Orgasmic fantastical

Looking at creative images is really helpful if you’re an isolated caregiver.

STATS Canada: a website for a numbers addict like me!

Images galore

Let your fingers do the walking online.

Click on images that bring you peace, delight you.

Whatever you need to escape from the distress of living in today’s world.

~ Jeannette Marshall


Here I am, with my headphones on, listening to The Police singing “Ah do do DO, Ah dah DAH”

buzzed from the blend of marijuana from the pre-rolled joint I bought today, earlier, when dropping off HH at his daughter’s for his weekly walk with her and his grandson.

Whatever anyone tells you, cannabis does have a cure.

For anxiety.






I’m the same as most Yuppies who graduated this year and dove into the 1980s head first.

We were the original trendsetters, thermometer, and survivors of the turbulent times of 1980s.

If you aren’t sure, then watch CNN’s exceptional broadcast THE80s – if Layla was on board, she would go and get the link to that show from CNN’s website so that the link can be clicked on.

THE 1980s

When distractions were aplenty: getting an education, getting a job, getting a car, getting a house, forming a successful track record.

THE 1980s

When distractions were aplenty and fears multiplying: getting an education, getting a job, getting a car, getting a house, forming a successful track records, getting married, becoming a parent, family dynamic shifts, aging parents, kids health concerns …..

Did I leave anything out?


You’d think I was talking about today!

Those same distractions are compounded with being in communication with everyone, everywhere, any time, without interruption or interference.

We only had to decide what was good and bad for us.

Drugs of any kind were bad.

You would not have superb friends if you hung around drugs, abuse alcohol or get into trouble.

Getting in trouble of any kind to us kids was absolutely VERBOTEN! (Meaning: Forbidden)

There were dire consequences if we strayed from the straight and narrow.

Teenagers in the 1980s who dabbled with weed, even if it meant carrying only one joint, meant you had a criminal record which translated to career-limiting consequences when you can’t travel to the United States or anywhere else abroad.

It also meant(s) that you would have to declare YES to the answer on employment questionnaire’s: “Have you ever been convicted of a criminal activity?”

Isn’t that a little outdated?

Both our thinking and the way we’re treated.

For the record, I was not the one to be found legally irresponsible.

It’s just an example on how things get messed up.

Here I am at 58, imbibing pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes.

That’s pretty gutsy to even admit it.

I quit drinking. I recognized it was a problem. A habit formed in the 1980s when I turned from teen into adulting in 1981. Weekend binge drinking, we hadn’t learned moderation yet.

Neither did I like being hungover.


It was a symptom of an underlying problem.


The decay and decline of my person started when I got married.

I wasn’t mature enough or wise enough to test the theories of what I thought I wanted.

I was that Yuppy bravado strong. Invincible and prepared to win at just about anything.

When being confident didn’t mean cockiness.

That defines Yuppies.

We have the scars on our hearts, selves, souls and mind.

We’ve earned the badge of SURVIVAL.

Millennials haven’t even tipped the iceberg

You wouldn’t know it with their attitude.

Alarming that empathy has dissolved and is quickly disappearing.

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