Don’t be a yellow bird

A yellow bird?

You know all the bad habits, it hasn’t been packaged before: into a neatly understandable form.

You’re a Yellow Bird IF:

* you were taught manners, just forgot how to use them

* you omit please and thank you

* you make plans and blow them off, do something else instead of following through on promises

* you blame others for your short comings

* you waste others people time by being unresponsive

* you think a “white lie” or omission is not the same as a bold face lie

* you accept and confirm plans, then file them away for another day (without letting the other person know)

* you drag out answers or responses, misrepresenting thoughtfulness

* you screen your calls or simply don’t answer because you’ve changed your mind and are avoiding following through

* you lead people on: as though they’re wonderful,

* you’re a coward ~ not because you don’t want to hurt other’s feelings, but because it makes you feel uncomfortable

* you find being honest creates a scene because you weren’t honest at the beginning

* you are slow to respond, hoping they’ll forget about what you promised

* you do something else, go somewhere else, without letting your commitment know

* you shake hands as though you’re solidifying respect or acknowledgement

* you avoid facing the music, hiding behind devices

* you play on devices instead of giving your audience your full attention

* you never write a note thanking anyone for their time

* you think highly of yourself and it never hurts to attract affirmation

* you start and end with me


A noun is a thing (bird, dog, sky, book — more of an item or a name).

A verb is speeding up the vocabulary, by enabling movement, in order to be more descriptive capturing the imagination of the reader. Or listener, or viewer.

Possessive leaves little room for anyone or anything else.

An adjective describes beauty, talents, actions

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