It’s not about the take

It has more to do with the giving.

Are you a giver or a taker.

Either or. There’s no midway or blurred grey area.

You enjoy shopping, you like to be friendly, you adore gift giving as much as Herculean power should.

Or, are you a score taker.

Can you visually assess the value of the gift without blinking an eye, before scanning the other piles to determine who had more.

I remember the lesson I shared:

It isn’t the numbers

that count.

It’s the value.

~ Jeannette Marshall


Ah-hem, I just logged that. More of a reminder amid my reflections.

I may have mentioned many blogs ago …. don’t send me looking for link as a fact check >> I need Layla to rescue me by adopting this need, taking it on. No tweaking anywhere by anyone other than me.

I forgot the point.

My mind’s version of hide and seek.

That’s the difference now.

Between today and back then.

In the 70s I rode my bike clear across town to pick up mom’s smokes, a loaf of bread or milk.

Back then, after the moon dust had settled. I was as relatable as sharing space. We moved from Canada to Germany.

Then some politician or general or minister of defence decided that army should hang with army, Air Force with Air Force. Someone’s idea of team building circa Vietnam era of the early 1970s it was.

Where there was no greater hierarchy than the military.

Leaders of men are unfailingly credible, trustworthy, smart and brave rolled into one.

Then again, sequestered away in Germany, I didn’t really “experience” Trudeau mania.

The first one being Pierre Elliot Trudeau ( Layla need a photo and a Wikipedialink).

Note I’ve dispersed with niceties as my needs skyrocket.

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