There’s NO app for that

I don’t think you need an APP for that:


censored feedback is rotting trust at the core.

Life long learning never stops. Regardless of station, education, persuasion or location.

There is no final destination.

There is a lot of freedom at your fingertips, a way to escape, and focus on discovery.

Whether factual, dream or journey.

Self discovery.

There is no discernible start, nor warning bells towards the end.

The final lap.

Perseverance to make the finish line.

Tenacity’s foundation.

What are your deal makers, what are the deal breakers?

Who are your supporters, who are your detractors [ aka backstabbers, knife in back throwers] ?

Who are your cheerleaders? Who are your readers?

It is nothing to have a large following online.

That doesn’t necessarily indicate the best quality.

Some of us remember Lady Gaga’s antics? Fashion or remarkable communication?

Side track> will have to look for photos and links to this <

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Thanks to you Tribers.

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