inter-world on fire.  The inter-world is the universe of people who were first connected across the web or www. who could gracefully and casually take a dip.  What we’re called, or should be called are “Rubberneckers” as in the first to be on the scene, virtually, whether by YouTube or a Twitter flitter across the screen.  Computer screen that is.  The term viral should be synonymous with rubberneckers because it is the group of now-classified people who click on anything unbelievable.  

Where I’m from:  Calgary, CANADA (News)

News right now:  Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Man accused of killing elderly Edmonton couple has long rap sheet‘Unprecedented’ number of online privacy breaches reported in AlbertaFluMist vaccine will continue to be available to Albertans this flu seasonCalgary deemed most expensive place in Canada for low-income earnersCalgary woman facing fraud charges after allegedly fundraising for donationsCity back in talks with Uber, says Calgary councillor

It’s not a bad thing
No way.  In every culture, race, religion or forefather, there were the Rubberneckers.  Without them, the envelope would never be pushed.  New ideas burst thru or from these really clever people.  

                                       “The Beating Heart of Autumn”  by baranyai 

The pulse
They are the people who are before the beat from a crescendo begun at the beginning, on the edge of the beat before it the pulse.

Audience of one
The people I was talking about are nowhere near the Rubberneckers group of high achievement, if not any acclaim.    I hope that the only people who stop in, do so only briefly, because then I’ve failed to capture your attention.  I apologize.

Audience one wins
Many of the audience of one group think they are above and more special than the Rubberneckers group.  Not that there any less opinionated, the Audience1 doesn’t think, or believes, just knows that they are superior in so many ways.  

Are a plenty.  Some do get tricked into the Audience1 sphere.  The ones who preach a superior lifestyle and write about how blogging about it has allowed them to actually travel, try new things.  Followers are really important.

A few followers smiling are worth more than hundreds scowling. ~Jeannette Marshall (optioneerJM) 

On the rarest of times Wikipedia didn’t have quite the answer I was looking for (those who have read one of my blogs before … who are unlikely here …. knows that I consistently use Wikipedia as my reference source.  Why?  I find it authentic, resourceful and accurate.  If I ever want to double check on something other than spelling (remember Google Chrome ?) that is most likely the first place I will look.  More than that these days I’ve been relying on Google more and more because they have the best predictive measures out there.  (Facebook is way behind and a lot less sophisticated in that they put ad placements and what they perceive is click bait for you ( would say my click readiness in this environment is hindered if not halted completely.  So, I give and trust Google with all of my data.  I’ve only have seen where Google mirrors back at me a lot of what I’m looking for because I rely on them more and more.  Sorry.  Off track.  This is what the Canadian Mental Health Association had to say:


Schizophrenia is a mystery, a puzzle with missing pieces. This complex biochemical brain disorder affects a person’s ability to determine what is reality and what is not. It is as though the brain sends perceptions along the wrong path, leading to the wrong conclusion. People with schizophrenia are affected by delusions (fixed false beliefs ………….Whew, that sure sounds a lot like me.  I didn’t know or think I had anything with renia at the end of my name or in a definition of who I am.
Currently, I’m seeking my greater cause, stretch myself out of my outer limits, test my capacity to learn, dig deep for creativity that would find me a place, a home.  Surrounding by those who accompany me on a similar journey.  

Since it is hardly likely that someone seeking for their answer would end up here.  Most people I know are hitching themselves on a star rising brightly.  I’m lucky that way.  Then again, that is probably one of the biggest credos I have:

Practice The Golden Rule:  Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.
I know I got off track and alas, you’re still here!!  WOW, thank you!  I will copy/paste ABOUT ME later on.  I’m a procrastinator too.  Oh?  That means we’ll get along fine?  Perfect!

I promise I will be back and keep continuing on this part about who I am and what I am doing with this Blog (hint:  sharing some of the best out there in writing).  
This is all part of a dream that is uncurling, finding the flicker of sunlight peeking behind a few clouds.  With mountains in the far background.  

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