IRL {in real life} numbers don’t matter

I chuckle when I look at numbers now.

There’s a smugness that surfaces

Having watched my numbers for over 12 years, I applied the knowledge that I learned from my first career position. Yeah, I had “jobs” before that paid hourly.

Yet, I never, ever worked in the restaurant industry. I’ve been proud of that being my biggest claim to fame.

It certainly was phenomenal to have that notch in your belt.

Everybody, I mean everybody, worked at a fast food joint, or a diner, or a restaurant like “Smitty’s”. That was my dad’s nickname, by the way. Funny how memories pop out, little known facts. Or facts that could be faded.

~Jeannette Marshall
Calgary Blogger

It just doesn’t matter anymore.

What people say in real life (IRL is the acceptable acronym on social media – helps fit in 140 characters or less).

IRL people look at the emotion, not the numbers.

I just realized that.

The massive difference between IRL and online > online it is impersonal. Just speak the numbers. Appeal to the numbers is really what it’s all about.

Numbers become “Algorithms”

Then behavioral science is factored in.

One of my daughter’s close friends set off to her second round of University, across the country, to study “Behavioral Science” and I was thrilled for her. Thinking she was at the very bottom of the curve, that was going to go up up UP.

Behavioral Science is what I would gather, that first job, real career post, that great mentorship, in understanding the stories behind numbers:


That was what it was all about.
Taking all the numbers available and then slotting into a box.


Is one of my daughter’s claim to me.
When I put people into a slot.

I’m just mentally evaluating what box they fit into.

We’ve figured out how to arrive at demographics from studying the numbers.

Psycho-graphics evolved.
It basically predicted what people would like the most or find the most important.
Psycho-graphics suggested what a certain demographic would likely do. (I’d written it before on my http://www.blogspot\ — where’s Layla?)

Behavior Science or Scientist
Is basically the combination of the two.
The science of numbers deriving Demographics,
merged with Psycho-graphics.
A blending and mystification not worthy of
such a weighty title.

Please remove your page

The request came to me.

Of which, I’m the type to comply …..

after an evaluation or review of the numbers.

To see if there was anything I could learn.


The page of which I had set up first, came up

first and appeared to have more follows compared

to a visitor is what it told me.


A prickle at the back of the neck forms.

A foreshadowing of the drama that will unfold.

I am not at the core where I can just ignore.

I feel an overwhelming need, to point out the numbers.

Which basically, questions the authority and command I must obey.

A problem I’ve had to deal with overwhelming clarity.

The stark realization occurs.

In real life, people don’t want the numbers.

A relative is more closely linked than ever these days.

Consider the online world of Social Media.

As you do the dance, let the numbers float, the universe returns in kind.

The impersonal algorithms do the jive with the behavioral science.

The world unfolds, becoming that much smaller.

Easier to reach, always responsive.

It doesn’t cost anything, while others, make money from it.

If your online DNA establishes a pattern, eventually, it can predict or suggest what you may like.

Have you ever met anyone whom you felt like you knew for a very long time?

Some call it soulmates, however, that term has been diluted on social media.

Kicked around so the word because under-valued, unappreciated, written off.

The point is: that is what the algorithms and behavioral science offers. Gliding out suggestions they predict could be your taste. Based on your Demographic and where I claim more importantly growing, your tribe. Creating an attractive vibe.

Influencer term has been beaten and abused.

If it were more important, KLOUT would have survived.

KLOUT made sense of the numbers.

Told you who your tribe was becoming, online.

The vibes: when they sent you KLOUT points.

Which was essentially a peer vote.

Combined with the clicks’ algorithms, could decide.

What are you best known for?

How are you most associated by others?

What your expertise may be?

Decisions made IRL are stupid and often out-of-touch with the numbers.

That’s what we’re made to believe.

Our world is evolving into being a number.

In exceptional ways.

Go with the flow and read the numbers.

They will be your guide.

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