My pic of the day


Merely at my fingertips, swipes, clicks, mouse, keys can unfold tremendously talented people.

In this case, the creator at least been identified!

Try to at least acknowledge the creator- it gives them opportunity to okay or allow, or communicate request to remove. Sometimes you can connect: ENGAGE in the magical language of social media where words and connections create your vibe.

Also, you can attract cool people who get a kick outta your post, hopefully a smile … or a “huh?” ~To check you out a little closer.

I can see the language thru the cloud of numbers, sifted from words. They tell the real story.

Then you’re an algorithm bate who jump up and down with a connection to a real authentic person.

One who people liked more than not.

“BETH” by KISS is playing right now.

How Yuppy is that?

I’ve really built some cool connections everywhere.

Let your vibe hang out.

Be thine own authenticator.

Own what you listen to.

I’m quite excited to share musical taste by sharing my favourites.

That way, everyone knows.

HH and I have been on the opposite ends of the musical spectrum ( note: song is playing right now: “Blockbuster” by Sweet.

Yeah you have to be able surf around music and allow your taste to ferment into eclectic.

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