You’re invited to who you want to be

where the cost is free

There are no membership fees, subscription costs, royalties levy or limitations.

It’s YOUR club

You decide who’s in it, who you like, or what you appreciate.

It’s your VIBE

Do you have something you’re really good at, if only you had the time?

Who said?

Time is money.

I’d really like to know.

Because what you do with your alone, free time, is yours alone.

What you think about, is the cloud or mistiness hovering around you.

What you look at, read, watch represents you.

Is it a clean aura?

What would others think if they saw into all of it swirling around you.

Your aura, heightened awareness.

Examine what you do.

Ask yourself with humility and honesty:

Who are you?

We spend a lot of time and , money on representing what we want the world to think of us, with all that dressing:

  • clothing

  • jewellery

  • home

  • garden

  • talent

  • gifts

  • children

  • family

  • smiles

  • laughter

  • expressions

  • noises

  • let out (gases, burps, smoke, toxicity)

  • looks

  • senses

If all that were stripped and edited out, what would remain?

  • organs

  • skin

  • blood

  • hair

  • bones

That makes us virtually all the SAME.


  • of ourselves ~ humility, greed, ego, pride, accomplishments

  • what we want (materialistic, survival or need)

  • what makes us happy?

  • how others treat you

When you strip out all the dressing and body parts, factor in the thoughts:

  • you’re left with YOU

Who do you want to be?

STOP at once, if thoughts are rolling in of what others want you to be.

Get over it.

They are not you.

It’s inventory time.

There is no age limit.

If you can think, you can decide.

Who do you want to be?

It’s virtually possible with your footprint online.

If you detour to unsavoury sites, or drool over sexy babes, you’re wasting valuable cells.

The cells of your aura, begin with what you actually do, what you think, long before action takes place.

Who do you want to be, plus your aura, creates your vibe.

Stop the selfies immediately.

You’re way beyond, and a distance to the beginning.

A selfie is a means of gratification.

What is your goal with the selfie?

  • compliments

  • likes

  • shares

  • comments

It shows you’re at the beginning of self awareness if you equate what others think of you, to measure yourself.

I guarantee you, that if you follow the formula, you’ll attract a tribe of those of similar minds and aura.

The reason is simple:

people prefer authenticity, humility, art, music, quality reading, thought provoking quotes.

That accumulates dramatically when your tribe represents the quality things we can describe, make us feel better about ourselves and give ourselves permission to learn.

Tap into those talents you’d spend 100% of your time doing, put aside the notion you don’t have any time by making yourself a priority.

Pick up the pen, brush, tool, or dirt and get started.

Realize you know things that others may want to learn.

Because you’re at peace with who you want to become, why not write down those nasty habits or embarrassments, and put aside regrets, bitterness, heartache, loneliness, crime.

That takes courage. To admit your mistakes. That piece of paper with it all written down, is tossed into recycling or fire. Gone.

Focus on now.

You can’t redo one minute ago.

Never mind a lifetime.

You can control tomorrow by what you do today.

Creating your internal SELFIE

that creates your vibe.

Trust me, everyone is going to love the new YOU!

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