Interesting is as interesting does. I graduated 40 years ago in 1979.

The art piece in the background was given to me by my daughter in our better days.
I miss the studio and all its quirkiness. I could sure transform some heads about now.

Become interesting or be a ghost

Stop making excuses as to why you haven’t dabbled online in the big, bad world of social media!

~ Jeannette Marshall @optioneerjm

If you think being on Linked In was a giant big step in your forage online, then well done. We all have to take baby steps until we’re comfortable with stepping outside our comfort zone.

What I am suggesting is to try a few things to stretch a little beyond.

Many readers are already way beyond me. I’m just a kid in a candy store, basically.

The switch goes off and you realize that I can multitask and multipurpose online!

I CAN DO! write some more. Create some more. And take each day to the fullest, while the rest of it slides or slithers over my shoulder and down my back.

Seriously, you have only one life to live and you’re meant to be the best YOU possible.

Don’t let others’ shortcomings or misinformation guide you.

You could be a missile blasting forward with only the atmospheric cloudy trail behind you.

I have been battling myself a lot lately.

I’m not just talking about the breast cancer either.

Linked In shows me the numbers, and I pay attention to them.

There are a few places you should be, if you are not already.

Interesting is as interesting does

You could be retired, or semi-retired, or dreaming of retirement. It doesn’t matter. Except, you probably have more time. You have a lot of years on the engine, especially if you graduated 40 years ago, in 1979. That means that you have real life experience that others would benefit learning from.

What is your passion?

If you could be paid to do whatever you’d rather be doing ~ what would it be?

Start working on it now.

You don’t have to do the laundry today, as a badge of honor after living with 4 kids and 3 siblings where laundry was a monster in the ready to take over your life as it grows and feeds on the mound of clothes that makes it grow bulkier and heavier, eventually smellier. I don’t get to that point, thankfully neither does the HH ( the Hunkster Hubster is my pet name to protect the identity and privacy of another ).

If you start with just LinkedIn, show your personality!

You can showcase an incredible photo you took or of yourself doing what you love to do > I respectfully nod to Paul, an executive I met, whom I refer back to every now and again. He’s growing his profiles, particularly on InstaGram, showing him in a local Tour de France mindset and healthy lifestyle ~ admirable, unrealistic for me.

I haven’t been online very much for the past 3 weeks.

When I face formidable odds, I go under cover.

Cocoon. Nest.

More likely: Hide.

I’m a talkative person. I can be quite chatty. I can talk a hundred miles an hour. It’s almost as though, I need to empty my brain of all the matter flying around that needs to get out. From communicating. Talking.

One of the things people love about me the most.

One of the things that people hate the most about me.

Then again, I can start a conversation with just about anyone, and when we’re done, they’ll feel like we’re friends.

That’s a gift.

That’s a magical ability.

Like a butterfly.

When I let it loose,

I can monopolize the conversation.

It can appear as though I think only my own opinion matters.

NAH …’s just fuel for a conversation.

So that I can store up facts, to ask questions later.

I ask a lot of questions.

To an introvert, that’s a blessing.

It is possible to ask a question

and convey sincerity.

I also happen to have an active curiosity.

That’s probably where I get the: “she’s energetic” from.

The HH keeps asking me to slow down when we walk these days.

His daughter steps over me as I’m sweeping the front porch,

where I’ve made my safe haven.

Where I can watch the world go bye.

OR, have the best of two worlds:

one with the HH, whom I’m thankful to still be able to share it with him.

The other, where I can ponder and think and listen to music.

Away from the distractions of computers (aka social media) or television.

I get my bout of information withdrawal, and suck it up on the news radio.

Like an inhaler.

Gasping for breath.

I don’t know what is going on in the world?

To my dismay and mourn,

more mass shootings in the United States.

I had to escape.

We got our internet and television connections back,

we’ve been slowing nursing the withdrawal, steady.

So as to avoid becoming giddy.

I can’t, anyhow. The dumb “phone company” forgot to

give us back the telephone connection.


