What great anticipation!

Behind the scenes, my data is being moved in a positive, forward momentum.

What I mean, is that my algorithms are pleasing the AI bots or technology. They’re liking my vibe. They’re picking up on my tribe.

I say they’re the movers and the shakers, gathered in digital channels, where the positive vibe is, as in who they’re attracting.

Case in point. Several in fact.

I have screen captures from the free Twitter analytics, which supports the numbers.

The tribe there, are described as affluent, educated READERS.

Yes, it’s probably a secret.

We’re so busy worrying about privacy.

We’ve taking the eye off the ball ~ our personal data.

So preoccupied and censored to what we may know, it takes a mental genius to really figure out what’s shifting into a crisis.

We have collectively amassed in our quest to become The JETSONS ~ the magical kid cartoon, I remember so vividly and yet can’t recollect when I saw it last?

I don’t think it was on Nickelodeon because I’d know. Back in the 1990s, I was deep in on the job training shit.

Not only was I a mother of not one. Not two. Yes, three. Adorable Kids. So talented, kind, smartly educated and hardly educated float around a bit.

Always given a lot of opportunity to experiment with their own selves.

I think as they fly from the cradle to the big outside world, describing our Millennial children born from 1989 to the new Millinium: evolving into a BIG TRIBE called The Millennial child. Offspring of Yuppy Parents, who worked really hard, had unique talents.

Sometimes a combination of the stern, discipline, analytical sperm with a goofier, communicative expressor through art or words.

You always knew where you stood.

A high priority.

The opportunity to fix their own mistakes by helping the child forge their own path.

Each successful on a lot of different barometers.

Success is the ultimate goal.


Don’t deflect the bitterness onto me.

Disrespectful at every chance.

As if you hadn’t been taught manners, and gauged by how you treated others.

Built an awareness or curiosity to understand more.

By the logic of an untrained mother. Someone who leaped from being a Yuppy young lady to a dumbstruck mother.

I was the guide.

The deflector. From harsh realities.

I looked up to Lady/Princess Diana in all that mattered.

Born in the same year, perhaps that created an aura.

Of someone you looked up to.

Respected for making a difference for others.

DESPITE her own surroundings, a combination of dream and reality blending before your eyes.

No matter what is going on inside you, the worse you counter balance it with the best fashionable taste.

People remember people of exceptional class.

That is not derived from economic station.

More to do with poise under pressure.

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