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Talking to mom while she’s at the hospital, I know she’s just happy one of her chickadees are checking in with her.


yes, manners and grooming and education were emphasized all of collective and individual lives. Where expectations landed squarely on the shoulders on each of us. Assessed by her on what we could handle or benefit of a lesson. Educational or life experience didn’t matter. It was all about your outlook. As in posture + your manners + talents contribute to your outlook.

My 84 year young bright mother

has no concept on mental health matters.

It’s defined by her age.

Born in the 1930s when all hell was breaking loose everywhere.

She became a survivor, chucking aside any excuses because she had no time.

At times she was fluid in English, non discernible as to whether it was the first language or not.

Other times, when she wanted you too believe she was weakening, more and more realistically as I’ve grown older.

She was before her time, dancing with us in the living room as we were young kids. She keeps scoffing she was doing that in the 60s as a way to stay in shape. Still committed to walking every day, swimming with floatable tubes, several times a week.

She plays bridge at least a couple of days or nights a week, where the conversation must all be about dementia ~ a support group in age and demographic.

More likely, very representative of the War Era bracket. My mom.

She knows our faults, champions our well-being with direct orders on walking, smoking to my sister and brothers, and I.

What she says constantly, is family has to stick together.

There are squabbles and disagreements, but as family we’d figure it out, move on. All the better for the lesson that should evoke. Landing squarely on:

There’s nobody closer, than blood.

SIDE NOTE: Without naming names, smothering the small circle around me, as a grandmother who is wielding her wand of financial relief, has been too outspoken on matters of children and step children.

There is NOBODY you can count on better, than your family.

The wisdom imparted to her by her 2nd Generation mother, a newborn of the original pioneers and immigrants.

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