A service taken away that would allow me to call 9-1-1

should HH have another critical medical episode of a

seizure, another brain aneurysm, or heaven, forbid, a


I can only say that no amount of furry animals in the

HISTORY of the WORLD will ever replace EMPATHY.

I’ve had this in my photo library for several years. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the artist | illustrator ~ let me know and I’ll include it with a link to your site.

If you can carry off a certain image, then by all means, create that identity ONLINE!

I don’t like photos of myself, yet have had fun creating imaginative characters, that just emerge from some subconscious level.

I do share the ones that are more a resemblance of who I could be within 10 minutes.

When you become afflicted by breast cancer, your dial really goes off.

The magnitude of the YUPPY in us that really has to turn that “give-a-f***” meter OFF!

Letting go of kids is probably the hardest for me.

Harder than facing breast cancer.

It’s just my body. They’re my heart and soul.

My family.

They mean the world to me.

I drive them crazy.


As do they, me.

It’s not about controlling, it’s about sharing.

Where apparently caring enough to be in the know

can be smothering.

To our fierce Millennial kids.

Who are out slaying their own dragons.

I trust I taught them well.

I know I had the best teacher. My mom.

Who shows me the most empathy in my life.

Who I knew to call as soon as I got home from my second surgery.

I was still pretty woozy.

From the anesthetic or the depth of the surgery perhaps?

I guess I’ll have to ask.

In a couple of weeks where I’ll find out whether pathology finds any

more cancer cells, had it spread, ultimately the question.

My mom just needed to know I was okay.

She’s very empathetic and loves her kids.

Even at 84, there is no question in my mind.

That has been her singular purpose to life.

The job of belonging and having her own tribe of kids.

How we forget how silly she could get at times.

Memories of that contraption that was made out of rubber,

that shook the hips. (The one where my siblings and I put

against our throats because it made our voices sound funny).

No, we didn’t worry that much.

We had a dragon slayer for a mom.

She was taller than average, blonde bombshell whom Ava Gabor

took lessons from!

Giggling times while we did the twist.

Thinking of how far back memories can stretch.

Where everything was bigger – even “The Friendly Giant”

(unsurprisingly, the only television show I could recall from when I was 8

to 13, upon returning to Canada, after a five year hiatus in Germany ……..

that is when I learned perspective.

The first glimpse at numbers.

I was -how tall was I when I left? to -how tall was I when I returned.

At maximum range, I stand 5 feet tall.

I like to emphasize the TALL as T-A-L-L as attitude.

One of my first doodles, after graduating from coloring books for art therapy, then moving on to painting with acrylics to enable me to create my own graphics, thus disabling any tendency to infringe on others’ creativity or royalty.

If you are going to dabble on Linked In, then dive on in.

Comment on articles you find interesting or appealing.

Emphasize on any specifics on knowledge or experience

to highlight your perspective.

You are building a brand.

It has only one CEO, creative director, artistic director, PR, sales guru, techie, champion

AND THAT’S — absolutely ONLY YOU Y-O-U !

Don’t worry about reputation management woes, unless you have or tend to be irresponsible online: i.e. flirt with others, chat or complain with others, expound negativity, condone horrid behaviour.


You already have the identity. You own it.

Whether by birth certificate or driver’s license or address.


Take it on online.


GET ON aboutME

Although it is still a proprietary service where someone else gets compensated for showing stats that include YOU in their algorithms and sales pitches, to clients or investors — you should begin to navigate the waters by setting up a profile on ABOUTME. It is nothing other than a networking card for online connecting.

There are others that you can get on board with if you want to stretch and reach a more early adopter in nature. I can talk about that later on.

I see that my page is rather bland looking.

It doesn’t suit my mood.

What is my mood? Appreciative.

For what I do have.

For what I have done.

For whom I spend time with.

For what I do for myself.

For what I want to share,

or teach, or advise, or opinionate.

Apologetically who I am.

A pretty good person.

Where integrity is of value.

Empathy considered a virtue.

Smarter than the average bear.

Known really well to very few.

Comments are valued

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