Coast is clear

I got my library card a week ago Friday — July 26, 2019 — to be exact.

Or I’m coasting towards 60

Almost a week ago, my communications provider — and I DO call them that. They used to be called the phone company; now they control my TV, internet and home telephone — I struggled between which number to keep — cancelling my cell phone. It was tough because I’d had it for over 20 years.

I used the APP by @FaceMorph and inserted the face from my own creative painting.

The amazing thing is, only 5 days later, I’ve decided not to renew or reconnect. I’ll pay what I owe and be done.

Imagine … me getting the junk mail and phone calls to “win me back” when I’ll tell em that they quit me after 40 years of patronage.

Not once in that 40 years had I ever been disconnected. Instead of identifying me as a “loyal customer” they probably have me earmarked as an ex, possibly disgruntled, employee.

Yeah, me — the one who had to deal with sexual harassment from my immediate manager.

Yeah, that one — who reported it all the way through MANY channels — unions, senior female manager (per the Code of Ethics suggest you resort to a female if you’re female, especially with inappropriate conduct and verbiage of disguised sexual harassment, disguised as humour, where humour is always encouraged. Yet managers not trained on how to manage or coach in these situations, end up rallying together, intimidating the employment, where in some circles they call it bullying.

Why do we live in a democratic society, while the corporations of employers rule by communistic behaviour or dictatorship?

That’s a mystery to me.

Here, in Calgary, we love to promote civic pride in our innovators who grew up here — which our civic leaders buy expensive sculptures not even created from local fine arts university or artistic students or graduates. My biggest critique is that the city doesn’t form a stronger link — monthly meetings between civic, provincial and federal officials and the institutions’ Dean, Department Head, choice profs or instructors. Just an update on the projects, distinction by some students, and elected officials update the others on scholarships, art competitions (i.e. local art installations).

Note to self: how do I get on Calgary’s art selection committee?

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