Let me talk about annoying craigslist

Uncompromisingly difficult

Clearly losing sight of who is king


The customer can show you who’s royalty in the loyalty brigade.

Your badge of honour is not in the number of followers you have.

The medal is who those followers are.

If you can attract savvy ad agencies who know the most important thing:

It’s the numbers.

The advertising industry has been leading our worlds by our numbers.

For years.

The reality being the MAD MEN aura only existed in the 50s to the 60s ~ the era of which I was born.

I’ve watched numbers all my life.

Always wanting to be number one.

I realize I am accountable and own what I say. I don’t ever INTEND to hurt anyone.

Do I say things that hurt or offend others?

I’d say YES.

I can claim logic and thinking spurred the thoughts that land as words.

The nerve?

Is the uniqueness of the audience of one.

One’s perception is an accumulation of numbers.

Then add in percentages

to arrive at averages.

Not assembling the average, because being called average is your own choice.

Thank you for reading and clicking everywhere under my one common denominator:


Capitalized or otherwise.

Except where creating survival means doing what I can do with what I love to do with being compensated at the end.

The finish line: where the income is eliminated, replaced with influence currency.

Where the real deal is exposed.

In exchange for an endorsement, one must try the ride, test the tech, or see it or feel it first.

An experienced endorsement is where we’re heading friends.

Established, trustworthy brands who attract a following of which MAD MEN and today’s advertising geniuses will drool over getting your opinion, never mind approval.

It’s Organic Friends

No tricks, no maneuvering, no toying with the numbers.

I’m asking you to be your authentic self.

Take ownership of what you post.

Own your opinions.

Don’t allow anyone to censor what you think.

It’s very important for you to establish your own one identity.

Be wary of anyone trying to connect.

Read their bios before you say YES.

At the very least.

If I sense a red flag, I will go and take a look at their profile page.

That’s being savvy.

You don’t have to be a genius to notice typos galore ~ it usually indicates:

  • English is not their native language

*Anything else is cancelled out for me. I was taught how to punctuate my first year of college. It may have fallen on first year English’s lap. After graduating from English 30 in 1979.

Sometimes, I will even comment to point out a typo: usually a spelling mistake or transposition (where two letters get mixed up).

Enough of it all!

At least I don’t proclaim:

“OFF with their heads!”

Like the Queen of Hearts said in

Alice in Wonderland.

Maybe I’m an avid reader, and that’s what will form. An authority on book reviews, where people heed what you recommend.

Not because you wrote it.

Not because you know the author.

Not because you’re being paid money or compensated with free things.

You’re untarnished opinion builds loyalty that turns into a tribe. Who’ll follow you wherever you may be, online. Or read whatever you post. Because they seem to like your sequence of content, from original to enthusing on others.

Your vibe online, creates your vibe.

You are the captain of the ship.

No one else is at the helm.

Stop giving license to others to do your posts.

As if they know what you’re thinking at all.

Bless us, one and all.

The egomaniacal tweets of a trumped up President.

Why can’t we ignore, unclick, unfollow the pr**ck?

A race of rubberneckers

of an accident so unbearable,

we don’t have the strength to not look.

So we do.

And the tweets continue to be outrageous.

And we look, click, share, or comment or stay mum.

But we follow and click, and stay mum.

Unfollow and Mute are the biggest tool in your toolbox.

It is ignore at the highest level.

Why wouldn’t people deplete his power?

By focusing on things that they enjoy.

Turn off the dial to sociopath personalities.

That is all part of your aura,

that contributes to your vibe.

Loyalty is defined by your tribe.

It’s the numbers that tell you all.

It makes things quite logical to eliminate a problem.

Clear your head, improve your outlook.

Know which station you’re plugged in to.


Sending out to the universe who you are or going to become. Some gamblers or mavericks are reading the numbers. Where the field of data science seeps into.

Control what you want by taking responsibility for what you already have.

Whether it’s a fresh pair of panties, who cares if they’ve evolved from things to granny’s. As long as your comfortable.

You need to be comfortable to become you.

It’s a bumpy ride.

No seatbelts to be unfastened, you’re glued to your seat.

Your hands on the steering wheel

fuel in the tank.

Sometimes it will be invigorating

others painful and lonely.

In order to hit the high road,

you have to ride in the valley.

Is that an old quote?

If so, who said it?

If not, I need to claim it!

Who do you want to be?

Experienced social media enthusiast who would like to grow your online brand (personal name or business) and build your reputation.

I can consult and help you with creating your brand from scratch or expand what’s already in place.

I can provide you with 5 to 10 tips or observations for free.

Launch a website via WordPress, you cover any out of pocket expenses directly with any service provider recommendations.

I have never been paid for providing this service, I should now.

I have an online brand I started in 2010: optioneerJM > Twitter 22000 Followers | 23000 Subscribers on WordPress blog/website/3500 Connections on Linked In, with over 2 million impressions a month.

I know how to read the numbers, where your audience is coming from, who they are, what demographics they represent: what they click on, what they respond to by reading numbers.

You will likely want to hire me after I give my 5-10 free tips or observations.

That’s not boasting.

I need to get paid for what I know as I am the caregiver of my husband, who has survived since Feb2018 from a hemorrhaging brain aneurysm.

I need to make money.

I want to enjoy what I do.

I appreciate it if you would consider my help.

Put the pedal to the medal and get you on the ride of your life:


Your tour guide

Your protector

Your advisor

Your mentor

I can create images for blog posts, or simply be paid a royalty to allow you to post any of my content online.

craigslist account
— Read on accounts.craigslist.org/login/home

Start out with looking for quotes.

Create a folder on Pinterest (sign up for this online platform)

They call it a board.

You can set it to private, your eyes only.

Or keep it public so others can see what you like or you can share with others what you like.

Scattering yourself around all the platforms can astonishingly uncover interests you suspected or knew.

Clearing out the dust and misty vapour.

By organizing your thoughts

and decluttering what matters.

Comments are valued

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