Cancer’s not contagious

it just sucks.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

~ Steve Jobs

I have heaps of junk I’ve been fooled into thinking are worth something.

If not financially, then sentimentally.

Mortality matters

It matters even more, when you are facing the final destination.

The finish line.

You have to decide how you want to run the final lap.

Sometimes you’re given a chance.

To be reflective, expressive and remorseful.

To right wrongs or fix mistakes.

Sometimes, you can’t even do that.


You don’t get to choose the due date

It may not be tomorrow, it could be in a month.

We can’t control the time or place.

Let me speak the loudest.

Since public speaking is feared by some the most.

rather than facing the pearly gates.

If unable to speak, then write.

What doesn’t make sense right now,

may do so tomorrow.

A year ago, July 2018, I surprised my daughter for her birthday.
Saw my youngest brother in person for the last time.
Celebrated my older brother’s recovery from cancer.

You never know what time is left.

Wisdom dictates: make it worth it.

Teach others what you know when you can.

Opportunities are often fleeting, not always recognized.

Show regrets the door.

Along with all the other things,

that don’t matter.

It’s normal to want to make amends.

Forgive and forgiveness for past hurts.

You can’t take it with you

when you’re gone.

Nobody else may consider your treasures treasure able.

The age, maturity and selflessness comes much later on in life.

The awareness of between right and wrong

become more pronounced.

You can’t control it later

any more than you can now.

Prevent mistakes from happening

saying things you can’t take back.

There’s no backspaces,

redo’s or deletes

Words written may find a space.

An audience, or a reader.

Hitting its mark.

Once the dust is settled

on your eternal soul

What you are remembered for

no longer controlled.

The difference now is

the thoughts.

They like to keep rolling the tape or film.

Sometimes deciphering the words.

At least take the wisdom.

It is free.

A token of humility, if such were ever to be.

Avoid having to make apologies.

Avoid making a point.

It doesn’t matter.

Forcing a lesson on a stubborn crew.

Doesn’t make them matter it more.

They don’t always see.

How time does dwindle.

Sometimes you don’t decide.

What are the lessons learned?

More often, they float in a memory.

A warm flush of soft sunshine

or the gentle breeze from the wind.

Cherish the memories.

Try to stay focused on the best.

Don’t try to teach anyone a lesson.

If they’re not prepared to learn.

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